BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers ‘Friends and Family Network’ Has Calamitously Crashed Headstrong Into Its Own Failed Construct

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Governance By Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, Finance Commissioner John Liszewski, Police Commissioner John Mueller, Fire Commissioner Sweeney, Among Others Remain Listless Due to Budgets Deleteriously Slashed, While Fomenting Lackluster Training, Equipment Deficiencies, and an Insufficient Number of First Responders

The Escalating Heights of Hypocrisy Revealed Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — March 28, 2020 — First and foremost,  we are personally most grateful and thankful for all those First Responders, doctors, nurses, among a cadre of supporting medical experts who tirelessly guide us through  the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that first revealed itself on November 17, 2019 in Wuhan, China. New York City has of late eclipsed every city throughout the world with the largest number of people who have been infected. In Westchester County, Yonkers has as of Friday, March 27th confirmed 301 cases, though not a peep from Yonkers City Hall.

It appears since it was first learned that an employee of Mayor Mike Spano’s Communication Department had been tested and proven to be symptomatic, the entire city leadership, from Mayor Mike Spano, Police Commissioner John Mueller, Fire Commissioner Robert Sweeney, Inspector General Liam McLaughlin, a non-existent Ethics Board of Directors, Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, Esq., and the complement of six City Councilmembers, among other so-called City of Yonkers (CoY) leaders headed for their underground bunkers leaving incompetent commissioners and the inept puppet masters who control them, riding roughshod and wantonly over CoY. Pitifully, the enormity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is beyond the intellectual capacity of the puppet masters, and the puppets themselves. Sadly, there is no cure for ignorance. In juxtaposition to that fact, is that the deaf can read by sight or by their fingers. Those who are mute, can write their thoughts and eclipse all other capacity with logic and purpose for good. 

Disgraced former NYS Senator Nick Spano pooled his selfish, self-serving financial interests with likely one of the worst persons imaginable, that is, none other than Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson. To that end, the Yonkers PBA union leader Olson contributes $24,000 per annum to Nick Spano’s Albany-based Empire Strategic Planning (ESP) lobbying firm that is not permitted to engage in representing the Yonkers PBA with respect to anything vis-a-vis the City of Yonkers since doing so would be a conflict of interest. After all, Nick Spano is Mayor Mike Spano’s older brother. The Captains, Lieutenants, and Sargents Association (CLSA) similarly forks over $12,000 per annum. Both the Yonkers PBA and Yonkers CLSA are still represented by long-standing lobbyists that were engaged years before Nick Spano’s lobbying firm ESP came into existence. So why do they both engage Mayor Mike Spano’s brother Nick?  Is this some veiled Quid Pro Quo gimmick? If it isn’t, why do they each engage ESP?

For these yearly union contributions to local political hacks we have  Nick Spano “Bam” delivering Yonkers PBA Pres. Det. Olson his 15 years-long wet dream. Reality came about a few months ago when John Mueller, labeled the “Joker” for his permanently plastered boyish grin, despised by his own staff, and rank and file, was elevated to Yonkers Police Commissioner. Am orgasmic moment indeed!

There is an old saying, be careful of what you wish for. Olson and Mueller were throwing stones at and connived their way up the now debauched food chain, undermining efforts with rumors about every past Yonkers Police Commissioner, underhandedly concocted for their own selfish reasons. Despite the plots and ploys, the self-described “brilliant” Yonkers Police Department Commissioner got caught with his pants down to his ankles.

P.C. Mueller, still wearing his permanent smile, fixated on cutting overtime, forced injured police personnel back to work under the changed rules of PBA President Det. Olson’s gift to City Hall, that is, the Yonker Police Department 207c clause, which forces police personnel off the job, excessively permitting Mueller to go after those “he sees” as a threat to “his truth”. Mueller’s conduct over the deleterious 207c recently slapped 3rd Precinct Police Officer Robert McDonaugh with just a suspension, devoid of termination for taking alleged police evidence and overdosing in a radio car while on duty, albeit parked at the 3rd Precinct Parking Lot suggesting that McDonaugh is “favored” for one reason or another.

So now, while others are terminated for not returning to work, despite having been legitimately injured on the job, corroborated by medical doctors, they face termination, while others live to lie, overdose, threaten and, yes, even assault other officers.

Yonkers Police Commissioner Mueller has been so fixated on cutting units and overtime, that he and his handlers never prepared for past concerns, much less the  unexpected challenges like COVID-19. Years ago and under other Yonkers mayors and police commissioners there was training for exposure to terrorist threats, airborne contaminants, viruses, as well as other blood borne diseases? In the distant past Yonkers provided medical kits which included latex gloves, and protective first aid kits and / or first responder equipment. So while Olson and Mueller were busy cutting, planning, demoting / side-lining top brass, and firing Police Officers they have now been caught with their pants down. They were evidently serving themselves rather than the needs of Yonkersites, and likewise undermining YPD personnel. Credible sources in the know advise that Mueller initiates orders on Fridays and changes them back a week later because they just don’t work as he expects. If he only bothered to study best practices that had been previously tried and failed in the past, he would gain an informed capacity to infuse his deficient knowledge with concepts tried successfully as opposed to those that he tried likely not even aware those concepts were previously tried and had failed. Despite his lack of study of what does and doesn’t work, has he even considered input from an illustrious cadre of former Yonkers Police Commissioners? After all they are thankfully many who are still with us: Robert Taggart, Charles Cola, Edmund Hartnett, and Charles Gardner.

