The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover 
assignments. Bob began a writing career about 12 years ago and had his first
book published in 1999. He
 also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.” Photo by and courtesy of Netsky Rodriguez.

FLOWER MOUND, TX — March 27, 2020 —The tools of conquest don’t necessarily come from bombs, bullets and military troops invading our borders. There are weapons much more lethal and more easily transmitted. Although there are weapons of mass destruction that come from laboratory experiments on animals and insects that somehow, accidentally or purposely, find their way into the human genome, there’s another deadly virus that seems to emerge during challenging times. The malady to which I refer is known as panic. It’s a deep-seated fear of the unknown which creates a spiritual paralysis that robs us of our common sense and self-reliance. We can see an enemy that comes toward us with a gun, but, a state of panic flies under the radar and embeds itself in our emotional system.

A bleeding wound can be treated and healed because it’s readily observable and able to respond to outside processes. However, panic is an invisible terror that shuts down logic and reason as it feeds on itself during every conscious moment. The fallout from that terror can be every bit as perilous as that which comes from the aftermath of nuclear weapons. When President Roosevelt, during the Great Depression told us that, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” he was talking about the destructive nature of panic. It’s a mental state that magnifies a threat to a level which can paralyze a person, a community, or even a nation. The primordial instincts for self-preservation were instilled in our DNA to allow us to recognize a threat and take evasive action, or pick up a weapon.

One wonders if the forces of evolution disciplined our brains to recognize the difference between actual threats and irrational fear. The Covid-19 threat is undoubtedly real, but, is it rational to deal with it by shutting down the country that mobilized an awesome military, which won 2 World Wars, conquered numerous deadly diseases, pioneered heart, kidney, liver and other organ transplants and successfully put the first men on the moon, while creating the most prosperous nation in history? Are we to believe that this illness is capable of destroying about a century of progress and robbing our children and grandchildren of the heritage fought and died for by their ancestors?

While I truly believe that we have some very capable leaders in every level of government, providing good advice regarding self-isolation and sanitary habits, there are others who have succumbed to the type of panic that can only be deemed irrational. It reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode entitled “The monsters are due on Maple Street.” When some of the usual comforts are suddenly taken away from residents on a street in a rural town, just minutes after a UFO is seen crossing the sky, people begin thinking that some among them are invaders from another planet. As each unexplainable incident occurs they lose their ability to reason and soon become terrorized by their own imagination.

Their community comes to a standstill as the panic spreads from family to family. At the episode’s end, the camera backs away to a hillside where the actual aliens are looking down at the madness. One of them says, “Understand the procedure now? Just stop a few of their machines, confuse them, interrupt their normal way of life, and then sit back and watch the pattern. With few variations, they pick the most dangerous enemy they can find and it’s themselves. All we need do is sit back and watch.”

For the record, I don’t believe we have reached a state of panic – yet. But, if we can’t get this insidious monster under control soon, we may as well stay under self-quarantine because there won’t be anything left when we come out of hiding. One more word about panic; it comes from the top and reverberates all the way down to street level. When President Trump provides a timeline for things to go back to normal, he’s giving hope to those who may be inching closer to hysteria each day. Moreover, he added that the timeline is flexible, which gives him some room to effectively put us back together in a systematic, prudent way. Meanwhile it provides us with a light at the end of a fearful tunnel.

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Bob Weir is a veteran of 20 years with the New York Police Dept. (NYPD), ten of which were performed in plainclothes undercover assignments. Bob began a writing career about 16 years ago and had his first book published in 1999. He also became a syndicated columnist under the title “Weir Only Human.”


Bob WeirThe Monsters Are Due on Maple Street

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  1. There is a movement to delay the presidential election till 2021. We would keep consistency and ensure better voter turnout in 2021. Yeah, we will probably get 5 more years of Trump but we need to adjust to the events. The presidential election and turnout is too important.

    1. the presidential election will NOT BE wasn’t delayed during the Civil War and it wasn’t delayed during WWII……people can vote by paper ballot from home…probably guarantees a better result and a more accurate result than machines…also keeping social distance people can go to the polls as they now go to grocery stores….Voting is an essential business…it is the busines of a democracy….and Trump needs to be thrown out as soon as posssible..that’s why these jerks are floating the rumor…they know the handwriting is on the wall..they know that Trump loses to Biden in the states that matter Even today Wisconsin polling showed Trump losing to Biden substantially….and that is during the so called rally round the flag effect of the President holding daily press conferences on the virus….So after the pandemic is under control..and that more assuredly will be the case by November, Trump will get crushed in the states he narrowly one by less than 1% in 2016. MI WI PA ..He will also lose badly in NC, FL, AZ, GA, As an aside you can be sure that Brad Parscale Trumps pollster will tell him where he stands before the election …and knowing Donald as i do….HE WILL FOLD…..and Pence will be the candidate..Trump will blame the media, blame his own party, blame the pandemic, blame jared kushner, blame fake news…but he will exit the stage to save his business from having an L attached to the name TRUMP

