Renegade “Indian” Dr. Edwin Quezada, Acts the Chief, Breaking Yonkers’ Chain of Command, Despite Not First Informing the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees and Not Informing Mayor Mike Spano Regarding the Coronavirus

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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hezitorial

The following post was noted on the SW Yonkers’ Hamlet Hub under the lede, “Yonkers Public School Employees Exposed to Coronavirus”. The post is designated to have been published on Wednesday, 11 March 2020, posted at 02:06, and written by Yonkers Public Schools. 

It continues by asserting, “Yonkers Public School Superintendent, Edwin Quezada, states that some employees of the Yonkers Public school system have been exposed to the coronavirus. It then goes on to print … STATEMENT: From Superintendent Quezada, “It has come to our attention that individuals in several of our schools have been potentially exposed to people who tested positive for COVID-19. Each case has been investigated by the Westchester County Health Department and they have not recommended any school closings. If there is a confirmed case, that school community will be notified through all means available.”

There were three comments on the site at 7:47pm. They are as follows:


Kimberly Nall

Which schools???

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Stephen Lopez

“have been potentially exposed”. The headline left out the operative word “potentially”.

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Mary C McCrohan

Which schools why you hiding the answer

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Ms. Kimberly Nall asks, “Which schools???”

Seemingly disgruntled or upset, Rev. Stephen Lopez, Yonkers Board of Education Trustee President opens his “comment” by emphasizing the following with quotations marks:  “have been potentially exposed”. The headline left out the operative word “potentially”. The reference to a “headline infers that a print, virtual print, or other communication medium has revealed such a headline. Which further begs the question why was the ‘headline” not divulged to every outlet in the City of Yonkers and even beyond? 

Rev. Lopez’s comment implies that he knew of Dr. Quezada’s statement. But there is a problem to which Rev. Lopez informs, that is, that after the time the statement was published, and by Rev. Lopez’s admission in writing, that Rev. Lopez was uncomfortable that the word “potentially” was omitted from Dr. Quezada’s  statement. 

It is important to note that Dr. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Pubic School District is NOT the boss, he was hired by and answers to the Yonkers Board of Education Trustee President and the Yonkers Board of Eduction Trustees; not the other way around.

Worse still the Yonkers Tribune has learned that Dr. Quezada did not apprise Mayor Mike Spano of the statement or anything the statement alluded to or inferred to the reader, as attested by two of the people noted above who asked, “Which Schools???” and another person who stated, “Which schools; why you hiding the answer”?

In the meanwhile, guidance has not been forthcoming from Yonkers City Hall, not authorized to have been stated by Dr. Quezada, and no basis for Rev. Lopez to attempt to rationalize Dr. Quezada’s misstated 

The Yonkers Tribune is pleased to note that SW Yonkers’ Hamlet Hub was in receipt of the statement and that they published it. 

The Yonkers Tribune is not on such an email distribution list. Yonkers Tribune is also one of many other media outlets who continue to be denied the ability to inform their respective readership of what transpires in the Yonkers Public Schools District.  While it may suit the Yonkers Public School District to deny some, but not all news media to be informed at the same time, even their managed effort to choose favorites and insider recipients of their debauched conduct, it still reaches the Yonkers Tribune and thereby to our readers. Both Dr. Quezada and Rev. Lopez are not up to the task of telling Yonkersites the truth. 

Perhaps the Rev. Steve Lopez and Dr. Edwin Quezada will clean up after their own mess, but the Yonkers Tribune is doubtful their appreciating the severity of their misconduct. Which also begs the question if, based on such incompetence by Dr. Quezada and Rev. Lopez, what was the rational for prematurely extending Dr. Quezada’s contractual agreement for another 5 years.

Besides other media, have any parents become aware of Dr. Quezada’s statement? Did parents/guardians receive notice? Why not? Does the Yonkers Public School District have proof of such an email blast ever being sent out? 

The bottom line; why was Mayor Mike Spano not informed?


eHeziRenegade “Indian” Dr. Edwin Quezada, Acts the Chief, Breaking Yonkers’ Chain of Command, Despite Not First Informing the Yonkers Board of Education Trustees and Not Informing Mayor Mike Spano Regarding the Coronavirus

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  1. Wouldnt it be nice,if our Mayor and council could inform our citizens on the spread of this virus.We are neighbors to NYC.,yet I dont see any plan from the COY,their departments(fire ,police,etc…).No one hears anything.How bout a test site in the YO….give essential workers..police fire DPW…grocery…especially our Doctors and nurses..priority on testing..and immediate results. Don’t hear a thing….they probably will wait till its too late…scary… leadership,with results…and what about our state delegates?…begged for our we are begging for your help..this ain’t a friggin joke…and yes I am a first responder

  2. As a YPS retiree, I agree with some of the frustrations expressed about the Yonkers public education scenario. It is very political. But I suggest we not “throw out the baby with the bathwater”. The current superintendent has a track record of commitment to students. A recent rescue by a Triple A tow truck driver gave me a chance to hear compliments on Dr. Quezada by a former student from Quezada’s days of early leadership as Lincoln HS Principal. I recall the challenge he met in reforming the image of that school. I’m also witness to recent gestures of Quezada’s loyalty to children. Desperate times call for urgent actions and these are desperate times. Let’s focus on and support “City Fathers” efforts to save the city from disaster.

  3. Spano didn’t enforce Yonker’s Safety Code for new installation of outside harmful high intensity electrical LED lights without a safety permit in a Co-op Building when notified both by email and USPS certified mail, so why should Spano do anything here to protect the public? These facts are indicative of foul play like corruption. We need to be like umpires and call Spano OUT!!!

  4. This city and its government have taken virtually no steps to prepare. Quezada should be removed. The City Council should be disbanded. And Spano should resign.

    We here in Yonkers are facing an imminent crisis and all Spano can do is downplay the severity and magnitude. In an interview with Ru Ros on Yonkers Voice, Spano was absolutely clueless. It was downright scary.

  5. Where has Spano been-nowhere to be found-the Yonkers City City Council are a bunch of fakes, where is is the head of the Yonkers Office of the Aging where many people who are at risk are the elderly which that office is designed to help=MGM Casino should remained closed like everybody else where large crowds gather.

    1. What I am hearing is a lot of irresponsible people that are supposed to responsibility leaders are just looking to grab head lines . This should be nothing new as the way Yonkers school district is being run it’s a crying shame . I feel Dr. Quesada should be re-evaluated regarding his contract extension.

  6. Dr.Quezada needs to step down an go resign. He hasn’t been any good from day one. Not even as a principle in Lincoln H.S…. jus like what’s published says he thinks he’s the Boss an no one else is above him well it time to get him out make him step down soon an bring DR.Nadar sage yes he’s always been fit for the job. Get Quezada out. We all should’ve been informed, parents staff, teacher, e.t.c. An yes the mayor should still be informed.


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