Municipal Housing Authority of the City of Yonkers Rises to Housing Incompetence

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TribuneMunicipal Housing Authority of the City of Yonkers Rises to Housing Incompetence

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    1. Why are these people asked to put themselves in harms way. What is so necessary about their being on the job. IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE. The YPD have no protective gear. They are all operating out of headquarters. tHe YFD have no protective gear. Supermarket workers same issue. Drugstores. Government offices are not operational. Why MHACY? What is the rationale? — kindly, Hezi

      1. I am going into work. I have no choice. I am running dormitories with scared students. I am also happy to have secure employment during this time.

  1. Is there anyone more of a dumbass than Mike Khader?

    People are dying- health care workers are working overtime- government officials working nonstop

    YET he has the nerves to post his families birthdays on Facebook and say “when this blows over” referring to a pandemic that has taken the lives of thousands.

    Shame on you Mike Khader keep your families birthdays to yourself because no one cares.

    1. That’s disgusting I am going to block his Facebook

      Can’t believe he is worrying about celebrating his families birthdays with a nations crisis going on

    2. Don’t worry about Khader. The real person you should worry about is Donna Nolan She’s going around with her husband to different Deli asking for food.

    3. Khader should be working to get a testing site into Yonkers nobody really gives a flying fuck about birthdays in his family.

  2. Lmao friend works there ,notice the use of WE,Upper management in hiding while the men On front lines exposing themselves and family . Also told me no masks no hand soap in the field .Completely unacceptable.

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