BLUE TRUTH: “YPD Det. William Sullivan, Sr. Died from Coronavirus (COVID-19) Complications”, But That is NOT the Truth

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The Blue Truth

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — April 16, 2020 — YPD Det. Billy Sullivan was a giant of a man, stature and demeanor. He had to know himself very well, because despite his size he was not threatening or intimidating in any way. He was respectful, inviting, honest, and hard-working. Shirking responsibility, no matter how challenging, was not a concept he allowed to undermine his resolve to accomplish that from which others would shrink. He gave no excuses; he always did what he was tasked to do. He came from a family who must have forged an ingrained ethical resolve in every sinew of his being. He conducted his life purposefully, graciously, and quietly; devoid of false bravado. Upon reflection, I suspect he was not even aware that he stood taller than most among whom he stood. He was also honest to a fault, an attribute too infrequently recognized among many who cower in fear. But, no! Not “Sully”.

Officer Down: Yonkers Police Department Det. William Sullivan, Sr. Photo by Brian Harrod, courtesy of Yonkers Newswire.

His maker ripped him from our world during Holy Week. He was pained by a long list of maladies for a long time. Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller and Yonkers Deputy Police Chief Chris Sapienza, despite their feigned “not knowing”, while the entire department did know, if they followed the Center for Disease Control guidelines, as they are required by law, “Sully” may still be with us today. But both chose to not ascribe to the legal conduct demanded of them.

Others in the Yonkers Police Department would ride  “Sully”roughshod, knowing he would not lose his gentlemanly demeanor, despite the crude attempts to intimidate him. He never challenged the hierarchy of sycophants that sensed he could see past their false ploys and subterfuge. “Sully” knew the score. He never berated or diminished those who held a lower rank than he; just as he respected his “superiors” who may have held a higher “title”, but were worth less than the dirt under his nails.

A memorial escort of grand proportion would be cobbled together on Easter Sunday in honor of “Sully” under orders and threat of implied retribution by the debauched and disrespectful Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, and his cohort in “crime” Yonkers Police Benevolent Association President Det. Keith Olson.

Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller disrespectfully dressed in blue jeans and green sneakers (L), Mayor Mike Spano by his side, and NY State Senator Shelley Mayer. Each of those in attendance stood shoulder to shoulder breaking the request to abide by a 6 feet minimum distancing protocol. Yonkers will soon learn how many of those may have succumbed to be infected during Holy Week because P.C. Mueller did not respect himself and demanded others disregard the distancing protocol.

While the men and women in “Blue” attended the last tribute to “Sully” at the 4th Precinct dressed in their blue uniforms emblazoned with gold colored stitching, accompanied by others in suits and ties, the lowest of the low among the YPD was none other than Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller who showed up in blue jeans, a jacket that must have been borrowed from someone thrice his girth, and green sneakers perfect for a man green with envy of the man he knowingly sent to his death.

Closeup of Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano, and New York State Senator Shelley Mayer(L-R).

“Sully” had many years of earned seniority. He was also a one-time Trustee of the Yonkers Police Benevolent Association. But “Sully” became persona non grata because P.C. Mueller realized that “Sully” could read him as would a child smitten by a fairy tale. Once PBA Pres. Det. Olson came to know of his BFF (best friend forever) Mueller bearing a grudge against “Sully”, despite the fact that “Sully” sought Olson’s assistance to not be assigned to the “coronavirus” street detail unit, Olson informed “Sully” that he could not run interference on “Sully’s” behalf because Mueller was in charge. The temerity of Olson to dismiss “Sully” with such insolence, devoid of compassion, because for Olson, his rotund world revolves around him gaining more power, so he scoffs at the law and protocol, despite knowing, or should be knowledgable of the law. Then again, these two are at the top of the YPD heap.

Olson and Mueller were well aware that “Sully” suffered from heart disease, Diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and overweight concerns. “Sully” was susceptible to the predatory capacity of the coronavirus. “Sully” was caught by coronavirus and became another one of its victims. I would suspect that when “Sully” was advised by Olson that he could not / would not intercede upon his behalf with Mueller, it was as debilitating as being hit in the solar plexus, toppled by the pain, and their “I don’t give a damn” insolence. “Sully” was betrayed by his associates in the most heinous manner. Mueller and Olson had to know that sending “Sully” to the streets would in no time have him succumb to the coronavirus. “Sully’s” epitaph was written long before he died.

Since his death, Mayor Mike Spano spoke reverentially about the days when he and “Sully” attended school together. They were school chums. Yet even before “Sully’s” demise, Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano remained silent. To be fair, perhaps Mayor Spano, was neither informed by P.C. Mueller, nor PBA Pres. Det. Olson, that they were placing “Sully” on his last march before his maker would salvage him from the humiliation he suffered from the likes of Mueller and Olson. How could Mayor Mike Spano be so blinded to their causing “Sully’s” anguish from their self-serving power grab over Mayor Spano’s 8-plus years in office, and unashamedly allowed to hurt one of his own men in Blue to his last days?