Insiders inform that the COVID-19 virus has infected officers in every police precinct and certain units like the warrant squad. The total number of those found to be infected is 30 plus and counting among the precincts and special units.

Now Mueller and Olson are staring at each other wondering why the “troops” won’t take their bright idea of 12-hour tours. This concept was tried and proven ineffective in the YPD Training Unit administered by Mueller himself and was eventually ended by P. C. Gardner. If the Police Officers were to work 12-hour shifts a day, they would be more exhausted and likely to reduce their immune system due to fatigue. The previously administered concept is now being promoted to the PBA membership as a way to lessen the likelihood of contracting the Coronavirus. Whether one is on patrol for 12 hours or 8 hours the potential of contracting the virus is the same. The ploy is intended to gain the PBA membership accepting a 12-hour shift at straight pay rather than working a 12-hour shift at straight pay for the first 8 hours and the next 4 hours at overtime pay. YPD can reduce overtime by hiring more police; a proven fact.

After initially writing this Hezitorial I have come to learn that this 12-Hours shift has been imposed illegally by fiat by P.C. Mueller and PBA President Olson without asking the union membership if they will accept the revised tour of duty and revised pay scale. 

Then the “Troops” were told they would be safer working 12-Hour shifts to be less likely to get infected. B.S.

They garnered pushback from those who recognized whether 5 minutes, 8 or 12 hours the chance of getting infected is unknown.

After all the ploys Mueller and Olson  used to persuade the “troops”’ they then allegedly said that they can change the tour of duty as they were first told asserting they had the right to do so because there is a national emergency.

In checking with Reuters News, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s and President Donald Trumps’ Twitter feed, no such order has been posted.

We humbly suggest that the men and women who are in the precincts now, protect themselves as best they can for their future well-being by simply getting rid of these “clowns”. Where is the logic in listening to a union president who himself has baggage that undermines his credibility. He did after all recently close down the PBA Office; choosing to operate from his home and responding to or initiating emails. He was safe sequestered at home while those in Blue were left defenseless. Mueller even cancelled exit interviews of those people retiring with questions asking these officers if he is liked or doing a good job. Insecure and weird right?

The toxic Olson-Mueller police cocktail intended to reduce costs is the promise to assuage Mayor Mike Spano’s sensibilities has in fact already failed.

In fact, under Acting Police Commissioner and now Police Commissioner John Mueller crime had increased 39 percent as attested to on the March 3rd broadcast heard on the Westchester On the Level Internet radio broadcast by Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr. revealing  P. C. Mueller’s inaccurate contention that it has gone down. In fact since then, the crime rate continues to climb even higher.

John and Laurie Wiles, the Driving Me Crazy Duo, Review the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Hybrid – P400e HSE, Gabrielle M. Etzel, The Unvarnished Blog Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., Westchester County District Attorney, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large, on Westchester On the Level – Thursday, March 5, 2020 @10am ET

Since Mueller was elevated to Police Chief the FY 2019 budget has been exhausted. Yonkersites will come to learn the facts when the Yonkers City Council begins its budget deliberations that they have chosen not to engage in despite the fact that technology such as Zoom and Webex apps exist to engage the online public to their discourse. Instead they have chosen to postpone their last meeting. By this time last year COY was awaiting the New York State budget to pass and it did on April 1st 2019. Will COY’s FY 2020-2021 budget be approved without any insight into Yonkers’  fiscal health?

We now have a deficit ridden police department whose best practice training protocol has been suspended. What about video training P.O.s facing COVID-19, and the calls for service? P.C. Mueller is presently assigning everyone in uniform to fill in for the sick personnel and claiming it will decrease overtime.

Sadly, the Yonkers Police Department, known for corruption, drugs, and lies, is adrift in a perfect storm with “losers” Olson and Mueller telling each other how great they are. Meanwhile, every “stinking” Yonkers politician (they know who they are) has cleared out of town leaving every department agency to sink or swim as they desperately open old lockers in search for protective gear which is proving non- existent. Yonkers has succumbed into every person for themselves at City Hall; cops are told to hide and just await service calls. There are simply no active patrols. Police cars are parked awaiting calls from headquarters.

When this pandemic quiets down, Yonkers Police Officers and its residents need to install new leadership from the top down because the current leadership are proven inept and in hiding. 

Rumors are circulating that commissioners feel they have been abandoned and left adrift by Mayor Mike Spano and his pawns. Where are you Mayor Mike Spano?  Are you making commitments with the CLSA and the PBA to screw its members with give aways to the proven inept “crackerjack” Police Commissioner Mueller or is it really the self proclaimed Keith “The Toughman Truth” Olson?

What Yonkers needs is a political disinfectant coupled with a demeanor and culture to serve the public interest supportive of all Yonkersites. The City of Yonkers’ (CoY) elected and appointed officials and employees must focus on facts, not fiction; transparency rather than obfuscation and omission toward those ends. The takeaway is as simplistic as it is real, anything else is deficient.

Lest this Hezitorial be misunderstood, or worse misconstrued, the Yonkers Tribune is calling for involvement that is heavy with concern for its citizenry rather than the innocuous bromides that arrive too late to hold any credibility. 

