Coronavirus (COVID-19): New York City With Most Number of Cases; followed by Nassau’s and Westchester Counties

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Novel Coronavirus – COVID-19


YONKERS, NY — March 24, 2020 — Westchester’s Most Number of Positive Cases Reported in New Rochelle, followed by Yonkers, Mount Vernon, White Plains, and Greenburgh

New Rochelle has the most confirmed cases after it was the early epicenter of the outbreak in New York state. That is likely due to the number of tests on residents there in what was considered the first hot spot of the pandemic in the region.

The moss recent numbers as of Wednesday, March 25th are as follows:

    • New Rochelle: 225
    • Yonkers: 191*
    • Mount Vernon: 81
    • White Plains: 65
    • Greenburgh: 61
    • Port Chester: 45
    • Scarsdale: 38
    • Eastchester: 35
    • Ossining Village: 35
    • Mount Pleasant: 30
    • Yorktown: 30
    • Harrison: 29
    • Cortlandt: 28
    • Peekskill: 25
    • Mamaroneck Town: 18
    • Mount Kisco: 18
    • Pelham: 17
    • Sleepy Hollow: 17
    • Dobbs Ferry: 16
    • Mamaroneck Village: 16
    • Rye Brook: 16
    • Pleasantville: 14
    • Rye City: 14
    • Larchmont: 13
    • New Castle: 13
    • North Castle: 13
    • Tarrytown: 12
    • Pelham Manor: 11
    • Hastings-on-Hudson: 11
    • Bedford: 9
    • Briarcliff Manor: 9
    • Bronxville: 9
    • Somers: 8
    • Irvington: 7
    • Lewisboro: 7
    • Ossining Town: 7
    • Tuckahoe: 7
    • Croton-on-Hudson: 5
    • Elmsford: 5
    • Ardsley: 3
    • North Salem: 2
    • Pound Ridge: 1

Then numbers are as accurate as has been possible. Test kits are still deficient in number, yet more are enroute. 

  • Yonkers Police Department have yet to report that at minimum 4 members of the department have tested positive;
  • One person working at Yonkers City Hall has tested positive.
  • A Yonkers supermarket worker has tested positive.
  • Others have yet to be reported

The takeaway is that the Yonkers Police Department and the Yonkers Fire Department do not have any effective prophylactic measures that are best practice as presently known.

eHeziCoronavirus (COVID-19): New York City With Most Number of Cases; followed by Nassau’s and Westchester Counties

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  1. Unfortunately this is the time to stand together, and look out for one another to fight this Virus.This may sound awkward, however true. Everyone must remember, when their is a silent enemy to fight, we are always together, as they say. When the fighting is all over, we are separated once again. We all should Learn from this Covid 19 lesson, time has ran out.

  2. As of now (Friday, March 27), Yonkers has 225 confirmed cases, the second highest in the county behind New Rochelle. This information is coming from Latimer’s office.

    The fact that there has been virtually no information or commentary forthcoming from Mayor Spano or his administration reveals a breathtaking lack of leadership.

    I’d even go as far as saying Spano and his lack of information and transparency is endangering public health and those on the frontline in Yonkers at this point.

  3. What is the asterisk after the Yonkers number for – it is undefined. I also have to agree with another post that it would be nice to get Yonkers specific numbers and news. I would think the Mayor’s office would be the one to do that.

    1. The asterisk refers to the numbers for Yonkers which are much higher than noted by Westchester County George Latimer. Mayor Spano is not sharing the information which from my perspective should be public knowledge. Not the person’s name. Even telling of those people who are symptomatic should be known after they become symptomatic so that the people they may have connected with can consider, with their doctors input, the best conduct for themselves and what to be aware of should the asymptomatic person begins to become symptomatic. The number I posted is also some 30 to 40 more people who have the contagion but it has yet to be revealed by the administration.

      Have updated the numbers as per yesterday’s tally.

      The City of Yonkers remains silent.

      Kindly, Hezi

  4. There is a janitor at the Yonkers Grinton I. Will library who is either drunk or on drugs. When I said something to someone they said that is normal. So I guessing they allow this or just do not give a damn. Lets be honest this is not new with city workers.

  5. Thank you Hezi for making this information available to the people of Westchester especially the residents of Yonkers-it is a downright disgrace that this information has not been forthcoming from the so called movers and shakers of Yonkers-the very same people who are the first to point the blame at everybody else but are the first to take credit for everything-you wonder why people refer to Yonkers as a shit hole-the proof is in the pudding-nothing but malfeasance and incompetence at its best-very very few leaders in Yonkers.

    1. Thank you Hezi!

      Why isn’t the Yonkers statistics, tests, infection, mortality rates, etc posted daily on the Yonkers City Hall website. Where the hell is Mayor Spano with PSAs??? No where to be seen, except for useless emails and FB posts. No leadership at all from 4th largest city in NY!

    2. Pay attention and you have gotten that information from 5 different sources. Some people will complain no matter what.


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