It is outrageous that the likes of Yonkers PBA Pres. Keith Olson and YPD P.C. John Mueller are permitted to run roughshod over the women and men in Blue. While their tandem approach to raise and elevate their future prospects are evident, the fact that Mayor Mike Spano’s Administration remains silent to their undermining “power grabs” is certain to eviscerate Mike Spano’s legacy in Yonkers and thwart any aspirations he may harbor for elected office in another capacity. Mayor Spano may in fact tarnish and diminish the “Spano” name from his own progeny’s future consideration. Sooner rather than later Mayor Mike Spano’s capacity to govern in a forthright manner will be undermined by the men he has permitted to “run the show”.

Lest anyone misconstrue anything written herein, recognize that the highest echelon of the City of Yonkers’ governing bodies permitted Yonkers Police Department, Yonkers Fire Department, and Emergency Medical Services to go to work without Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) as was required for the job the were engaged.  The Office of Emergency Management never procured the necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) to arm first responders with the most prudent and efficacious best practice constructs presently known to science as the fight continues to undermine and subdue the capacity of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Even so, Director Michael Mosiello of the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management never procured the equipment to protect all of Yonkers First Responders, yet the ’Friends and Family’ sycophant is still employed, many suggest so he can get a 20-years pension despite his not performing to safeguard Yonkers First Responders. One must wonder what happened to the budget allocated OEM all these years. It seems the OEM coffers are bare. It seems a propitious time for Director Mosiello to ask for a donation from his father, the former New York State Assemblyman Jewelry Store owner for a donation. When the jewelry store was failing, they dumped Michael Mosiello on the City of Hills where less and less is on the level.

P. C. John Mueller, and PBA Pres. Det. Keith Olson may delude themselves to believe they would be able to wash their hands with soap and water, or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer yet their woe is similar to Act 5, Scene 1 of Shakespeare’s tragic play, ‘Macbeth.’ William Shakespeare had sometime in the first decade of the 16th Century written the play about a Scottish lord, Macbeth, and his ambitious wife, Lady Macbeth, analogous to the tag team Mueller and Olson. The main plot centers around their intense desire for power and how far they are willing to go to attain this power as does the present telling of the power hungry Mueller and Olson

The ‘Out, damned spot’ speech occurs in Act 5, Scene 1 of Macbeth and reveals Lady Macbeth’s subconscious feelings and goes to illustrate some of the themes, motifs, and symbols of the play as it describes the play now being acted out in the 21sr Century to a tee. In the Shakespearean scene, we find Lady Macbeth sleepwalking through the castle, hallucinating and rubbing her hands together as if she is washing them.

She says: Out, damned spot! Out, I say! – One: two: why, then, ’tis time to do’t. – Hell is murky! – Fie, my lord, fie! a soldier, and afeard? What need we fear who knows it, when none can call our power to account? – Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him?

YPD NOT Abiding by CDC Guidelines Became “Sully’s” Death Sentence

On April 9th, the Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants Association (C.L.S.A.) membership received the following email. That email was intercepted by the Yonkers Tribune. The email distributed below attests that all members of the CLSA were aware of the CDC guidelines as attested by the poster above that is dated April 3rd, but that the Yonkers Police Commissioner did not follow CDC directives and one man has paid for their arrogance with his life. “Sorry” doesn’t cut it. City Hall should expect a lawsuit sooner than later!

On April 9th, in an attempt to cover their *ass, the CLSA membership received the following notice: “Hello all, as most if not all of you are aware, Det. William Sullivan has been admitted into the ICU as a result of complications due to the Coronavirus. From what I understand, Sully has underlying medical conditions and should have been placed off duty due to CDC guidelines. (See link below}. If you are in the high risk category, please notify your supervisor or Medical Control for further instructions.

“Please be safe and keep Sully in your prayers.” *

* This guidance should have been issued to all first responders from the moment Coronavirus (COVID-19) was recognized to be deadly. Another department in the City of Yonkers that dropped the ball, this time it was Yonkers Medical Control. Death was invited into our collective ranks by their individual and collective ignorance and non-caring demeanor. They have each proven their incompetence and yet they continue to be permitted the station and responsibility to which they are not equipped which has been proven to be  detrimental to the women and men in Blue and likewise to the residents of the City of Yonkers.

# # #

The Catalysts that Continue to Undermine and Suffocate Yonkersites and the Conduct of the City of Yonkers Are Too Many

NOT KNOWING claims, feigned ignorance, lack of compassion, are some of the ingredients denying culpability that have thrived and evolved in a deleterious manner in the City of Yonkers for too many years, likely since the 1950’s. Yet more than anything else, budget concerns are driving the outcomes epitomized by “Sully’s” demise. It was cruel, yet avoidable.

Many lives have been effected and lost to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic? The last similar pandemic took place over 100 years ago, it was called the Spanish Flu in those days, given that name for having first been diagnosed by Spanish doctors. Many communities were clearly caught flat-footed by the invisible capacity of the pandemic.