CoY’s population constitutes somewhere around 25 percent of the population of Westchester, yet like Waldo, who is hiding or missing, leadership demands visibility that is robust in its deliverance and worthy of the office they serve.

The challenges awaiting COY to one degree or another, demands a GPS-like recalibration. Yonkers must get on the saddle and ride these challenging times with a change in attitude, and that means from top to bottom, and from the bottom up.

Yonkers, from every station in life and responsibility must speak to power with respect and receive it in kind. Governance must begin the conversation because in Yonkers it is government who have historically hindered, in fact decimated its integrity and thereby capacity. 

Mayor Mike Spano must conduct himself to the best of his abilities, while at the same time engage the best minds toward that end. He must be willing to celebrate his achievements openly, as he must likewise contend with issues of contention. CoY has yet to learn how to divulge both purposefully.

Just as this Hezitorial may be met with derision by some, the Yonkers Tribune is simply a complex, albeit an innocent bystander telling it like it is despite, most often not being advised about issues from one department after another. All media must be afforded equal treatment and respect. The innocuous and ambivalent expression of thoughts heard from Yonkers City Hall, even the downright lack of truth permeating one press release after another, has been proven to be nothing more than meaningless. It is time to engage in a forthright manner to the benefit of all, rather than only the Friends and Family network that has created the debauchery that now defines the once proud City of Yonkers to such an extent which is in juxtaposition to some 70 years ago when in many respects Yonkers was the envy of New York City. Alas size is everything. New York City’s populace is much greater than Yonkers by every stretch of the imagination. CoY can excel in relevance,  prowess, and pride if we learn to heed and adhere to standards that we have for too long discarded because of our personal and collective greed. 

Perhaps Yonkers can take solace in reflecting on Cinderella’s slumber, who awoke to a new reality. It is not too late to open our eyes, to recognize the virtue of CoY while accepting its challenges.




eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers ‘Friends and Family Network’ Has Calamitously Crashed Headstrong Into Its Own Failed Construct

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  1. Imagine News 12 interviewing that Joker talking about Bail Reform when the fool has a Police Department infected with Covid 19. Wondering is the stray cat choked himself before he went on the Air.

  2. Keith Olson as a Union leader is a complete failure. His 6mins on Facebook was even more of a failure. The dude just can’t help himself. His agreement to make changes to 207c got his membership looking in from the outside. Just on that alone means he has to go. YPD members need to be brave and find the courage to take back your Association form Mueller, Olson and yes those Spano’s.
    Basically these dirty wet towels have to go or you will continue to get F**ked. They are NO friends to First Responders. Call the site Yonkers ain’t Safe because of dudes like them.

  3. Where is Congressman Elliot Engel with now reportedly over 1300 Yonkers residents infected-when the pandemic hit New Rochelle Engel put out a press release in no time flat-then just look at the man would you buy a used car from him-his true colors have surfaced with this crisis and the verdict is that he is just another shrill from the Bronx with no balls.

        1. Local 628, the UFOA, and our higher ups on the dept. have provided us with equipment, training, as well as daily updates/protocols on how to respond…It is a shit situation that none of us have faced before…but for the most part I think it is being handled well in our organization….

      1. Keith Olson can be Barry’s fat shoe shine boy. Not too many shoe polishes to choose from. Barry did not throw his membership to the wolves for a another term, family jobs and a run away stray crackerjack pc

  4. Unbelievable that any fool incompetent person would transfer any Captain because he asks questions. Yes folks , that is why Olson and Mueller are in Civil Court. These two are no Blue Bloods that is for sure. They truly earned their hallway names.
    All during a Pandemic. How smart is that fool P.C. when now the incoming person has to learn what was running smoothly during this sad crisis.
    These guys should be patrolling Highway 8 out in Montana with shields imprinted with zeros.

      1. One of the same Captains that Is much smarter than Mueller by a land slide. This guy is a real Captain that worked his way up from street patrol. He also doesn’t go around telling people he “ wants “ to be a lawyer and he is no struggling PC like Mueller. A lot of lobbying cash can take out the people with the right stuff.

        1. Don’t have to defend Barry. We are with him. Actually we totally know that Olson is a loser and a steel cable puppet for Nick Spano and Mike. Lenny is a make believe Commissioner

  5. Please don’t make blanket assumptions about ALL union leaders in the city based upon your experience with one or two. YFD and Local 628 have a great leader in Barry McGoey and he is no ones puppet especially Mike Spano’s puppet. Barry goes to bat for us every day and yes he’s got a big mouth but he’s got an even bigger BAT which is us the membership.

    1. Yes Barry goes to bat for the FF while they pillage the city with outrageous pensions and overtime-with all your free time on your hands create some new kool-aid because you been drinking the current brand too long

  6. Latimer is hiding the fact that there are a lot of county employees with Coronavirus. For example, Mount Vernon Office building 2nd and 3rd floor was evacuated because several employees were confirmed with Coronavirus, yet the building remains opened putting others at risk. County workers continue to be at risk throughout the county, deputies are all working from home. We were told that we must go back to the infested 2nd and 3rd floor on Monday. Latimer could care less about County employees. 85 Court Street and 112 East Post Road have numerous confirmed employees with Coronavirus as well. By the way, what is the breakdown by race of those getting infected in the county and Yonkers? I understand that majority in Yonkers are blacks and hispanics. A big deal was made about New Rochelle, Yonkers now has 1310 confirmed cases as per information from insider in health department, 68% minorities. I do not hear Yonkers Mayor saying jack shit!