  2. Trumps economy is gone….attempting to argue that the nation would be in worse shape if the economy were not so good is nonsense…tell us why? tell us what a strong economy before a killing disease arrives has to do with whether or not the nation can survive the death of up to 2 million people….3 million unemployed claims last week alone…The President dithered in Jan and Feb when he was advised to take action…The president and his Fox news echo chamber denied there was a threat….Hannity said it was a democratic hoax….Trump said it would be gone by April and that there were only 15 people affected….Pirro said people were not threatened at all…Limbaugh said it was the common cold….Trump was begged..yes begged to take action in January February and early March HE REFUSED…He chose instead to deny it was a threat and played golf instead…Now the responsibility for those deaths that would have been avoided had Trump taken action when he was advised to do so by his medical experts..and that will color how Trump is historically remembered…as the most incompetent and corrupt president in the history of the US…

  3. Trump has extended the social distancing rules for another 30 days rejecting the right wing arguments by Glen Beck Brit Hume Rush Limbaugh and others who insist on putting the economic interests of the nation before the health and welfare of the nation. Not really understanding the nature of the corona virus they attempt to shove upon the rest of us the notion that only older people will be affected and so they are expendable in order to make sure the younger people have a strong economy…Meanwhile the data shows that 50% of those getting sick are under 50 years old meaning that sending people back to work before there is a successful mitigation of the disease would do exactly the opposite of what Bob Weir and these other hard right nuts are advocating eg it would wreck the economy for years maybe decades..Listen to the experts and not those more interested in re electing a Narcissistic authoritarian wannabe than in making sure that more people survive the corona virus invasion. Those who suggest that taking prudent medical and scientific action are somehow hiding under a bed are fools or worse. In the case of our leaders and Fox news opinion hosts particularly Hannity and Pirro…they are complicit in the deaths of those who believe that the virus is in fact a democratic hoax…..

  4. Bob Weir attempting to justify the position the far right and some republicans have taken regarding their rejection of the recommendations of our top scientists. This isn’t about panic…and those who insinuate it are misleading to serve their agendas. This is about heeding advice to combat the community spread of a virus for which we presently have no treatment and no vaccine. Remaining in your home except for the need to get basic necessities is exactly how south korea dealt with this issue. It is not how Italy and Spain dealt with it. The objective is very simply, to flatten the curve. And for Weir not to recognize this basic mathmatical fact is typical of the ongoing rejection of science and math by conservatives and republicans and Trump. In a pandemic their is a rise in the number of those infected. Our health care system is presently unable to deal with that initial steep rise. Due to the mistakes made by Trump in denying the existance of the pandemic, saying it would only be 15 people and that it would magically go away, he allowed the thing we had going for us to be wasted and that thing is time. The problem is that a finite portion of the population will indeed get the virus. If they all get sick at one time the hospitals and health care workers will be overwhelmed and treatment will be rationed forcing more people to go without and consequently pass away. Self quarantine and social separation insures that the disease is slowed down so that our first line health care workers have the time to treat all who need it. In the meantime Trump insists over the objections of his top health experts that Easter time should see Church’s crowded again and that younger people should go back to work. While in fact we know that younger people are not immune from the disease.40% of those who have contracted the disease are between 18 and almost half. Weir and his Fox news opinions coherts are damaging the nation by insisting on rejecting expert advice whether medical environmental or in any other area. This is what happens when nationalistic populism pervades a democracy. The destruction of smart occurs and Mr. Weir is a prime example

    1. Go back under your bed and hide from the world, like the left wing fear monger you are! When you finally decide to grow a pair of cajones, we’ll forgive you for your cowardice because we even have compassion for those so terrorized by a sickness that they would contribute to the destruction of their country in order to calm their withering spinal cord.

      1. what kind of nonsense do you spew…I was a conservative republican for 50 years….republican governors are defying Trump and his easter day wishful thinking..the virus kills….100,000 cases plus to date…I didn’t think a sickness could be political…and I didn’t think a fool would disregard the opinions of our medical experts….talk to me when you need a doctor…In the meantime I will take the advice of the professionals and not those with zero education

        1. You are so wrong.
          Bob Weir does not have zero education.
          His education is measured in negative numbers.

          A mugger pulls a gun on Bob Weir and says – “Your money or your life.”
          Bob Weir responds – “Take my life. I’m saving my money for my old age.”

          That is his negative philosophy. We need people to die so the their money isn’t lost.

          1. Without President Trump’s vibrant economy our country would be multiple times worse off by the tumbling of the Market. Those of you still criticizing him are exposing yourselves as the traitors of the left wing that have hated our country for generations. When Trump is reelected in a large landslide people like you will be forced underground again, which is where you belong, in the sewers.

          2. I am replying here because the “reply” tab is missing on your post.

            “Without President Trump’s vibrant economy”
            Obama created more jobs in his last three years than Trump created in his first three. Obama inherited a collapsed economy from Bush and left Trump with a solid economy and low unemployment.

            “Those of you still criticizing him are exposing yourselves as the traitors of the left wing that have hated our country for generations.”
            The left wing has brought this country – social security, medicare, unemployment insurance, civil rights and many things that benefit all of us.

            “When Trump is reelected in a large landslide people like you will be forced underground again, which is where you belong, in the sewers.”
            Yes – just as you say. Trump is supposed to be the president of the whole country but as we see, he cares for nothing but getting re-elected.

            Why is it that you can’t make an argument based on fact?
            Why is it that you must cast aspersions?
            Why is it that you are blind to Trump’s racism and greed?
            Oh – I get it. You’re a Republican.

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