The cast of the show “Hogan’s Heroes”. (L-R): Fraulein Helga, Colonel Hogan, Commandant Klink, Sergeant Schultz, Sergeant Kinchloe, Corporal LeBeau, and Corporal Newkirk. Sergeant Carter is absent from the image

Yonkers, a struggling city in so many ways long before this pandemic seems to have a propensity to finding an alternate “solution” that runs contrary to “best practices”, and is known as the “ Yonkers Way”. Toward that end, I remembered a 1960’s tv sitcom that reminded me of  Mayor Mike Spano. The sitcom was Hogan’s Heroes. One of the characters was that of Sergeant Hans Schultz, played by John Banner, although clumsy and inept, he was an extremely affable man. The tv sitcom is set in a prisoners of war (POW) camp in 1942. Some of the best comedic lines expressed by Sgt. Schultz were, “I know nahsing (nothing), I see nahsing. It was an attempt at making the word sound German which it is not. “Klum” and “garnichts” are two German words for nothing. How the contrivance of  “nahsing” came about is beyond me, but funny anyway. What is most interesting about the Sgt. Schultz character is that he does know the score, he is simply attempting to survive the largesse of the prisoners who bribe him with chocolates and jams, and his responsibilities to his camp Kommandant Colonel Wilhelm Klink. Mayor Mike Spano cannot hide even if he “does not know the score”. He has set the tone and facilitates the debauchery that he permits while at the helm in the City of Yonkers. It would be wise to put an end to this calamity.

Those at the helm in Yonkers had a hand in bringing about much that cannot be celebrated. That was then. Now, with 8 years under his belt, the legacy of corruption in Yonkers continues unabated. Yonkers has become a marriage of political hacks and dirty union officials. Yonkers PBA President Det. Olson can just about do everything and anything from targeting civilians and their families to targeting Yonkers Police Officers with false allegations, corroborate internal incidents with a flagrant disregard to the United States Constitution with the help of politicians. Some of these acts have been uncovered and spoken about but the power of lobbying cash from the Yonkers PBA, and the Yonkers CLSA have thus far kept the Spano table setting intact.

After some 15 plus years of one of the most controversial PBA President in the history of the Yonkers Police Department, Olson struggled, pushed, and bought a Yonkers Police Commissioner spot for a person as clueless and inept as John Mueller who seems to be struggling with himself. Mueller lacks the right stuff: he wallows in exacting his wrath because of a presumed slight by others of him; he camouflages his lack of leadership capacity, by instituting one failed solution after another, and he has pushed the women and men in Blue to fear him, rather than respect him. None of those aspects of his demeanor endear him to the YPD rank and file, and even his photo-ops are no longer as effective as in they once were with Yonkersites.

It is important to recognize that Mueller does not possess “the right stuff”. He didn’t have “the right stuff” when the pandemic reared its wrath. If he had “the right stuff”, many who have and will continue to die could have lived.  The lack of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s) should have been within his sights. yet he was blind to the YPD’s lack of responsiveness. CompStat is no longer used. Mueller trashed it in order to cut costs, instead, it will be proven that without CompStat crime will rise. Just because the YPD Communications Office is not permitted to inform Yonkersites about all police issues that take place, the semblance of safety and order may be a plausible takeaway for some, but even plausible circumstances cannot quell the crime rates that have exploded since first officially advised by WCDA Anthony Scarpino, Jr., who on March 5, 2020 informed radio listeners that the crime rate had increased by 39 percent. I shudder to contemplate what it is today, likely hovering near the 50 percentile, possibly more.

John and Laurie Wiles, the Driving Me Crazy Duo, Review the 2020 Land Rover Range Rover Sport Hybrid – P400e HSE, Gabrielle M. Etzel, The Unvarnished Blog Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr., Westchester County District Attorney, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large, on Westchester On the Level – Thursday, March 5, 2020 @10am ET

Yonkers political elite continue to turn a blind eye to what is taking place under their watch. They dismiss and ignore allegations and incidents they are aware of, but look elsewhere as political cash, and double agent community activist patrol their “world” quick to snitch on the unsuspecting “friends” and colleagues. The game is played to gain a leg up for a job for a family member. You have to pay one way or another to play in Yonkers. The place where the most evolved, yet camouflaged Quid Pro Quo dynamic is recognized every day.

# # #

Putting aside that John Mueller and Keith Olson have been and currently are in legal lawsuits are one of those flags that any other normal municipality would have been reluctant to confirm such men because even though Mueller qualified on paper, he does not qualify as a competent leader. In Mueller’s case, he inculcates  the untrustworthy misinformation his drinking best friend forever buddy Keith Olson to help shape his outlandish impulsive handling of the day to day operations of the Yonkers Police Department.

Sadly, William Sullivan Sr. did what every other cop would have done. He put on his uniform after sources report that Mueller told “Sully” that he was cutting off available legitimate overtime in the office of the Intelligence Unit where he so proudly served. Sullivan like so many other police officers across the United States was gearing up to retire from a police department and city that failed him.

Mueller has been on a roll terminating Police Officers at a feverish pace. He has axed Police Officers who have suffered injury in the job for various reasons. Despite the legitimacy of their individual and collective claims, we presume Olson made a deal with the devil to reduce the budget that was out of wack because even though P.C. Mueller now wants overtime to be reduced to no more than 20 hours when necessary, and not be a pension padding scheme. Yet Mueller chose to make sure he could continue the scam. As Police Chief, Mueller had the capacity to decide who would or would not get OT. John Mueller’s brother Michael Mueller’s  last paycheck showed he earned 59 hours over the last two week of his employment. Now that John Mueller is the Police Commissioner he wants to reduce the pension bloating scale he embellished to the benefit of the  “friends and family” network.