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those 1,310 infections in Yonkers (over a 100% increase in 24 hours) are within lower income black and Hispanic communities. Many people in the southwest are complaining about seeing bodies being removed from apartment buildings, hearing constant sirens, empty shelves in the stores and not being able to get tested. Housing density, cramped living conditions and intergenerational living (many generations living together in one apartment or house) allow the virus to spread quickly.

      Either Latimer and Yonkers can’t manage to interpret the data due to a lack of brainpower. Or they don’t have accurate info since they aren’t testing enough people. Or the numbers are too high and they want to avoid panicking people. Either way, COVID-19 positive cases in Yonkers have increased drastically this week, despite a fraction of the population being tested, and the answer by Latimer, Spano and others has been an information blackout.

      The problem is you can’t do that with this virus. You need to know exactly where these cases are, and you can only identify hotspots and isolate people through widespread testing. Yonkers doesn’t have that capability and Mayor Spano doesn’t seem to care. If you don’t test (or do) and tell people to self-isolate at home, then they typically spread the virus to anyone in the same household, which increases the growth factor. If the growth factor (the number of new cases resulting from one infected individual) is too high, then the hospitals are quickly overwhelmed and the system collapses, as we are seeing in Italy, Spain and eastern France.

      If the numbers continue to double over a 24 hour period in Yonkers, then St. Joseph’s and St. John’s will be overwhelmed in a couple of weeks (if not sooner), since neither hospital has the capacity to deal with the coming surge in cases. Similarly, if you do not provide PPE to cops and others, then too many get sick. The result: a reduction in services, increased response times, and overworking healthy cops (12 hour shifts).

      This is an very serious situation, and Mike Spano just isn’t up to the job. Our frontline workers do not have the necessary PPE. Our city does not have any money to deal with this. And people are not being tested. If Spano and the City Council members continue to hide and do nothing, then they should be charged with gross neglect and/or dereliction of duties and removed from office.

    2. The patrol force should remember how their leaders failed them and all YPD members should be reading the Yonkers Tribune to get the real truth a word that Mueller and Keith Olson just can’t understand. While you are exposed they are at a distance getting out misinformation.

  7. Can’t believe Keith Olson wasted 6 minutes basically saying nothing. He had 6 views. Time to move on KO the membership knows your with the City and Mueller and not with them.

  8. Latimer is no longer releasing specific numbers for Westchester municipalities. Since Mayor Spano is MIA, Yonkers residents are now completely in the dark about this virus.

    Latimer indicated that there are roughly 10,000 cases in Westchester. Yesterday, Yonkers had the highest number at 608. If you read between the lines, then confirmed cases in Yonkers must have gone through the roof and Latimer must not be releasing the numbers to avoid public panic.

    1. Why the blackout on stats for municipalities in Westchester? Residents deserve to know what is happening in our area. This is absolutely unconscionable!

      1. As of March 31, Westchester had 3,152 cases. As of April 1, Westchester has 10,683 cases. In 24 hours, 7,531 new cases have been confirmed in Westchester and all of a sudden Latimer decides not to release a breakdown by municipality after cases more than double in one day. Something is going on here and they’re not telling the public.
        This does not bode well for either Yonkers or Westchester. Compare this to NYC, which provides a breakdown based on zip code of confirmed cases as well as the number of tests carried.

  9. Received a robocall from Mike Spano about the 2020 Census, go shove it! You are not important, and I care not to be counted for furtherance of your families and your ill gotten gains. Mike, do you really care about our schools? Mike, do you really care about our Firemen? Mike, do you really care about our Policemen? Mike, do you really care about Yonkers City workers or anyone in Yonkers for that matter? You are such an embarrassment and a total zero. SHOVE IT. You are so unimportant.

      1. Had the politicians of Yonkers been in a combat situation and fucked up this badly- the troops would have made sure that they disappeared – never to be found again.

  10. Good morning to all you First Responders in the City of Hills. By now you all have recognized that some of your Union Leaders and Commissioners have failed you and left you to fend for yourselves while they headed for their bunkers. The Yonkers Politicians fled along with that picture taken fake Police Commissioner John Mueller who sold you this dream along with that other wet rag Keith Olson that working 12 hours will keep you and your families safe. Maybe when China was first reporting this virus they would have started to prepare to provide any type of protection to you members. Tell your brothers and sisters to stay strong and band together to get rid of the Olson- Mueller virus. God Bless All the Unions workers of Yonkers and those loyal union leaders. No one cares

    1. Men and women of the YPD and other services deserve better leaders who do not target Police Captains or others during times when all are enduring this Pandemic together. That is why the Mayor made the wrong choice for Police Commissioner of Yonkers and he knows it. Basically the guy has emotional issues and his sloppy looking cohort is not far behind. Messing with First Responders is not what is expected. Smart leaders must making you feel inferior right?

      1. You have it all wrong. The mayor has exactly the right choice for commissioner and union presidents. They do just what the mayor wants. If you question anything to your union you just end up transferred. It’s the whole job, from hiring(band scoring), to assignments, to who gets OT. It’s all controlled by the mayor in some form or other and that’s just the way he wants it.

