Yonkers City Councilman Merante Calls on Yonkers GOP Chairman Tubiolo to Resign

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Anthony Merante, Yonkers City Council, District 6.

YONKERS, NY — February 8, 2020 — David Tubiolo duly elected as a Republican County Legislator District (LD-14) yesterday announced that he was switching his Party registration to the Democratic Party; thereby betraying the Republicans who voted and supported him. It was widely rumored for over a year that David Tubiolo was intending to switch parties because it would be an easier path for him in future elections. This was purely a self-serving move on Tubiolo’s part and a total disregard for the Party that nominated him. This took place while his father; Justin Tubiolo sat as Chairman of the Yonkers Republican Party.

Yonkers City Councilman Anthony Merante (District 6) stated, “ It’s apparent Chairman Justin Tubiolo is conflicted and must resign from his Yonkers Republican leadership position. I find it disingenuous on the part of Justin to have sought the GOP Chairmanship this past fall all the while knowing and most likely advising his son to switch parties for his personal political benefit.”

Anthony Merante and Minority Leader Mike Breen (District 5) are the only two Republicans remaining on the Yonkers City Council and Breen is term limited. Merante added, “Our Yonkers Republican Party is in shambles due to poor leadership. Our Party is suffering from diminishing membership and a string of electoral losses and now with the Chairman’s son David Tubiolo switching parties; this sends a message of weakness and cannot stand. Our Republican Party must be the protector of Yonkers taxpayers and be a counter balance against our friends the Democrats. In Yonkers, we all work in a bipartisan manner for the good of our residents but our taxpayers need a strong voice and that is of the Republican Party. Yonkers residents are fleeing the City and State due to high taxes and this must end. We need to keep Yonkers affordable for young families and seniors on fixed incomes. This must be the branding message of our Yonkers Republican Party. We need a fighter as our Party leader, someone who can and will rebuild our party brick by brick”.

Councilman Merante intends to meet with Yonkers Republican leaders to discuss his concerns and to seek a new candidate for the Chairmanship of the Yonkers GOP.


SOURCE: Yonkers City Councilman Anthony Merante (District 6) 

eHeziYonkers City Councilman Merante Calls on Yonkers GOP Chairman Tubiolo to Resign

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      1. Saw one of those sorry Spanoasskissing kids dressed like a thug no belt pants droopin pushing a lawnmower no dress code there almost looked as bad as DPW Boss Tom.

  1. Anthony Merante,
    You are embarrassing yourself. Your effective campaign in 2017 was “Its all about you.” Lets make it about the voters.
    Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment:
    “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican.”
    Lets put this to bed and move on.

    1. He has no choice but two.

      You had the yonkers GOP chairman’s son switch to the Democratic Party.

      You have to call that out. Will Justin run an opponent against his own son, Prb not.

      Stop defending Tubiolo’s they’re a lying manipulative, double crossing family!

  2. Merante has reached a new low !
    Forget the fact that he’s voted for every tax and fee increase that came before him, this moron attacks the guy who elected him by 30 votes. Republicans will be ready to dump merante next year

    1. Go for it Dopehead Donna! Imagine the primary with her and Merante! Lol! Can the race be syndicated with Imbeciles TV!! And that would put Yonkers on the map for cesspool of the Hudson. Mayor Mike who are backing??

      1. Just like the F.F. and Cops flash their badges at movie theaters with girlfriends to get in free and free popcorn while the wifey stays home watching their kids.

  3. Doug Colety has been abusing the office of Republican County Chair for years in order to reap huge profits from his printing connections. Candidates were directed to use Colety for all their printing needs rather than seeking the lowest bidder or choosing a vendor of their choice. Clearly self enrichment has always Trumped (no pun intended) what was best for the Party. Now there is no Republican Party in effect left in Westchester. Judges can’t run and win either in the County or in the entire 9th judicial district. The democrats have a monopoly. Is Colety now trading cross endorsements or no endorsement of a Republican for printing committments? inquiring minds want to know….So should the US attorney’s office

    1. Like I said in another post earlier – Hudak, you are not going to have any more Republicans to bleed dry when Merante is done in 2 years. You backed the wrong horse kiddo.