Olson and Mueller somehow recently convinced Police Officers to work a 12 hours shift each over two day’s time and yet they would be paid 40 hours straight pay for those 24 hours. On the sly however, should there be a need in the Narcotics Unit, for example, the P.O. finishing  his/her 12 hour shift would be permitted to work another two hours or three hours or 4 hours at time-and-a-half pay. This concept, another wacko concept by Mueller is unsustainable and will be proven so over time. Beside the money issue, this sort of gimmickry will breed internal corruption, low morale, already clearly evident, and put citizens and officers in danger.

Mueller’s fetish and obsession to cut and adhere to saving on overtime seems to have forced “Sully” to put on his uniform despite the fact that CDC Guidelines would have forbidden him to be assigned to the streets because of his physical condition. Under Mueller’s chain of command he should have known the governance demanded of the YPD by the CDC. Yonkers P.C. Mueller should have known the CDC regulations, but even if he should protest not knowing, ignorance is not an excuse.

P.C. Mueller’s directives have eviscerated patrol cars throughout the the city. Not even One in Getty Square.

P.C. Mueller and PBA Pres. Olson are failing the rank and file and undermining the City of Yonkers.

The fact that crime statistics are not released on a daily basis does not reduce the unreported crimes that occur, even though they still take place, Yonkers Police Communications Department maintains its silence.

Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller Will Be On Facebook Live Thursday, April 16th at 8:30pm Regarding YPD’s Response to COVID-19 and MORE

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: “YPD Det. William Sullivan, Sr. Died from Coronavirus (COVID-19) Complications”, But That is NOT the Truth

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  1. Bottom line is that John the Joker , choke chain Moran and Keith Olson targeted and harassed many other members of the YPD intentionally. The story is big, real, and no doubt will be made public to protect others.

  2. I did not know the Det, who passed, but I know enough about the CoY, KO, and Mueller. KO is a bully and a scumbag, who is useless as a PBA President to any of the cops that are not on his favored list. I understand the back and forth about his and Mueller’s involvement in Sullivan’s death, but I don’t think enough attention is being paid to the lack of direction the OEM has, and why the CoY Police were not given the proper PPE. I do not know the procedure to review the performance of one of the Mayor’s appointees, but I believe this is as good a reason for the city to do just that, as any. Each time I drive up or down Saw Mill River Road, since the beginning of the pandemic, I marvel at the fact that the OEM appears to not have too much going on. Does this bother anyone as much as it does me? It is time to remove many of the Mayor’s no-show favor jobs and either find someone capable for the job, or get rid of the position altogether.

    1. Well said, and it is time for All Yonkers residents to hold these people accountable for a man who showed up to work because he feared retribution. Mike Spano put an incompetent fool in charge of a Police Department that clearly needs oversight.

    2. Yonkers is a laughingstock the head of OEM has no qualifications for the position. Spano gets discounts from the jewelry store for his goomah. Jewelry store closed so number 2 son will be getting job soon.

  3. KO what is not true? Chris T told it straight. What’s the matter KO can’t attack Chris from the rear or write lies against him or send him text messages asking him to meet you outside of Yonkers? Certainly You won’t be attacking Rob anymore anytime soon. Maybe Gardner will give the courts a good word for you and your lap buddy. We don’t think so.

    1. Either way Mike Spano, a Police Detective lost his life unnecessarily and showed up to work 12 hour tours because he feared retribution of being denied an opportunity for overtime in the future and in the interim of Mueller’s ineptness which is clear by looking at these internal messages many members senior veterans were not informed of the CDC guidelines until most had already worked.. The Yonkers Police Department and the Yonkers PBA failed him. It is no secret that Sullivan went to Olson for help. The rest of what happen is here in the article. People know because unlike the outright lies that sit on Olson’s tongue, Sully spoke to real colleagues before he succumbed to the virus. Thank you Sully for being a man of principle who was well aware of who Olson was. Yonkers PD needs an overhaul and an internal probe from an outside agency.

  4. Funny how KO and John Mueller claim that everything is a lie but it was Keith Olson himself that felt the need to send a letter to the DOJ explaining his side of what had happen and of course lying to them about how he assaulted another member of the department. You see when you’re a thug bully your whole life you act like an animal and lash out at your victims when he or she is not looking. Then you start to make calls to explain a bunch of lies as to what actually happened. Probably one of those calls is to Nick Spano to make sure the lobbying cash protects his bullsh*t story. That is why this mutt has continued to go after other supervisors. Hopefully these people will ban together to tell the story when the time comes.

  5. Yonkers PD needs another Police Commissioner. Mike Spano you gave that fool a try and the first thing he did was go after people he didn’t like or get along with. Then the inexperienced fool transfers a Communication Captain in the middle of a Pandemic. Then he puts everyone in uniform to save the city cash. Obviously this is what happens when you really never handled a job. Perhap the Mayor should offer Mueller the directorship of City Celebrations. This way he can throw more beer festivals.

