Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Encourages City of Yonkers to Issue a Moratorium Suspending On-Street Meter Parking Enforcement for Duration of COVID-19 Outbreak, and Retroactively Dismiss Parking Violations

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Hon. Nader J. Sayegh, NYS Assemblyman – District 90.

YONKERS, NY — April 3, 2020 – Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh (D-Yonkers) is encouraging the City of Yonkers and the Yonkers Parking Authority to suspend on-street meter parking enforcement for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The City of Yonkers already makes accommodations for residents who have to park their vehicles overnight under the presumption that they’re home,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “Now more than ever, Yonkers residents are staying home to help flatten the curve. Suspending parking enforcement for the duration of this outbreak is an extension of longstanding courtesy that has always been made to our residents. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do.”

Assemblyman Sayegh noted that many other major cities in New York State have also suspended on-street meter parking enforcement including Syracuse, Rochester, and Albany. Other cities in Westchester that have also suspended their enforcement include New Rochelle and Mount Vernon.

“We’re hearing from constituents who are trying to be responsible citizens and do the right thing but unfortunately being penalized for it,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “One essential worker reached out to my office after they parked in the vicinity of St.Joseph’s Medical Center to get tested for COVID-19, only to return to a parking violation on their windshield. Some things are more important than revenue, this is one of them.”

Assemblyman Sayegh also urged the City of Yonkers to retroactively dismiss tickets which were issued from the beginning of Governor Cuomo’s PAUSE Executive Order on March 20th, 2020.

“During this unprecedented crisis, we should be coming together to do everything in our power to make the lives of all residents easier. In a time of sudden economic insecurity, social isolation, and great anxiety, this is one less concern our residents should have to think about.”


Assemblyman Nader Sayegh is the first Jordanian-American elected to the New York State Legislature. An Assemblyman representing the 90th District of Yonkers, Assemblyman Sayegh is also an attorney and retired educator with over 40 years of experience. Before his election to the New York State Assembly, he served as a Teacher, Adjunct College Professor, School Principal, President of Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees, and President of the New York State Conference of Big Five School Districts.

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SOURCE: Roberto Williams | Director of Communications | Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh, 90th Assembly District



eHeziAssemblyman Nader Sayegh Encourages City of Yonkers to Issue a Moratorium Suspending On-Street Meter Parking Enforcement for Duration of COVID-19 Outbreak, and Retroactively Dismiss Parking Violations

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  1. Speaking of parking-it was good that the City suspended alternate side parking considering the fact that everyone is staying home and can’t move their cars. However, shouldn’t they still be sweeping the streets? It seems to me that the sweepers would still be able to clean up quite a bit. I live near Hawthorne Ave. Riverdale Avenue and Valentine Lane are filthy.

  2. I had to scream out my window the other day at a FAT LOSER PARKING ATTENDANT For writing one of my neighbors a ticket for parking too close to a stop sign. His response was “you’re an a**hole”. Yeah pal. I’m the assignee. He was probably a spano cousin. While I agree this is an absurdity maybe Nader can do more for his constituents. Perhaps like Mike Khader who is working to have our county tax bills postponed……

    Do Nothing Nader. As he always has been. As he always will be.

  3. Please continue ticketing bad actors. We need the revenue. Anthony Merante told me that we are looking at a 10% property tax increase because of this virus. We were out of money before after Spano added 10 additional employees to the budget.

  4. estos hijos de puta me han multado toda la semana, ya es suficiente

    ENGLISH by Hezi via Google translate below…

    These motherf****** have fined me all week long; enough.

  5. We need a moratorium on self serving *******. Hezi won’t post this because he doesn’t allow negative posts about them and his criminal family.

  6. Thanks, it’s the least you can do.
    Now – what about our short supply of ventilators ??? I really don’t think the parking meters suspended needed a article like you did some amazing service that needs a medal during a complete collapse of society. Again, thanks for free parking – but we need you do do more – ALOT MORE!!!!

    1. The President of the United States, with the entire strength of the Federal Government at his disposal, can’t get enough ventilators yet you expect your local Assemblyman to solve this issue?

      Also, this is a real issue to a lot of your neighbors. Maybe you’re rolling in it and haven’t yet lost your job or don’t have to park on the street like many of us do but a $50 parking ticket is not something we can afford or should have to pay for when the government is asking us to stay home! Spano must have forgotten not all of us have cushy jobs at City Hall and drive around with city badges on our windscreens. Strangely enough, not a peep from our local representatives on the City Council on this issue! What a shame, I guess they’re all in on the parking grift as well. Kudos to the Assemblyman for speaking up on this. Maybe he should run for Mayor! He’s clearly more in touch with the people of this city than the current leadership.

    1. Where is a testing site for Yonkers Mr. Sayegh?-your more concerned about suspending the parking meters than you are about the health of the residents of Yonkers-what a *** wipe you are Sayegh.

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