New Rochelle Coronavirus Update
By Congressman ELIOT L. ENGEL

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Congressman Eliot Engel is the U.S. Representative for New York’s Congressional District 16.

WASHINGTON, DC — March 10, 2020  — As you likely know, Governor Cuomo today announced a one-mile wide containment zone in New Rochelle to help slow the spread of coronavirus or COVID-19. The containment zone will go into effect on Thursday, March 12 and end on Wednesday, March 25. The Governor took this action as Westchester County has become the epicenter of New York’s COVID-19 outbreak, with 108 confirmed cases as of March 10.

Facilities that host large gatherings of people such as schools and houses of worship that are in the containment zone will be closed. The following schools in the City School District of New Rochelle will be closed:

  • Albert Leonard Middle School
  • Ward Elementary
  • New Rochelle High School

Educational materials will be provided to students to complete on computers. If your child needs a computer, please email the City School District of New Rochelle to request a Chromebook at

During this two-week period, residents of the containment zone not under any precautionary measures such as isolation or quarantine will be able to participate in, and go on with, normal activities. Governor Cuomo has deployed National Guard troops to New Rochelle to help clean public facilities as well as deliver food and supplies to affected individuals. Resources are being allocated locally for testing facilities, and on the federal level, we are working to get additional test kits to the region.

In addition, the following schools in the Tuckahoe Union Free School District will also be closed through the same duration:

  • Tuckahoe High School
  • Tuckahoe Middle School
  • William E. Cottle School

In the coming weeks, it is important that we calmly heed the guidance from state officials and continue to adhere the safety guidelines put forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which are available here:

If you have additional questions about COVID-19, please reach out to the New York State Department of Health hotline at 1-888-364-3065.

I’m proud to represent New Rochelle, Tuckahoe, and lower Westchester because I know how resilient our residents here are. I have no doubt we will come together in the time of this adversity, and together, we will overcome this virus.Please know that I will continue to update you as more information becomes available.

Additional Information on my work in Congress to address the Coronavirus:

As your Member of Congress, I am supporting legislation which helps address the COVID-19 outbreak in our district. On March 4, I helped pass a $8.3 billion emergency funding package which was signed into law that includes:

  • $3 billion to support the development of treatments and vaccines
  • $300 million to support access to the vaccine
  • $2.2 billion in public health funding for prevention, preparedness and response, including nearly one billion specifically to alleviate the immense financial strain on severely affected states and municipalities.

Several drugs sold in the U.S. are made abroad in countries like China, which are dealing with severe outbreaks of COVID-19. As these international outbreaks grow, health experts believe the number of drug shortages will increase. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the first coronavirus-related drug shortage on February 27, 2020. I authored and introduced the bipartisan Preventing Drug Shortages Act, which would help mitigate the shortages of medicines essential to patient care by:

  • Enhancing transparency throughout the drug supply chain, improving federal oversight of potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses
  • Assess and strengthen the FDA’s interagency efforts to prevent drug shortages
  • Empower the FDA to compel pharmaceutical companies to take action on securing vulnerabilities.

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SOURCE: Bryant Daniels | Communications & Deputy District Director | Congressman Eliot L. Engel


TribuneNew Rochelle Coronavirus Update
By Congressman ELIOT L. ENGEL

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  1. stop criticizing the yonkers mayor for “lack of leadership”…the lack of leadership is coming from the top…from the President of the United States and his echo chamber at Fox News who for weeks have been poo pooing the corona virus as a Democratic HOAX….even though members of the Trump administration months ago warned that the US had to get ahead of the virus which started in Wuhan China…..and migrated to over100 countries…Both his homeland security director at the time as well as his other medical advisors pleaded with him to do something..He did nothing because he was afraid that increasing numbers of victims would hurt his re election prospects. Now we have a pandemic and we don’t have the ability to test for it….Because Trump dismissed his infectious disease staff and disregarded the possible consequences of a national health crisis…Those of you who voted for Donald Trump elected an unserious con man whose only interest was and is benefiting himself his family and his business….You got exactly what you deserved!