  6. This is what you get when you have two thugs attempting to run a police department. 12 hours tours and putting senior veterans on the road with no physical examinations. Then Olson tells Sully there is nothing he can do about his inside overtime. Now where is that broken down voting box so I can vote this fat bastard out. Too bad the new guys are scared of being targeted.
    Anyone that threatens others should not be in charge of anything. Wake up Mike Spano . Keep your pizza job too

    1. Just saw the large Union misinformation thug on the waterfront. He was on the phone with Froggy whispering sweet nothing.

    2. I know where you can purchase an extra set of the same ballots and I know a chimp that can pick the 99 cent lock too. Isn’t that right stuffy!!

  7. Isn’t it funny how this shit doesn’t go on in the Fire Department? I guess it’s because Barry is a class act and wouldn’t put up with crap like this.

    1. Your right this stuff doesn’t go on in other departments because you have good damn union leadership that doesn’t set up their members or their friends. Most importantly they negotiate on behalf of their membership. Remember this you other union members, Keith Olson promised everything and anything to the Mayor to make Mueller. So that means your on your on. If you smell cheese that means Olson just cut another deal with the Spano’s.

    2. Barry is a true professional unlike that street thug Olson who thought he could get away with his dirty deeds. The story needed to be told to protect others.

    3. Anyone see the real Froggy? Seems like Olson made him take his opinion down. Tisk tisk….. It is 10 pm do you know where your bullies are? Call the Yonkers PBA for more info

  8. Don’t know much about what goes on in the YPD these days but don’t know where Lt. McElroen gets off commenting on anything. I remember him well and he couldn’t make a pimple on a good cops ass. Was a terrible cop and worse supervisor. I did know Bill Sullivan and he was a great man and cop and may he Rest In Peace.

    1. Amen. If Lt. Larry wants to meet just tell me the time and place. Just not in the woods, that’s for a fat lying union rat cheese eater. Lt. Larry sounds like a cheerleader for the rat squad. Maybe KO bribed him with some union cash being Lt. Larry left town with only base pay. Go get your shine box Larry.

    2. Listen Larry you been away for a very long time. Signing your name doesn’t make you a tough guy. We know plenty of high ranking bosses that got fk with just because they thought differently and spoke out. Some were assaulted, dragged in to IAD and set up with colluded supervisory reports. Certain cops are promoted because they targeted civilians that were not liked by Mueller or Olson. Olson himself targeted a family besides threatening him with bodily harm.

      So you’re wrong to come into this Pandemic of a Police Department late in the game.

      Again signing your name does nothing but have more personnel targeted with retribution. You should be asking or calling for an external investigation into why files were missing and read, why the narcotics office was broken into, why others were threatened and assaulted, why they were dragged down to IAD, why civilians were threatened and ticketed and many more events yet to be told by many.

      What you really don’t know is that this story is true like all that has been written. So stay in your lane and sign your name out of it.

      1. Lt. McElroen you were the biggest coward on the job. You made Sgt. Early and Lt. early in your career. If you think you were such a great cop how come you didn’t make Capt. and tell everyone how many felony arrests you made. O.

  9. To the person: “No more tax increases…”, your letter is spot on. Yes-org charts, job descriptions, and justifications absolutely need to be demanded. The only problem is, the last people on earth who will demand these is the City Council. Look at who’s on it. Rubbo and Isaacs got jobs for relatives in exchange for licking Spano’s shoes. Sabatino got jobs for himself and his husband. Williams, who is as dumb as wood, will do anything they tell her to do. Don’t even get me started on Isaacs. And Merante was Mr. Fiscal Conservative/experienced accountant who was going to fix the books. What was the first thing he did? Voted for that massive tax increase so no lazy and entitled relatives would lose their jobs. If anyone is going to demand some accountability from these low-lifes that run Yonkers, it won’t be them.

    1. No haters just seeking Justice. Maybe these fools will target your families. The public needed to know what actually happened.

  10. Hasn’t this shit been going on for 7 years now. WTF?!
    Sounds like you hateful motherfuckers have your own skeletons to deal with.
    We have Pedos, And Drug dealers out there.
    Grab your flying monkeys and crawl back into your caves. Bunch of sick hateful MoFo’s
    God Rest Det. Sullivan good man.

  11. Hey Larry, maybe that low life Olson got a peek into your personnel file and made copies too. You were President of the CLSA how about if he stood up at his meeting and offered copies of your file for all to read. Don’t recognize that in any Police Department…. well this is who Olson and Mueller are

    1. Feel free to publish it. Own your opinion. Put your name up or be another nameless coward on this thread.

      Larry McElroen (YPD Lt. Rey. )

    2. Fuck Larry, he deserves a slap in the face. Fucking idiot sucking Muellers and KO wrinkly sacks. Gtfoh Larry before I lose patience with your dumb ass. You got one foot in the grave and one in Muellers and KO pocket.

  12. Rest In Peace Detective William Sullivan. Your memory and legacy will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service. God bless you and may the Lord comfort your family.