    2. I think it’s time for GOP elected’s to call for Doug Colety resignation. He permitted, David Tubiolo to switch parties and scolded Anthony Merente for saying it was wrong.

      Doug has destroyed the GOP in Westchester. As Republicans we must make sure Christine Sculti or JC Cerino become the chairman or chairwoman.

      It’s time to drain the swap

        1. You people are out of your minds…
          60% of the gop vote is in the fortieth
          Senate district by virtue of that being
          the only place there were candidates
          in 2o18…It makes zero difference who
          Yonkers wants as long as northern
          Westchester props up Colety…Dont
          forget it was the Republican Senate
          people from Terrance Murphy who
          came as a favor to Justin and got
          Merante his wins just as they did for
          Justin’s son…The gop in this county,
          what’s left of it, begins in Mount
          Pleasant and ends in Yorktown. The
          Eastchester days are over…They’re

          1. Oh really? Doug still lost the 40th senate district.

            Looks like no one will run against Peter Harckham. What a shame!

  4. The problem is that Pagano ain’t running again and Orefici can’t beat Merante 1 on 1 in that district. So get yourself ready for 4 more years. Maybe they’ll be a Rep primary or the Dems put up a big name. Other than that, same ol’ song.

  5. Anyone know the details of the spanking Merante got at the Westchester Republican event last night? I have heard Colety and others read Merante the riot act on how his behavior will lead to nothing but him being a one-termer. Good thing he’s good at selling cheesecakes and washing dogs asses because he is an awful Councilman and politician.

    1. If this is true Doug Colety should be out as chairman of the Westchester GOP.

      He’s only about the $$$$ and sells
      Republican over to dems.

      Does anyone think that David Tubiolo would’ve switched parties if he didn’t get the blessing from Doug Colety?

      Colety should resign as GOP chairman and Merante brought in as the chair.

      1. What’s true is that Merante is despised. He couldn’t win a district leader election let alone a City Council election. He even admitted to him seeking the Chairmanship was self serving. Who needs a guy like that? Can Larkin be recruited to come back? Please?!?!

  6. Are Republicans allowed to participate in a DEMOCRAT convention because REPUBLICANS like Zehy Jereis, John Khader, and Franky Jereis participated!?!?!?!?!?

      1. The Nolans are vitriolic racists and frauds who have exploited their proximity to tragedy for municipal jobs and other perks. Two of their three sons are making more than the average family with no prior job experience as recent high school graduates thanks to Spano F&F jobs. Don’t even get me started on their political involvement, including their boisterous and outlandish support for losing candidates. There are literally pictures of their patriarch ripping out the signs of his candidate’s opponent on this very website. The elevation of any scoundrel in that family as an elected official would be a new low for Yonkers, a place where the ethical bar is already on the floor of the Hudson.

        On the other hand, maybe someone should run so the AG can finally take a look at what’s going on with all of that “scholarship fund” money Donna keeps shaking everyone down for. They sure do have an awful lot of nice toys for a family that is supposedly struggling.

        1. Couldn’t agree more that the Nolan’s have exploited their personal tragedy for jobs and benefits for their family members. And the politicians of Yonkers just attend the events, disgraceful! Overall, Nolan’s make Shameless on HBO look Hopeful! Disgusting!!!

        1. Jimmy is barely a HS graduate. His experience is sweeping floors as a janitor and running his brother’s (questionable) Non- profit. If he thinks he’s qualified to run as County Legislator than this guy definitely needs a lobotomy and quick! 🤣🤣🤣. I’ll get my 5th grader to debate and outsmart him. Heaven help us if this is for real!!!!

      2. Jimmy is just a narcissist. He LOVES to be in the spotlight. He LOVES to be the center of attention. While he often invokes his brothers name he more than often is talking about what Jimmy has done. It’s all about Jimmy. Me, me, me. I, I, I. The only reason he has a platform at all is because those in elected positions have given him a platform. Jimmy – what is given can be taken away….