  11. Can’t wait for Mueller and his fat union friend show up with Louie the Liar to Westchester County Court for their frivolous law suit. Maybe we can throw rice when they get laughed out of Civil Court. Maybe the wild eye Joker can watch videos of one of many Beerfest in the 4th Pct. The Truth is a mother huh boys. Shameful what you have done and continue to do with other cops. The Judge will see you as thugs with badges.

  12. Just watch Yonkers PBA President or Union Sellout spew nothing but lies to every hard working on duty cop. No respectable working Yonkers cops respect this dirty looking lying slob. He has the audacity to address the troops after the Yonkers Tribune’s story. Before that he and Debbie closed shop and went underground urging many members including the ESU to suck up the 12 hours tours that it would be healthy for them. Really you dirty cheese maker. What cop with any real time would believe anything from a fat bum who tried to throw another member out of the PBA, assaulted others, lied on others, and targeted civilians? Hit the road you you possum face rat. The Job should have gotten rid of you a long time ago when you were stealing candy from the 4th Pct Vending machine. Here is a quarter go down a have another rat give your lying mouth a Big Chunk of Cheese. Hope Barry sends a Rescue Truck to the Waterfront for a wash down of Keith Olson’s Bullsh*t.

  13. John Mueller is still at it. Even during a Pandemic never seen before he is still screwing his own Captains and their families. Mr. Mayor you have been steered very wrong with this very poor choice as a PC . You should have left him acting and watch this nutty fruit act out. You need to demote him ASAP. Really dump the bum.

  14. 600+ infected in Yonkers. That number will be around 1,000 by Friday and double or even triple that by next week. After all, very few are being tested. A disaster is brewing in Yonkers and Spano fiddles while Yonkers burns.


  15. Can you imagine that this fool who has been sued for harassment in the past continues to make foolish childish moves within the Yonkers Police Department. Another bad move for the Mayor, the City of Yonkers residents and for these First Responders who have and continue to be targeted by as insecure irresponsible John Mueller and Keith Olson.
    Only a mentally unbalanced person(s) would go after others during a Pandemic of this magnitude.
    Mike Spano needs to put an ad out for a new Police Commissioner. Now

  16. MIke Khader is waiting in teh bushes to take over for the wrinkled suited Mike Spano. Johnny Limo and Nick Spano will have a hand sanitizer sumo match for control of Yonkers.

    1. Unity by the Fat Union PBA sellout. Watch me on Facebook so I can tell you lies lies and more lies. Perjury is out motto and setting up others is our games. So watch me bust a move with my stretchy elastic band pants. Unity for my girl Johnny English Mueller.

    2. Mike Khader will be in jail soon if he keeps with his “political mentor” aka- felon Extortionist cousin !

      Johnny Kilo is just a wanna be somebody hanging on for the ride

  17. And where is DPW commissioner, (AKA army colonel) Tom Meier? Taking charge and giving orders? Nah. He was another one who couldn’t flee City Hall fast enough and abandon his men. The truth is, DPW employees are better off without him. They have that senile crook Sam Borrelli to take care of things.

  18. The Mayor’s virtual town hall was an embarrassment!
    What it showed that Yonkers is in deep trouble.
    The Mayor looks like he’s on life support
    Mosiello is an expert on cleaning jewelry
    Rabadi got his degree from a Cracker Jack box
    Cavannaugh is laughing all the way to the bank

    God please help Yonkers

    1. Well if you think that was bad, you have to painfully watch a Lobbyist struggling Assigned PC Mueller. He sure kept in step of what other Yonkers Cops call him. He sat staring and smiling at the camera appearing of he was taking his HS picture. Then he went into repeat mode. What a waste of tome. The Yonkers Police Yonkers failed their members and they need to wake up and boot these Spano cronies out.
      Face it Yonkers Mueller got his audition and forgot his lines. Send that fool back to counting pencils.
      And if this Pandemic was enough for our First Responders the a••hole is still targeting people who speak up. That’s why the call him the Joker.

    2. Did you hear the jewelry salesman say he gave STUFF to the hospitals, what a joke Yonkers is. That was a real professional press conference LMAO.ZZ

      1. You’re right. He’s got a house a stone’s throw from Jacobi hospital in the Bronx. Check out his Twitter account. He only posts about cryptocurrency and his family’s jewelry business. You’d never know he had any connection with Yonkers, much less as the city’s head of OEM.

    3. Most politician are doing there best to keep us informed via social media and weekly news letter. Sign up and you will know what they are doing!
      They are human beings with family children and elderly parents. Just like you. Is your life worth more than theirs, because they are elected?

      New York pause means
      Stay home , social distancing , business is closed, city hall closed, court closed.

      The comments on this thread
      have too much hate and filled with negativity , we are in time that are county & city should be more supportive and compassionate.

      Put aside the politics and Play nice.
      This is bigger than local politics.
      this is a world wide Pandemic

      Pray for healing , pray for a better kinder heart.

  19. Who’s on first? Dumbo Mueller or Dumbo Spano. All this time and the Yonkers Tribune had to do their work for them or Yonkers would still be in the dark. Now today they want to do Facebook Town Halls. How long has this Pandemic been going on?

    1. John Mueller’s Facebook was too little too late. Can someone spray on some hair for that false prophet. Even throughout this pandemic the fool just can’t stop harassment of First Responders. Crime is running rampant, you have officers refusing to work by calling out sick, you have sick officers, you have no units because they are backfilling for officers out with the virus, you have officers with 30 plus years attempting to work the radio and the computers. Well at this rate you will have to swear in the Auxiliaries.