    1. Yes, William Sullivan deserved better from a job that once was all blue. His legacy of honesty, kindness and his willingness to help all those in need will forever be remembered. I said a pray for you Bill and you were much bigger than those who failed you. You carried that uniform to the end. God bless you and your family.

  13. When there is no accountability and no justice you get a fkin dirty Police Department with drug sellers, liars, and thugs like that fat slob that calls himself a PBA prez but has been fking his membership for years to make a total incompetent nut job like John the Joker Mueller P.C. A bunch of zeros. So which part is not true Keith Olson? Please be detailed!

  14. Surprise Larry, your so right about one thing, colleagues DO NOT do things like this. But given the internal corrupt environment and given the cover up of such misconduct aim at other police personnel, former police personnel, and civilians which by the way included the targeting of their families things need to be said about a handful of those responsible for such conduct. Since you chose to read this article do you really think that no one knew how Sullivan was feeling? You been away from the game for a while and yes under the Spano regime the Yonkers Police Department has hit rock bottom with internal police misconduct with no internal accountability. Only in Yonkers can a police officer assault, harass use narcotics and lie on others and get full pay plus overtime.
    So Larry, do you really thing a Department like that really went out of their way to help a dam good man like Sullivan who had did nothing but help other cops and their families throughout his career? Maybe you need to ask around. Even Froggy knew he was not in good health. One more thing, God Bless Sullivan who was much bigger than the Department who failed him.

  15. KO can’t bully Natalie either. She sure is an independent thinker and no PBA minion. Also a nice shout out to Chris T. another stand up cop who always called out the injustices. KO probably read and copy your personnel files too.

    1. Yeah, one of those frogs doesn’t want to get attacked from the rear by Butch the Bully Keith Olson. Will the real Froggy please leap forward.

      1. Time has changed under these Olsonettes. They are a bunch of street rats. Mueller and Olson do a lot of planning before they attack their own.

  16. Throughout all the years of us residents hearing the same tired song about annual fiscal woes facing Yonkers (i.e., school underfunding, tax certioraries), you’ll notice one thing-there’s never any layoffs. That’s because God forbid this mayor EVER laid off one relative or jerk-off political hack that got hired for whatever ridiculous favor or payback was involved. I seem to recall in 2011 candidate Mike Spano promising “to cut City payroll, and stop the nepotism and patronage”. Anybody else remember this? This administration is the most self serving bunch of slobs I have ever seen. What a disgrace.

    1. No more tax increases, I’m done with Yonkers waste. Layoffs this year must happen to balance the budget. Homeowners want zero tax increase. Get rid of all the overpaid patronage positions in City Hall and at BOE. Ask for org charts, job descriptions, justifications and determine what is non-essential and eliminate! City Council you must demand it! Do your jobs and protect your constituents!

  17. KO really took care of his Sergeant of Arms. Oh that is right, Billy quit because he wanted no part of setting other members up and that my fat punching friend is not the lies you told Froggy.

    1. Surprise. I have lots of opinions.

      This article is a disgrace to the memory of Bill. I think that a publisher who puts up crap la
      Ike this is well, really sub-standard journalist. I respect his right to publish. I just don’t respect his opinion.

      Likewise, anyone who was a colleague of Bill should be ashamed that they would use this particular story as a means to express their dissatisfaction with COY / YPD. Bill’s memory deserves better. Colleagues don’t do this to each other. You know Bill’s family sees this, right?

      Larry McElroen (YPD Lt. Ret. )

      1. Hey Larry, you seem to have an awful lot to say now. Too bad you didn’t speak up back in 1991 when your Yonkers cops visciously beat seven Irish immigrants at Coach N Four, calling them Irish drunkards. Now go back to settling escrow accounts.

      2. Fuck you Larry. Sully was a great man. This is to expose not one rat but quite a few. Starting with that joker John Mueller. Did you know he was cutting Sully off of overtime because he didn’t like him? Demanding he retire. That’s because even though Billy was a nice person he didn’t respect Muellers shitty supervisory skills or his scum bag ways of fucking people & getting away with it. Let’s get to KO. He’s another rat bum. His super sized ass vacated the PBA office over a month ago knowing damn well this virus would kill his diabetic 600 pound ass if he just sniffed it. These two bums aren’t the only ones to blame but they were most complicit in this 12 hour tour nonsense. Mueller & KO are best buds trying to save a dollar on the backs of the hard working men & women of the job. They are a total disgrace. I’d love to see that fat fuck KO put on a uniform & squeeze his dimpled ass into a radio car for 12 hours. His cankles couldn’t take it. This is their legacy. The blue truth, the laughing stocks of the YPD. Go fuck yourselves you’ve cost a great man his life but karma is a mother fucker.

  18. With all this talk of a Pandemic never seen before some hairless fool transfers a well respected Captain ALL because he questions how will they be compensated for being force to go to 12 hours tours. Where is the comments or Justice for that boys

  19. I’m sorry, but the elephant in the room (aside from BIG KEITH) is salaries. Of course, corruption, thug union bosses and nepotism create a situation in which someone like Mosiello, with absolutely zero qualifications, can be appointed to a position such as OEM Director, but the simple fact of the matter is that Yonkers doesn’t have the requisite PPE (or much else for that matter) because Yonkers is broke. And one of the main reasons Yonkers, with its billion-dollar budget, is broke is because of public worker salaries and pensions.