        1. Guess he didn’t pass the Police exam, thought his passion was to be a Yonkers cop! Now, he’s moving his sights for County legislator based on what qualifications? Activist, founder of the family non-profit aka golden goose!

  7. Liam is being brought in as a Shoe-in candidate after SpaNO finishes his illegal turd term. He will be running for Mayor to keep the SopSpaNO’s in power by way of the friends and family club. No surprises here, they all are corrupt as hell.

  8. And this just in!!! David Tubiolo is so proud of his joining the Dem Party that he took down the post off his FB page! Wow!!! He can’t take the heat from Republicans. Such a tool, no spine!

  9. Were watching how you vote tonight Michael Khader. Do not let us down. You told us that he was no good. Vote Liam down or look weak and powerless. Dont try to say that you are against the establishment and make that vote like a good ole boy.

        1. Watching City Council meeting tonight. What a bunch of pandering idiots!!! And compromised!!! I have a broom in my kitchen that stands up straight.

          1. Post

            I have no clue why Larkin was in attendance. Perhaps it was to show support for now I.G. Liam McLaughlin. — Kindly, Hezi

        2. Hi Mike you havent returned my 3 phone calls its been 2 years looks like i will forget about you next election. It was very cold and snowing that election night.
          You sure did talk a good game.
          All the best.

    1. Did you honestly think that little meatball Mike Khader had the you know what to vote against Liam, stop it!

      The guy is as weak as they come

  10. Mr Merante
    I am still waiting for your answer – why didn’t you say anything about Liam McLaughlin’s nomination for Inspector General?
    His conflict of interest is big enough to drive a truck (no, a convoy) through.

    1. Liam’s appointment to IG is an affront to the citizenry of Yonkers as he is not independent and has numerous conflicts of interest. There are many other well-qualified people without the family and friend connection. Better off if he ran for a judgeship.

      Any Council person that votes to support this appointment is without a backbone or moral compass. Your confirmation of this appointment will clearly show you are nothing more than a puppet, with your strings being pulled by the Mayor.

    1. Complete BS. Endorsing a candidate that is expected to win is not the same as “elect”ing anyone. You are all shake down artists that embarrass our community. hza saeidaan

    1. Post
        1. Post

          I didn’t grow up with Elmer J. Fund. Typical foreigner like me.Thanks for responding. I am certain to remember this reference into the future. Kindly, Hezi

  11. Merante is the Court Jester of the City Council. He can’t speak unless Breen’s Hand is working his mouth. And, next year Breen will be the lone Republican on the YCC.

    1. Post

      Are you suggesting and asserting that Mr. Breen will be unchallenged as the Minority Leader? I can’t even contemplate it it seems so far fetched. I guess only time will tell. I didn’t see that coming. I wish I had figured out but alas, you beat me to it. I hadn’t even contemplated the thought. I think I will get some extra shuteye tonight. Perhaps I’m over worked. Thanks for te insight. With respect. Kindly, Hezi

      1. Breen will be the only republican left as Merante’s seat falls to a democrat. Merante is mentally challenged. He may be a good tax accountant, but he ha his is social limitations. I know him and he is doing very well for someone on the spectrum.

        1. Merante is ripe to be picked off. He better raise the Johnny Cash, because we are going to out spend him 10 to 1. Run little Ant Run. AWAY

  12. Mumbles Merante thinks he has influence. He barely won his election. Not only will he face a primary challenger. He will lose. He is a Spano lackey. Mumbles lacks a backbone. He doesn’t return calls. Haw has he done for the 6th District. Justin should smack this guy in the back of his bald head.

  13. Just wait till every land deal is investigated by the Feds, it’s not a coincidence that Adler and Spano cooked up every sweetheart deal !!!
    Maybe they will both share a cell next time

  14. John Khader, Z, and his son Frank the three stooges are REPUBLICANS and shouldn’t be in the democratic convention electioneering!!!!!!!!

