Westchester County Executive George Latimer Gives COVID-19 Update – Monday, March 30, 2020

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Watch full press conference here: https://www.facebook.com/westchestergov/videos/2494627740801424/

Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — March 30, 2020 — Westchester County Executive George Latimer gave his daily briefing updating both statistics and the County’s efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, Latimer continued to stress the need for social distancing in County parks.

Municipality Name Cases:

Ardsley 19

Bedford 28

Briarcliff Manor 14

Bronxville 20

Buchanan 4

Cortlandt 85

Croton-on-Hudson 16

Dobbs Ferry 42

Eastchester 70

Elmsford 13

Greenburgh 130

Harrison 52

Hastings-on-Hudson 19

Irvington 14

Larchmont 16

Lewisboro 16

Mamaroneck Town 31

Mamaroneck Village 30

Mount Kisco 50

Mount Pleasant 70

Mount Vernon 224

New Castle 35

New Rochelle 346

North Castle 27

North Salem 4

Ossining Town 18

Ossining Village 132

Peekskill 63

Pelham 22

Pelham Manor 21

Pleasantville 27

Port Chester 109

Pound Ridge 3

Rye Brook 31

Rye City 32

Scarsdale 59

Sleepy Hollow 34

Somers 24

Tarrytown 35

Tuckahoe 17

White Plains 154

Yonkers 508

Yorktown 89

·       Westchester Numbers

o   Total Hospitalizes Cumulative – 378

o   Total Currently 221

o   Number in Westchester Hospitalized 213

o   Deaths – 19


  • Town numbers reflect the unincorporated sections of the part of town outside villages within the town.
  • Numbers reflect the actual residents of the municipality, not “zip code” residents who live in an adjacent community.
  • Data lags state number by as much as 3 days, due to State release of data to the County only after the tested individual has been informed of their status.

·       Bee-Line Bus

o   The Bee-Line Bus service will be transitioning to an enhanced Saturday schedule beginning this Wednesday.

o   While a Saturday schedule is being used, it is subject to enhancement and busses added as needed.

·       Translations

·       Attempting to reach as many people as possible during this time of crisis, numerous pages on Westchester County’s website are now available for translation into 23 languages.

·       All press releases containing important news and updates sent from the Westchester County Executive’s Office are published on Westchester County Government’s Website under “Press Releases.” All of those releases are now available for translation.

·       To translate, simply click the scroll down menu that says “Translate” under the Menu>Press Releases bar.

·       This function is also available on the following sites:

§  Westchester County Health Department

§  WCHD Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

§  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

§  NYCDOC Mobile Application

·       Parks

o   I have come under great pressure to close our county parks

o   I have resisted because I know how important it is to enjoy the outdoors and I know how important it is to the residents of this county

o   However – You MUST exercise social distancing

o   I drive by the dam I don’t like what I see

§  People walking and chatting running close together

§  Playing contact sports

o   Don’t make me close these parks

·       In an effort to help assist those on the front lines battling the COVID-19 pandemic, Westchester County is creating opportunities to supply child care for the children of healthcare workers and first responders in Westchester.

o   *If you are a Westchester County healthcare worker or first responder seeking child care to be able to go to work, please contact Blanca Lopez at BPL3@WestchesterGov.com*

o   A number of child care slots are available for children from newborn to age three, and ages five through 12. Many Westchester County school districts are providing a child care program for the children of essential workers, as required by the New York State Education Department. Contact your local school district for more information.

o   The Child Care Council of Westchester is also working with child care providers, and has a list of programs that have openings for newborns up to age 12, with a priority for children of essential workers. Contact Executive Director Kathy Halas at kathyh@cccwny.org

·       Westchester County Economic Development team is researching loans and grant programs for small business devastated by the shutdown of their businesses, communicating information through local Chambers of Commerce. For more information visit https://westchestercatalyst.com/coronavirus-updates/

·       For people wanting to donate or sell PPE or other items, email Icanhelp@westchestergov.com

·       Here in Westchester we set up a 2-1-1 hotline with the United Way to provide answers for Westchester residents with questions concerning Coronavirus.

o   NYS hotline for testing requests: 888.364.3065

o   Westchester County hotline: 866.588.0195

·       County has set up an email address to respond to inquiries. This is another option to the hotline.

o   Responses can be done in English or Spanish.

o   Emails will receive an auto-reply stating their message has been received and they should expect a response within 24 hours. Then it has info about our hotline and then links to County, State, CDC websites. The emails are answered by DSS.

o   COVID19FAQ@westchestergov.com

·       A personal plea from County Executive Latimer calling for nurses, doctors and other health care professionals to assist with County COVID-19 response. To volunteer please email Lindsey Jackson lajc@westchestergov.com

o   To date we have gotten 122 volunteers to our call to healthcare workers: 90 nurses, 12 doctors and 20 other.

§  Some are being deployed starting today to work with the Department of Health. We expect some to work with childcare programs as well.

About Westchester County  

Westchester County, located in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley, covers 500 square miles and has a population of just under a million.  Originally home to Native Americans, who were members of the Lenape tribe, it is today a rich mix of many cultures and landscapes.  The County is a blend of bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque towns as well as open spaces and a network of beautiful parks. Westchester is made up of 6 cities, 19 towns and 20 villages.  Westchester County is known for top-notch public schools, and a high quality of life.  The County is also an intellectual capital, boasting a highly educated workforce, competitive colleges and universities, Fortune 500 companies, world changing non-profits, and cutting-edge research centers.  Westchester is led by County Executive George Latimer, who took office in January 2018 as the ninth County Executive. Using inclusion and openness as a foreground, Latimer is fighting to make Westchester a destination for all people to live, work and enjoy. Learn more about Westchester County by visiting www.westchestergov.com

TribuneWestchester County Executive George Latimer Gives COVID-19 Update – Monday, March 30, 2020

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      1. They were presented until yesterday by Westchester County Executive George Latimer, but Yonkers Was was deleted from on the list today. Every other municipality, from village to town to city was on the list with their respective numbers. If it was a mistake, perhaps there will be a correction tomorrow, if not, then I have no choice but to infer no statistics will again be posted by the County Ecxecutive. — Kindly, Hezi.

  1. For golfers, try walking with your golf bags and use your golfing gloves to pick up the flags. Keep the golf courses open but practice social distancing. Mentally and physically, it is more constructive to keep courses and parks open.

  2. Golf courses in NYC have been closed yet they remain open in Westchester. Since the NYC courses closed, many golfers are flocking to the Westchester courses. This is preventing social distancing as every golf cart has two people sitting side by side practically shoulder to shoulder. In addition, there are flags in the cup on each hole that are being handled by every group of people that play each hole. These are simply not good practices that prevent the spread of the virus. I believe that it’s time to close the golf courses. And I’m a golfer!

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