    Sullivan sounds like he was a solid, stand-up guy, but he also made $232,00/year. Mueller makes $239,000/year. Sapienza makes almost $177,000/year. YPS Quezada makes $279,000/year. And so on. That’s a cool million for just four guys on the Yonkers gravy train. #sustainability

    Now, I’m not an accountant like Merrante, but when I see these types of salaries I ask myself: if Yonkers can pay tens and probably hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries and pensions each year, then why can’t the city have sufficient stockpile of .50cent masks? Or latex gloves? Or a Covid testing center for residents? Or why doesn’t the OEM have a fund for, you know, EMERGENCIES, which is, you know, you know, THE FUCKING POINT OF THE OFFICE (which is, um, you know, to PLAN FOR EMERGENCIES). You see what I just did there?

    And I’m not as sharp as some of our betters on the City Council, but I ask myself: am I getting my money’s worth as a taxpayer? And I don’t think I am. Call me crazy, but funding the drug habits of dirty cops in the 3rd or the drinking habits of the Mayor’s Communications team is not where I want my money going. Nor do I want it going to someone with remedial English making six figures because his last name is Spano (waving at you, DJ Santo Panza and Vinny).

    So, you see, I don’t mind when Hezi exposes this kind of stuff (good work, Hezi). For weeks, Spano was telling us that the pandemic was nothing but a bad case of the flu, which means that he’s either extremely stupid or extremely callous (or both). So excuse me for not drinking the Kool-Aid when Spano cries his crocodile tears about his childhood friend Sully and all the good times they had together. With all of the information about this pandemic at his disposal, good friend Spano should have been telling his good friend Sully to #StaytheFuckHome since Sully had a laundry list of comorbidities (I stole that word from Dr Rabadi – another smart Yonkers cookie). But Spano didn’t, which means that he didn’t give a shit about his good friend’s health. Nor did YPD.

    I tell you, though, if this big guy were my family member, I’d have a lawsuit pending against the CoY ASAP.

    And a parting word to the wise: Yonkers homeowners – your taxes are going #AlltheWayUp. The City is even more desperate to feed its salary-pension addiction due to this pandemic. The NYS gravy train has stopped dead in its tracks. And guess who the Yonkers taxman is coming after? You got it. Time to cut your losses and sell, even if it’s a buyer’s market.

    Now get out those pots and pans.

    #GenerationYonkers #We’reAllinThisTogether

    1. You hit the nail on the head -why does Yonkers pay a former mayor $90,000 per year for a no-show job-at the 2019 budget hearing Khader noticed it and pointed it out but that is as far as it went-these council people don’t wont to rock the boat because then their gravy train might be over-Spano hires Pineda-Issacs sister to work in his office for what amounts to another patronage job at $46,000 per year and the list goes on and on-the problem is that some of the unions are big cash cows for the elected officials -the unions if you challenge them will they trot out the worn out line”walk in our shoes” “we put our lives on the line everyday” and so do many other lines of work. The qualifications to get elected in Yonkers are no education, never really had a real job, I am a Community Activist fighting for the tenants in my building and beholden to the unions . These problems also extends to the Westchester County elected officials-Pineda-Issacs has a job in White Plains because she fits fits the bill for diversity which translats into racial and identity politics, Tubiolo’s mother has a patronage job in the County BOE, so does Gerry Esposito’s daughters, the Yonkers DPW Commissioner son also has a patronage job in the county BOE-all these local, county and state elected officials all have mastered the art of lying to the public with a straight and fault is with the voters who should know about this but vote for them anyway-voters you reap what you sow.

      1. What does this have to do with the loss of Bill Sullivan? Go to a council meeting and complain publicly instead of behind an anonymous post. File an ethics complaint. Do something constructive instead of just disrespecting the memory of Bill by posting here. Step up. Own your opinion. Put your name up or just be the coward that you seem to be.

          1. Nice try. We’ll stay anonymous and keep exposing assholes. This is what you get when you fuck all but the few that suck on your little twigs. The joker is what you are, a joke. KO is a loser whose mattress is stuffed with the PBA cash. Now run along rats and go to your sewers before daylight comes.

    2. Get ready for another friends and family appointment, papa MOUSIELLO is going to need a job for his other son. With the pandemic the failing jewelry store might never open again. Maybe Mikey can make him the surgeon general.

  20. Wow. Cowards all who comment anonymously. Obnoxious that Sullivan’s death is used in this way by what, in my opinion, is a rag of a periodical.

    Larry McElroen (Lt. Ret)

      1. Feel free to look it up. It’s public information. I took my base salary as pension and exited; another coward who does not put their name to their comment.

        Larry McElroen (Lt. Ret.)

        1. Larry retired back when Yonkers used horse and buggies. Gtfoh Larry and while you’re at it kiss Jokers and the fat mans asses!

      1. Lt. Larry to show you what a coward I am if I ever run into you I will slap you silly and make you cry like the bitch that you are.