    1. Yea cause they couldn’t beat the Spano’s twice!

      Then couldn’t beat the term limit vote!

      Then couldn’t beat the Spano’s again!!!

      Poor little meatball khader.

      1. johnnylimo did the unthinkable when… balance of comment deleted by Hezi…

        I have read these type of repetitive comments for a few years. They are getting tiring because they are short opinions that never explain in any manner what Johnny Limo did that validate the assertion made ad nauseum. If you cannot validate your assertion don’t bother posting. Such comments will not be accepted with respect to Johnny Limo until they are validated. Kindly —- Hezi

        1. They can’t validate anything because he’s never done anything 🤣🤣🤣🤣

          He’s like a leech, he wants to walk around with whomever he thinks is a front runner. And then act like he was their claim to fame.

          1. I can only remember a few general elections with two opponents.

            A primary without viable candidates are a waste and shouldn’t be referred to as front runners.

            I see it like this
            A candidate that goes into democratic primary unopposed than moves into general without an opponent, didn’t win, they were handed the win, from the opposing party.

            Too many comments about many people are unrelated, nasty, rude, insulting, and fictional. Those comments are clouding the real problem and that is their objective.

            Keyboard warriors with start a fight so your not paying attention to the real problems we face. In the meantime
            the comments with real substance get lost with the insults. Let us be adults and come up with solutions, at this rate we are doomed
            locally & nationally.

    1. Liam McLaughlin is the new IG, it’s a done deal. Let’s move on….. so many other conflicts and unethical things have occurred. It will be forgotten in the next news cycle.

      Let’s expect nothing and hope for the best.

      Good luck

    1. What about Gordo? Oh and tell Nader to not give away any clients. He’s next. Dem or Rep, anyone associated with Johnny Jackass or the criminal Zehey have a target on their back.


    2. Who cares, or deals with “Z”. The only say he has is for shanae and Tasha. Now I ask, which one will become the next sandy annabi????

      Smarten up Yonkers!

      1. The real question is which Councilmember will be the next Wilson Terrero/Liam McLaughlin/ Dennis Robertson- Corazon, Rubbo, or Merante?

        1. I would love to see corazon wipe the floor with khader!!

          The guy has no b$lls!!!

          Lies to everyone- and his political mentor is convicted extortionist!

          1. No he will be the next failed politician to lose to an arab

            The mayor can shove his endorsements and support up his ass

  15. there is a much larger problem here at work other than the switch or parties by one county legislator…and that is why have republicans disappeared from the ability to win and govern in westchester? and the answer is twofold 1. the election of Donald Trump and the frittering away of his mandate by former Republican County Executive Rob Astorino who tied his future to his unswerving support of Trump appearing on radio to boast of his support in the hopes he could parlay that support into getting the nomination for governor a second time largely by leveraging the support of the conservative party and 2. the Conservative Party’s ability to cross endorse Republicans.One of only six states to allow this to happen New York’s cross endorsement policy has had the effect of emasculating the Republican party because in order to get the endorsement of the Conservative Party republicans have had to tow the anti abortion pro gun anti LGBTQ agenda which has effectively elimated republicans from winning…

  16. This is great, a financial wizard (cough) Republican who campaigned on reigning in taxes and then voted for tax increases, calling a lifelong moderate Republican a phony. I wonder if Merante was ever a Democrat?
    If he had any pull, he could’ve asked nicely and gave meaningless “no” votes to raising taxes and been overruled. But instead, he was told to step in line and did. At least he’s friendly with a great personality…

    1. The next charade to come is the 20-21 Yonkers Budget. Merante is now the Budget Chair….Hope he can accomplish more than the previous Chair, but it’s unlikely!

      The 20-21 budget process is already underway. This week, Mayor Mike led the annual Yonkers Education beg in Albany. Next, the Finance team will appear before the Council to request approval of more line-item transfers to mask mismanagement of last year’s budget. Then in March, Mayor Mike will present his City 20-21 budget accompanied with the usual threats of layoffs, service cuts and higher taxes.

