The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Divulged 10 New Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The kingdom has closed borders and banned flights to and fom Jordan as of Tuesday, March 17th. 

The Central Bank of Jordan announced support measures for troubled businesses and the languishing tourism industry due to the Coronavirus pandemic

Jordan Central Bank Governor Ziad Fariz.

AMMAN, JORDAN — March 15, 2020 — The kingdom on Saturday imposed measures to fight the outbreak, including a tighter lockdown that closes all borders and bans all incoming and outgoing flights as of Tuesday.

Additional proactive measures include school closings and banning daily prayers in mosques. These measures were imposed in deference to the fast spreading epidemic as has taken place in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria.

The government has assured the populace that they have a stockpile of commodities and essential goods that would last a half-year. Further, the borders have been kept open for commercial traffic.

Reuters was advised that Central Bank Governor Zaid Fariz that Jordan’s commercial banks were also asked to delay payments of loan installments by companies and to allow rescheduling of retail loans to ease losses by businesses and to help individual borrowers.

Additionally, the central bank slashed compulsory reserves for commercial banks to 5% from 7% to inject more than Jordanian Dinars (دينار أردني)(JOD) 500 million equivalent to USD $705 million) of extra liquidity to ease the present economic woes.

Officials have expressed concern that the tourism sector that generates approximately $5 billion annually will slash growth projections and deepen an anticipated economic downturn.

Jordan has closed all tourism sites, including it’s most visited attraction, the archeological city of Thousands of tourists have left the country in the last few days and hotels occupancy rates have fallen dramatically.

eHeziThe Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Divulged 10 New Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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  1. The assertion herein expunged by Yonkers Tribune is that some organization is in touch with foreign entities ith respect to concerns of the Arab-American community, which begs the question what is it that was done, what can or is expected and how. The Yonkers Tribune writes about facts and issues that are proven. If you have something to state, then prove it to the YT. If you have no such proof or way to validate to my satisfaction, continue to post on Facebook. Perhaps you imagine me a fool, truth be told, I wrote this article because of the large Jordanian population that resides in Yonkers; out of respect. This is juxtaposed to your silence until I do what must be done, that is report the news, and now you are miffed.

    I will be certain to spot another such comment and place it in my spam box where it is buried forever. Have a good day.

    Kindly, Hezi

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