      One thing is for certain, they won’t be popping or selling pills while on duty. Who knows maybe you can terminate them for being Auxiliaries and working an hour of overtime, or witnessing a crime. Tisk tisk

  20. Dumbo Spano had his press conference uploaded to Youtube.

    It’s also available on Shitty Haul TV.

    508 cases in Yonkers and growing, no idea how many tests have been carried out, no protection for our front line workers, no testing centers in Yonkers. But you’ll be happy to know that meters are still in effect. I’m looking forward to another Hezitorial about this crap.

    1. Rep Elliot Engel had no problem making all sorts of demands when the virus hit New Rochelle but now that Yonkers has surpassed New Rochelle in total persons infected he is nowhere to be found-he did find time although to send out a campaign flier telling everybody what a great job he has done-what a disgrace in these troubled times he has no problem politicizing and weaponizing this horrible crisis -the man is an absolute disgrace-where is the testing for YONKERS Engel.

        1. The Democrats and Rep Elliot Engel were more concerned in their impeachment efforts against Trump than they were against the mushrooming of the virus.

  21. 12 hour tour started today. Just saw Mueller driving KO around in 401 car. They were parked in front of the Yonkers Brewery.

  22. There is some info out there which alleges that Mike Spano has tested positive … ergo his absence from the public eye.

    Wishing all who have been infected a fast recovery but if there is any merit to this it should be known to the public.

    Anyone with further information on this come forward.

    1. I have not heard this to be the case. As far as I know, and I do NOT know everything, this is not the case. I have not made additional inquiry from my sources either. If he is infected, I wish him a strong and quick recovery. Kindly, Hezi

  23. Just watched the Mayor’s press conference. What a shitshow. No one had any specific information whatsoever. Ribadi basically said to eat vegetables and take vitamin C. Are you f@cking kidding me? Jim Cavanaugh talked about an old fire rig spraying bus stops. WTF? Mosiello

    No one said a word about how coronavirus cases almost doubled in 2 days. What is the rate of infection? What is the city doing to flatten the curve? God help everyone in Yonkers.

    What a complete circus.

      1. No one issued notice of a national emergency. Not the Federal, State, County or City of Yonkers divulged anything remotely as that. mueller and Olson evidently decided to fabricate a circumstance that never took place. – Kindly, Hezi

        1. I am not a Facebook user. And he should not limit his public access to a Facebook press conference. He should stand before the media as we know it to tell us what’s going on. It seems strange that while all other public figures are doing that he will not. There are a lot of seniors in the city who have no idea what Facebook is and they’re only access the information is the general media. Including the Yonkers Tribune. So we should hold a real press conference not an orchestrated event and tell us what’s happening. But maybe that’s not the Spano style

          1. I couldn’t agree with you more. This is a public emergency and Spano should stand before the public rather than hiding behind social media. There were absolutely no references to specific data or containment measures. I’ve seen more scientifically rigorous presentations from seconday school students.

            Spano is still downplaying the severity, which is extremely dangerous. Rabadi thinks that boosting one’s immunity with vitamin C is the answer. Mosiello’s only contribution was to acknowledge that he hadn’t been doing his job and is now asking for public donations of PPE for frontline workers. And Cavanaugh said something about an old fire truck.

            You really can’t make this up.

    1. Someone go get the net Mueller is on the rampage like this pandemic was the First Responders fault . Heard Mueller might actually have to have contact with the troops while Olson is sunbathing with a nice chunk of rotting lobbying cash. YPD protect yourself and your families because Mueller has to choke himself before he gets on Facebook.

    2. recommended and proven to help boost the immune system:
      Vit C 2000 mg
      Zinc 220mg
      Vit D
      Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables
      Water 6 to 8 glasses.
      Stop drinking beer and tequila you lush

    3. It was a comedy show. Mike Spano is a babbling idiot. The guy must have swallowed a bunch of marbles. It was painful to watch.

  24. 628 is that the union that represents Yonkers DPW-you know the job where you get in on a phone call despite having a rap sheet.

  25. The Yonkers Police Department needs to be disinfected but not from the Covid 19. The corruption has been boiling for a while. Just look how the YPD and others tried to downplay Spano’s Communication Director’s auto accident by not following the proper protocol.

  26. Yonkers is in a critical stage in this evolving pandemic, and the Mayor is shamefully absent. Please people do everything in your power to stay home. Heed the warnings and please check yourselves, before you go out, before you go shopping, before you go to the pharmacy, before you go to work, it is critical that you all check the way you feel. Check your symptoms. Do you have a cough? Do you have a fever? If you have either one of those things, please stay home. Do not count on the Mayor for guidance, or his ill equipped staff. Yes, Yonkers Mayor is shamefully absent during this awful crisis, and it is best he is, because what can he possibly say that is intelligent? He is way over his head. His Mayoral position is clearly to keep his family employed in high paying jobs and to dole out business to his brother Nick, Johnny and other Spano dunces. Corruption front and center, nothing new, and at this point it is played out. The Spano’s are not important, people putting their lives on the line are important! Please pray for our Yonkers officers, first responders, Yonkers teachers amongst others that are fighting for their lives against the Coronavirus.