      In April, departmental budget hearings will start and continue through May. We’ll hear the same useless questions from Council members with the same outcome as prior years: NO elimination of wasteful spending, NO efficiencies, NO justification for layers of positions in the Administration and BOE, NO cap on police or fire OT, etc.

      With a $6 billion NYS budget deficit, NO cash windfall is coming from Albany this year. So instead of fiscal austerity, Yonkers will continue on the path of financial irresponsibility and mismanagement.

      We, the taxpayers, will be left holding the bag with yet another round of tax increases and hidden fees thrust upon us! It’s unjustifiable, unsustainable and unaffordable!

      Have you looked at your water bill recently? The increase is shocking!

      Questions that go unaddressed every year: Why is Yonkers the only municipality in the State with an income tax surcharge? When is this going to end? What about the mortgage exit tax, when is that going to end? Where is the tax benefit/ tax relief for homeowners from all this hyped-up $3 billion in new development?

      Adding it all together, homeowners are being taxed out and it’s our elected Yonkers officials, past and present, who are to blame! Stop crying about Albany funding and make some tough decisions to get Yonkers financial house in order.

      1. Lets start by capping the Police and Fire Departments O/T. All of those specials directing traffic should be paid by the corporation that needs the assistance. That would help to eliminate pension padding.
        How about we try zero base budgeting? Don’t tell me what you got last year and add an increase to that amount. Try justifying each item in the budget and why the department can’t function without the expenditure.
        A hiring freeze of non-essential service employees would also be a start in bringing the budget under control.

  17. If you change party, the law should be a special election, within 3 weeks. That of course would be ethical something missing in politics. The real question to ask Moronente who put him up to the “press” release.

  18. Yonkers is a $hithole, top to bottom. Republicans and Democrats are so corrupt. We really need a third, fourth and fifth party to break the back of these bastard parties. Let’s not all forget SpaNO did the very same thing. Woke up one morning, hit his hard and became a Democrat.

    Hey Murente, how about fixing the roads, they are the worst they have been in. 100% of the people use them as opposed to the schools that get 60% of the money and are only 12% of the population.

  19. Mumbles the “financial guru” is just jealous of all the success that David and his family have had.

    Maybe he’s just bitter that he’s a one-termer and his undoing was going against Justin’s advice every step of the way on the council.

    Mumbles should re register as a LOSER

    1. IF Doug Colety and Justin Tubiolo meant what they said in their press release they would make sure he has a Republican opponent.

      Dave won too many races unopposed by a democrat or republican. The problem is the party is in on it.

    1. Who cares, or deals with “Z”. The only say he has is for shanae and Tasha. Now I ask, which one will become the next sandy annabi????

      Smarten up Yonkers!

  20. Democrat..Republican they are all the same.They just want to better themselves.The people are secondary.Somethings gotta break here.Wake up people,its time to find someone who actually represents the people..no personal agendas..just do what the constituent wants..not what YOU want.These politicians think we live in a box…karmas a bitch..stay tuned

  21. Welcome to the Party, David. If you’d shown an ounce of independence while the Astorino administration was ruining WC finances this would be more welcome to real Dems outside of the establishment. Also, how was Republican mayoral candidate Andre Wallace allowed to speak at the Dem event? It must have been Fake Democrats Day in White Plains.

  22. Merante is throwing the Tubes under the bus. It’s fake Republicans like Breen and Merante who put the Republican Party into shambles. They are busy kissing the Spano’s ring. Merante voted for every tax increase Mike Spano put in front of him. Merante is not a true Republican. He’s a Spanocrat.

  23. Save the song and dance, Merante. You had nothing to say when Rubbo switched because you were bought off by Nick and Mike in that deal.

    1. You called Justin a “friend” but then ran to Facebook to totally destroy him.. if it wasn’t for Justin’s push to help you pagano would’ve destroyed you

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