COVID-19 CSEA Letter
By CSEA 9169 President LIONEL TURNER

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To all CSEA 9169 members, families, and the Yonkers community,

CSEA 9169 President Lionel Turner.

CSEA Unit 9169 Yonkers School District

YONKERS, NY — March 16, 2020 — We received notification from YPS Superintendent Dr. Quezada that all 12-month CSEA employees, and food service workers are to report to school/work today. (Yonkers Tribune did not get to this letter until after midnight of March 16, but the membership received this letter yesterday afternoon).  As President of CSEA 9169, a lifelong Yonkers resident, and community advocate, I feel it is incorrect asking our members to return to work Monday morning due to the confusion and mixed messages our members are receiving, with no plan of action for the moment and beyond, in this tense and sensitive time; And without the proper personal protective equipment for nurses, food service workers, custodians, maintenance workers, etc.

This is a National and Statewide State of Emergency. It is irresponsible, given the nature of the crisis we are in, to put our members’ health at risk, increasing their possible exposure to the COVID-19 virus, as well as exposing it to their family and loved ones. To all CSEA members please be careful. If you are at greater risk to being seriously ill due to past health issues or are seriously concerned about being exposed to COVID-19, please feel free to use your accrued time during this period.

I am demanding a meeting with the Superintendent as early as possible to discuss our members’ safety and our major areas of concern for all 1,500 members of CSEA 9169 and the larger community. CSEA needs to be an integral part of the decision making, not just told as a result of. It is our goal after we meet, to be able to tell all of our members that the YPS cares for our health and well-being as a priority, not as a consequence.

CSEA 9169 Headquarters, 1061 North Broadway, Suite “B”, Yonkers, NY 10701

Tel: 914-378-4084 / Tel: 914-378-4085 / Fax: 914-378-4086

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eHeziCOVID-19 CSEA Letter
By CSEA 9169 President LIONEL TURNER

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  1. I am a school at at the Yonkers Public school and I will not be getting paid for the time off! Is my union backing me up?

    1. I appreciate your concern. Unfortunately, I am unaware of your job title. I infer that you are a member of the SEIU 9169 union whose president is Lionel Turner. It may be best to call him up. If you are a member of another union, it would be best to call that union. Even if I knew your job title, you should still call your union to find out where the city stands on the issue and the perspective of your union leadership.

      One can never judge or believe that any union officer reads our Website, that is why it is best to call the union to which you belong. Much success to you. — Kindly, Hezi

  2. Wow my union is paying me to stay home.
    I guess Nick really controls that union to0 but anyway those workers can’t even get jobs at Burger King.

  3. They should go into work and clean that school building like their child lived there. no one is asking your members to do anything. They are being told to report and get those schools safe and provide meals. Do your jobs.

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