    1. So well written and so true. The leaders failed this City. Now to save face they all want to do Facebook type pep rallies for our unexposed and exposed people. Too little too late. The PBA and the CLSA failed to represent their members and sided with Police Commissioner Mueller. They led these men and women down a dead end road and most importantly exposed them and their families.
      What are the medical protocols for these First Responders who contract the virus?
      Oh if they don’t show up to work will Mueller continue his termination boom thanks to Keith Olson.
      John as they call him the Joker, is a failure and spent ALL of his time firing people for being injured or sick based on a one sided medical report from a paid City Doctor.
      Now if Mike Spano has any rubber balls left at his girls house or wherever that absent leader is hiding he will Terminate a guy who does not have the right stuff. Grades on paper don’t mean hogwash when your a zero. Especially when your the only one patting yourself. Now get a real Police Commissioner Mike Spano.

    2. Right on the money. But I’d add: prayers won’t work. You have to be obsessive about washing your hands and not touching your face for any reason whatsoever. Stay home as much as possible. When in supermarkets, buy for a week or more, keep your distance and wear a mask or use a scarf – anything to cover your mouth and nose. The virus can live on plastic and cardboard. Wash and discard as much packaging before you put away your food. Also leave your shoes at the door. It all sounds OCD, but an ounce of prevention…

      Also know that transmission usually occurs among family and friends. If only this thing would burn through 40 South Broadway.

        1. Khader needs to sit back awhile more and let Spano continue to hang himself! Get those meetings up and running on zoom and keep reaching out to his constituents. He needs more posts like Tasha. Unlike the two boxes of gloves Rubbo dropped off and went on to say he had a Salesian connection. Well, then dig in those pockets and do a real drop off! God help us!

      1. Yea right nothing more than a P.R. stunt plain and simple-the politicians have all realized that the residents of Yonkers know that they are nothing more than useless bags of shit and are now doing damage control since everyone now knows they have been AWOL from the start.

  27. Breaking News out of Yonkers . The Police Officers were left to do their jobs without equipment and manpower. Crazy Johnny Jones shutdown the Cacace building around the same time Olson cleared out his cash draws. Then they both flipped their close signs on and headed home. Before they left they forced the Yonkers Police Officers to work 12 hour tours telling them it was a National Emergency and that it was perfectly legal. In fact, they said it was for their own good. What a Yonkers dream.
    Meanwhile, the Spano’s went to their bunkers and haven’t been seen since. Look for them on the Emergency Yonkers Channel.
    First Responders deserve more cash, more personnel and more training as well as equipment. Don’t worry a uniform real working cop will tell you when it is safe to come out again you fools.

    1. Real working uniform working cop that is a little bit of a stretch-sure a lot of YPD wear uniforms but then again a lot not all are nothing more than empty suits.

    2. Yeah an empty suit like the current PC. He was so busy firing sick or injured and plugging up overtime that he forgot about safety and totally ignored crime. Shooting and assaults are running rampant. Crime in Yonkers is up more than 50%. That’s what you get when your leaders side with fat politicians for jobs for the certain.

  28. Thanks to that nut job John Mueller and his fat game show host KO, YPF never had a chance.
    Then again neither one really were street cops. Perhaps those stupid Spano’s should have put these two idiots in charge of the beer stand at Riverfest.

  29. John Mueller and yes your PBA sell out union leader we’re working hand and hand to cut units and stop overtime that they left you cops unprotected.
    Remember they only protect drug users and perjurers.

  30. Can you guys give the fat union rat more cash? He needs it to buy you face masks.
    Please call Debbie or Olson at their homes.
    Now suck up that air and do your 12 hour tours.

  31. Yonkers needs a new face not something from the same old well. Rubbo is another loser like the rest. Now who wants to live on the waterfront where they are no police. Come to degenerate Yonkers where corruption runs wild and city leaders hide in the face of a Pandemic.

    1. Didn’t he have that chance with term limits? Khader FAILED.

      Didn’t he have that chance in primary.
      Khader FAILED.

      Now that Spano is term limited meatball Khader is gonna take them down. Hahahahahahaha

  32. When Yonkers needs real leadership this Mayor hides, if he’s not physically or mentally able to lead our City he should resign.
    Other Mayors stepped up , Spano should step down

    1. And take that fool Lopez with him. The Police Chaplain bought and paid for by the PBA. Wondering if he has his uniform on going around to the sick and the on duty. Not at all

  33. Yonkers Citizens who have children in the District you must keep them home and safe. Do not listen to leaders that keep you in the dark like our First Responders. Those local channels are misleading.

  34. You Blue Wearing hard working cops must demand that Keith Olson and John Mueller are dumped. Sadly they sent you into battle with no equipment. This City has failed the first responders

  35. John besides choking yourself in the morning and making sure Olson gets his sweets and cutting training and overtime, what have you two done besides targeting other cops and then lying about it?
    After this episode you two can go get a job together at some New Jersey Boardwalk.

  36. Mike Spano is responsible for any and all of these first responders who get sick. He and his fat convict brother gave the YPD the poison cocktail Mueller-Olson.
    Both of these fools cut cut and cut and now these people have no training, no protective gear, and now forcing them to work 12 hours under what declaration?

