Bee-Line Buses to Use Rear Door Entrance and Exit

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Yonkers Times and Rising Media Group Editor Dan Muprhy.

YONKERS, NY — March 29, 2020 — Recognizing the vital service the Bee-Line Bus system provides to Westchester County, and the imperative needed to protect the drivers of these buses, Westchester County Executive George Latimer is directing that all passengers must now enter and exit buses from the rear door. The new policy is the latest action taken by Latimer to protect frontline employees from COVID-19, and stop the spread.

Additionally, the first three rows of seats on all fixed route transit buses will be roped off, in an effort to further distance the passengers from drivers. Special accommodations will be made for handicapped passengers.

“I am committed to keeping these drivers safe,” said Latimer. “Transporting health care workers and other first responders to combat this public health crisis puts our Bee-Line drivers on the frontlines – that’s why it is essential that we take steps to protect them. Entering and exiting buses from the rear-door is a small thing passengers can do to keep a safe distance away from our drivers. We are thankful for these drivers every day – they are keeping this county moving and helping to save lives.”

Liberty Lines Board Director Bruce Bernacchia added, “Liberty Lines remains committed to working with Westchester County in the implementation of any and all policies and procedures that ensures the safety of our riders and employees.”

TWU Local 100 Division Chairman Private Operations Carlos Bernabel said the union is committed to working with Liberty Lines and the county on any implementation and procedures that ensure the safety of all members and passengers. “I’m supporting this 100 percent,” he said.



Original publication by Yonkers Times on March 25, 2020. Issued with express permission. 


TribuneBee-Line Buses to Use Rear Door Entrance and Exit

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  1. This is a great thing to see, Obviously Beeline cares about their drivers, but Para Transit in Westchester does not feel the same.
    This new company took over the whiteplains, Para Transit and drivers are least important. I took two weeks vacation, and while on vacation I get a call from a (dispatch) telling me the corporate office said I will only get paid for one week, tried forcing me back to work early. They say I have to earn my time, funny I been there 6 years. Also their mounting cameras everywhere, 3 to 4 on one small bus or car watching every move of drivers to so call point out their mistakes, but causing more firing. Anyhow they dont want to pay me 8 hours a day of vacation, They rather me come back and work 4 hours a day because of the carona virus slowing down things.
    No union rep call, No human resources call.
    How unprofessional to call me while I’m on vacation which obviously was cleared.
    Thanks alot.

    1. Yonkers Rising is the propaganda machine for the corrupt Spano regime! No freedom of press left to tell us the unbiased truth in Yonkers besides Tribune. Thank you Hezi!

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