    1. “stop criticizing the yonkers mayor for “lack of leadership”

      Why? There has been ZERO leadship coming from Spano. In an interview, he said that the coronavirus is nothing more than a bad case of the flu. CLUELESS

      Yonkers, you’re in trouble.

    2. In 2009 under Obama there was the H1N1 flu commonly known as the Swine Flu-Obama did not declare a national emergency for 6 months despite the fact that 1,000 people had already died or the scandal of 2014 where approximately 1,000 veterans died waiting for care because of the falsification of wait times which was known to Obama and his transition team back in 2009-this Mayor of Yonkers is way over his head both in competence and intelligence. The only thing he is good at is doling out patronage jobs.

  2. We’re not looking for government to tell us what to do. We are, however, looking for leadership from our elected officials, but have seen none in Yonkers. Mayor Spano along with Rubbo and Khader should have held a press conference immediately following the death of the worker at the Raceway. There are now cases in Riverdale, Mt. Vernon and New Rochelle. The National Guard has been deployed a few miles away. There is at least one coronavirus case in Yonkers and one former Yonkers worker has died from the virus.

    – How are our city’s hospitals preparing for an influx of patients?
    – Why are schools still open?
    – What measures are being taken to protect our seniors?
    – What steps are being taken to coordinate between local, state and federal agencies?
    – What contingency plans are in place by the OEM?
    – What is the status of the Raceway and its employees?
    – What are the testing protocols for Yonkers residents?
    – What steps are being taken to mitigate the spread here in Yonkers?

    The fact that the entire Yonkers city government, from Spano and his administration to the City Council, has been MIA is completely unacceptable and nothing more than an abject failure on their part.

    And their inaction and ineptitude will likely cost lives.

      1. There’s a difference between being proactive and inactive. Inactivity results in panic when the proverbial shit hits the fan. We’ve had a head start on this, but Yonkers (and the US) chose to do nothing. Look at what is going on in places like Italy (and now Germany, France and Spain): lock downs, shortages of ventilators, shortages of oxygen, stretched hospital staff. You might know what to do, but you might also get it and are more likely to die from it (God forbid) given your age. An ounce of prevention…

  3. I really don’t get why people are looking at government to tell them what they should do. Do you really need the council or mayor to direct you. Go wash your hands and stop turning this to politics. The man who worked at MGM casino had a lot of other conditions.

    1. Absolutely no direction or leadership from Yonkers and yes the man from the track had hypertension and diabetes but rest assured that the corona virus was a contributing factor to his untimely passing-turn this into politics -then why is tough guy Cuomo on the tube everytime you turn it on-and why are the Democratics turning it into political issue-you ought to go the track , waste your money and wipe your ass because that’s what full of.

  4. Hezi why nothing on the death of a worker at Yonkers Raceway-why nothing more than a remark in passing from the COY-why nothing basically from MGM-yet the potential for its spread could have seeped into the surrounding immediate community-COY and MGM its all about the $,

    1. The reason is many-fold. First, I have not been noticed by MGM. Second, I work on my own. Truth be told, I am awaiting a pronouncement from Yonkers City Hall. As for the equation you suggest between CoY and MGM, there is no doubt it is a relationship is of mutual benefit. However, all I have advised you so far, suggests I am not familiar with an issue that concerns you, so … after sending an email, I will make inquiry over the next 15 minutes to gain greater insight into this concern. Thank you for advising me and spurring me to gain further insight via inquiry. Kindly, Hezi

  5. Where is Mayor Spano and the Yonkers City Council? Where is Council President Mike Khader??

    I haven’t heard anything at all from them – ZERO LEADERSHIP in a time of crisis. The City of Yonkers’ website also doesn’t even mention the coronavirus and we have outbreaks in in neighboring communities!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Simply amazing but not unexpected concerning the lack of leadership and communication coming from the COY-last night the Yonkers City Council clearly illustrated the clear lack of leadership and direction from the Yonkers City Council members-John Rubbo who district covers the MGM Casino is no where to be seen(most likely under his bed till the corona virus blows over) the entire COY Council are nothing more than bullshit artists who like to pontificate on nothing but believe that there doing a great job-Mayor Mike Spano is probably hiding in his underground bunker looking for his balls which he lost a long time ago-Yonkers is simply PATHETIC.

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