  37. 12 hour tour didn’t work in Training then John the Joker, and they don’t work now . Maybe you can back fill the r/c with that trust worthy drug addict from the Third. He needs the overtime so he can take drugs from the next overdose victim.
    Unity by Keith Olson and his happy face.

  38. A messge for those on the front lines: Mayor Spano, the City Council and your union heads have failed you.

    First and foremost, you need to protect yourselves – masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and distancing. If you are not being given PPE, then buy them yourselves. And wear masks all the time. Don’t worry about how it looks. Any barrier over your mouth and nose is better than none, even if the mask isn’t FFP3 N95. Also, if you are asymptomatic, then a mask will prevent you from unknowingly passing the virus to your brothers and sisters in uniform, not to mention the public.

    Mayor Spano and the union heads have sent their troops to the frontlines without the necessary weapons to fight this Chinese virus. At this point, without PPE you are all canon fodder. If you don’t protect yourself, then assume that you will become infected.

    In an interview on March 13, Mayor Spano was dismissing this pandemic as nothing more than a bad case of the flu. At the same time, Spano’s ancestral home, Italy, was under lockdown and the national guard was a few miles away in New Rochelle. Now Yonkers has become the epicenter of the Chinese virus in Westchester. Expect the infection rate to increase exponentially in the coming days and weeks. This is not alarmism. This is what every other country with the virus has experienced and Yonkers will experience the same.

    Instead of dismissing this Chinese virus two weeks ago, Spano should have closed the schools. He should have held daily briefings for the public. And he should have worked night and day to make sure that our city’s frontline workers would have the necessary PPE.

    Good luck to our frontline workers and be safe.

  39. I can’t comment on all the offensive behavior in the YPD. But I give my heartfelt thanks to all our first responders, teachers, doctors, nurses, medical staff, sanitation, transportation, pharmacies, supermarkets and delis for supporting Yonkers! Doing a hell of a job MORE than our Yonkers elected officials!

    I must comment further on the disgraceful complete lack of leadership in Yonkers. No information on the specifics of this dangerous, contagious virus in Yonkers.

    Given, we are now the largest impacted area in all of Westchester County, it’s only reasonable to be briefed! Meanwhile, the Mayor has no facts or figures for us! He says “it’s uncomfortable”! Wake up Mayor, it’s far beyond that!! Completely clueless and out of the loop!

    Mayor of the 4th largest City in NYS should be doing daily press conferences broadcasted on FB, Yonkers Voice and public TV, please take all the irrelevant BS off Yonkers public tv!! It’s the same repeat, should be updated daily! The broadcast tonight is so irrelevant it’s disgusting!

    Today, Rubbo in an interview said he is working 80 hours a week at his brewery!!! Sorry you’re a small business owner, so are so many others, but first and foremost you are an elected official. So how many hours a week you working for Yonkers?

    You folks need to get your act together and carry on the business of Yonkers. You can still do City Council meetings remotely and broadcast citywide. Get some decent IT people!

    I’m done with the widespread incompetency in Yonkers City Hall!

    1. No respectable person should have to donate their time to any other job. They didn’t sign up for that. Besides until these dirt liars are removed from office why would anyone want to spend time with drug users, stealers, and perjurers.
      We don’t see Olson donating his 12 hour tour in a big tow truck with custom leaf springs either. We know you must be one of those cops that was hiding behind the precinct studying while others were answering calls for service like Mueller.

    2. Moronic Mayor Spano hires jewelry salesman to work in office of emergency management, good old family and friends network.

    3. Very heartfelt comments. We agree . One thing is for certain the men and women of the YPD need to get rid of Mueller- Olson virus. God bless you and America. No more setting up your own and others.

    4. Between all his photo-ops in Getty Square and now as he states working 80 hour weeks in his place of business he should seriously consider running for the 3rd District seat because that is where he spends all his time-you never see him in the 4th District which is the area he represents-the ass wipes in the 4th District deserve what they get for electing this charlatan.

  40. Why don’t you donate time to our dept being we Have so many guys out hezi?? Scared?? We are on the front lines here. We don’t need your bs right now!! It’s not the time Do sorthing construcyibe for a change. We all have families but we’re out here fighting. Writing this story at this time is a terrible thing to do. Also who cares who has hired Nick Spano. 628 is s client also, how come no mention of that?

    1. The commentary is very relevant to this infectious virus and the incompetent, corrupt and irresponsible leadership in Yonkers. If you don’t see the correlation you must be blind, deaf and dumb! And stupid!!!

    2. You’re on the front lines and your bosses have failed you, which is why pieces like this need to be written. Direct your anger where it should be directed: your union head and the mayor, both of whom have done nothing to protect you.

      You want someone to donate their time? Ask Mayor Spano, Mike Khader and the City Council losers to put on a mask and gloves and get out there and do something other than cut ribbons, issue press releases and smile for the cameras. Funny how cops, fire fighters, doctors, and nurses are on the frontlines of this, but I haven’t hear a f@cking word from the mayor or anyone else in government.

    3. What are you phantom warriors doing now that Stews is not serving hot meals-you always found the time from all four corners to drive up there but never found the time to patrol the area’s you are assigned .

  41. You Yonkers cops really need to dump Keith the union liar. Stand up for yourselves you are cops now. Let him do a 12 hour tour in the precinct.

  42. Shameful how that fool Mueller let these guys get sick and now he along with that sloppy Joe Keith Olson is telling them it is safer for them to work 12 hours.

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