Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Today Announced the Demise of His Mother Jalilah Sayegh from COVID-19 Complications

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“Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free.” (Psalm 118:5). In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. … Amen!

YONKERS, NY — April 11, 2020 –  Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh is saddened to announce that his mother, Jalilah Sayegh passed away Early this Saturday morning, April 11th, at St. John’s Riverside Hospital in Yonkers from complications suspected to have been derived from COVID-19.

“Jalilah was the Matriarch of our family, and was loved and respected by everyone who had the pleasure of knowing her,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “To know her, was to love her. She led our family with grace and unshakeable faith. I will miss her greatly.”

Jalilah Sayegh was born in 1929 in Al-Mafraq, Jordan. She emigrated to the United States in 1957 with her late husband, Jamil M. Sayegh. After his untimely passing in 1965, she raised eight loving and successful children as a widowed mother.

Jalilah Sayegh was also heavily involved in her community, having co-founded the Yonkers Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in 1966.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, The family has not yet made formal funeral or memorial arrangements. A public ceremony to celebrate Jalilah’s life will be arranged at a later date.

“On behalf of the entire Sayegh family, we want to thank everyone for their love and support during this difficult time,” said Assemblyman Sayegh. “Our family has suffered a monumental loss, but we believe that heaven has gained an angel and that we will one day meet again.”


Assemblyman Nader Sayegh is the first Jordanian-American elected to the New York State Legislature. An Assemblyman representing the 90th District of Yonkers, Assemblyman Sayegh is also an attorney and retired educator with over 40 years of experience. Before his election to the New York State Assembly, he served as a Teacher, Adjunct College Professor, School Principal, President of Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees, and President of the New York State Conference of Big Five School Districts.

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SOURCE: Roberto Williams | NYS Assemblyman Nader Sayegh Aide

TribuneAssemblyman Nader Sayegh Today Announced the Demise of His Mother Jalilah Sayegh from COVID-19 Complications

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  1. May She Rest In Peace.
    She was loving wife, mother and grandmother, great grandmother.
    She was loved and respected by everyone in Yonkers and Beyond.
    She will be missed.

  2. Beautifully put Hezi- it is a shame to have one attempt to demean the loss of the Matriarch.

    May her soul Rest In Peace on this beautiful Palm Sunday.

    P.S. Comment slightly changed by Hezi. the demeanor and focus is now appropriately expressed. – Kindly, Hezi

  3. A message from Hezi.

    it has come to my attention that rather than honoring and respecting the life of a known matriarch of a good family, we have instead had comments that offend one family member or another. each family member knows full well what they did and what they shared to comfort a woman who gave all she did to her family, showed no favoritism to one over another, because she did not need to derive honor or adulation from anyone. She knew how she served her family and the larger community in Yonkers that she made her second home. Perhaps this is the legacy only a mother can bestow to those who survive her. there are men who emulate her legacy, but in deference to women, and certainly to the dearly departed, it would be hoped that her balanced demeanor and resolve to serve her family, would be emulated after she has departed. The anguish of her loss should bring disparate hearts and minds to focus on her accomplishments throughout a difficult life, a challenging life.

    each must take away the knowledge that they did what they did when she was among us, teaching us, by examp”e, and by deed. To attempt to even engage in besmirching her legacy with this side show, as if it could eclipse her memory by the backstabbing that has taken place, is to say the least appalling.

    She lived a long life. it seems she maintained the peace while she was among us. that alone is blessing you must learn to cherish. it seems at the present, all that she bequeathed every family member, and they are all capable of recognizing if they are or are not deserving of the legacy that is worth emulating. At a time of such monumental loss, rather that degrade ourselves, it is time to rise to her level of capacity and accomplishment, that no matter a learned degree will not match her wisdom and compassion. let her memory be maintained and exalted in the of each who want to create a pecking order of being better than the other. It was not her way. She could and did see right through every soul that came her way, whether family, or people she would come to know. She cherished her immediate family and filled them with unwavering love. that is her legacy to each of you. let her love replenish your hearts despite her finding her Lord. let her wisdom and compassion guide you now and for all the days are permitted. extend her love and compassion and respect for her and share it. Omg your entire family tree and also let those with whom you interact feel her power through you.

    I did not know her, but I did know my mother. I have sensed the wisdom and compassion of my mother whose life and tragedies could not silence her love and compassion for her family and and beyond. in time you will come to realize that the pain of loss you are recognizing now among your is the pain of not touching her, hugging her, revering her, cherishing every aspect of her being. Stop the bickering. accept your relationship with her, and should you feel you did not do enough, know that she knew the capacity of each of you, but she gave each of you everything she had. Some of you needed more than the other, She knew it and she delivered. She was will us in this world for as long as she could find the strength to give of you her utmost.

    Zit is now your turn to do as much as you can, emulating the template of wisdom, compassion, honesty and relevance that is now your responsibility.

    I wish you all those attributes that I did not recognize in my younger days, but guide me to this day. It seems when we have nothing more to teach “our children” we depart leaving a void that can only be replenished when we do as she would do and did. remember that and you will be at the summit of your potential accomplishment.

    i am in tears sharing this with you as I have never uttered it, or even
    ever shared it with anyone else. I learned perhaps later in life, that the testimony of the woman in my life was to live life and as she did for the betterment of her brood and people in general.

    it is now your task to carry on her gift to you. It is the most glorious gift any person can come to share.

    I wish you that capacity. And I hope my sharing my story will guide you to accept yourselves and to rise above the failings of the past. I wish you strength to do so.



    P.S. I am not going to re-read this. If there are any spelling errors so be it. I don’t think I can mage the pain of this telling to re-read my failings.

    A second P.S. I will not permit any comments under this notice of her demise. And neither will I permit any comments under other subject matter that is unrelated. Let’s leave the family tree intact. ONLY COMMENTS extolling her being will be accepted.

    1. Hezi, God bless you. Such truly heart-felt sentiments, compassion and love for this mother and all mothers deserve no editing. You captured the love!

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