    1. Sumf is a good man. What the fuck do you mean how did he get involved in this? How the fuck did you get involved in this whoever you are? Must be a Mueller/KO ass wart. Get lost prick!

  21. B.O.L.O. for the answer that Mueller refused to address tonight. Anyone that comes across it will get written up on false charges and receive a couple of parking tickets from none other than that sloppy stinking carpetbagger Keith “ someone move my cheese” Olson. Froggy don’t worry we legally protect your First Amendment.

  22. John the Joker Mueller is looking for anyone like Keith Olson to refute any questions he gets concerning the CDC.
    He promises 4o hours a check, an aid spot, and a trip to Disney as soon as the Pandemic is over. But you must swear to tell lies and sign when he tells you. Now go have a good time. He may even tell you that you look good so long as you don’t tell anyone.

  23. KO you really need help for your anger. It really is a shame what you and Mueller did to others that wear blue. Keith Olson and John Mueller can’t hide the “Truth “ any more. Shelia can’t lie for you either. Mine your business if your late in the game. That is just an opinion.

  24. Couldn’t they have found a better spot for senior cops that paid their dues? They have all these brand new Detectives with five years on the job. Mueller must be removed by Mayor Spano.

    1. Sometimes the saying “people who live in glass houses should not throw stones “is just so damn true!!…always i keep my ear to ground and it turns out this sheila girl who wanted to challenge my question below all while she has been placed off duty by ypd for obesity during this corona shit..are u fucking kidding me?…..your fat ass got the nerve to chirp up on here defending ypd and the union while safe at home?…gtfo… and when unfortunately billy never had that option to be placed off duty….the hypocrisy of ypd/union is running rampant.

      This Facebook post above is the best. Union ass kissing at its finest. CJ Bunker you hit the nail on the head. You’ll see when this fatso comes back to work it will be in the Jokers office. Sheila will be issued a pair of knee pads and will have built in overtime.

  25. This article is shameful and disgusting. I wish I could say I am even slightly surprised that you, Hezy, would write, very poorly may I add, such a disgraceful piece. The accusations you made against both the Police Commissioner and Mayor Spano are extremely distasteful. You are implying that these men were malicious in their decisions leading up to last weeks tragedy when in reality, the loss of Sully is just that, a tragic and horrific loss. I pray for Sully and that he may Rest In peace and pray God grants his family, friends and brothers in blue the strength they need to get through this difficult time. I also pray for you Hezy, that God grants you the help you so terribly need. The articles you post are 99% of the time deceitful and heinous, this is not journalism, it is the poorest excuse for journalism I have ever seen in my entire life. Only someone with darkness and evil in his heart can be capable of taking a tragedy like the death of Sully and turn it into a blatant slander of the Yonkers Government and Police Department. Mayor Spano shedding light to the fact that he and Sully have been the best of friends since grade school was a kind gesture to allow friends and family in Yonkers to see beyond their roles as Mayor and Detective, you took that moment and tarnished it in this so called article, making a mockery of their relationship and therefore losing any credibility you even had left. I hope you can recognize how despicable of a person you are for this article as well as this entire pitiful webpage. I will no longer participate in this site and can only pray you grow from this.

    1. Nice attempt to distort the truth but the articles posted are certainly not distorted or deceitful. So play your banjos while your walking away. You missed the whole show. You really should ask around before you embarrass yourself with your lack of knowledge about what had occurred within the Yonkers PD. What plant are you on bright one?

    2. Listen many of the residents are sick and tired of your ilk plundering the coffers and then heading north or south when they retire-many not but all have been nothing more than empty suits and con artists during their years and all they looked to do was get everything on the “ARM”

    3. This article in no way disrespects Sully or the Yonkers PD jackass. It exposes two rats and the people that idly stand by and watch these 2 assholes, Mueller & KO ruin a great job. Their thirst for power cost a good man his life.

      1. You sound so ignorant. Clearly you’re not intelligent enough to recognize it or maybe you’re just too naive, in which case, I am sorry. I won’t consider this an article, but rather, these words by a disgusting excuse for a human being, are extremely disrespectful to Sully and the entire Yonkers PD! Sully respected his shield, his brothers in blue, his superiors and his city, to slander them is to slander him. This is shameful, a man of Sully’s integrity would never act dishonorably, and these words are doing just that. So please, do not be fooled into thinking this so called journalism is doing Sully any justice. COVID-19 has taken so many lives and the only lesson to take from this is to be better to one another because life is very short, take care of ourselves and stay healthy so we can fight this. Ignorant people like yourself only make things worse in a world that already needs all the help it can get. If you have a problem with the way Yonkers PD and the City is ran, get out from behind your screen and run for office or do something productive with your time. If you think those with authority are lacking the proper skills, stop talking the talk like a coward. Otherwise, keep your damn mouth shut, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  26. So much for getting an Un-Bias “Open Government” interview with Police Commissioner Muller. Every time posted on Facebook, asking to pose the question to the Commissioner about the Det. Sullivan situation, someone kept deleting the posts and those questions were never posed to Commissioner Muller. That’s not fair and equitable government. If you want to serve the people, you need to serve (and be responsive) to ALL of the people, not just those to whom might be on your side. I would have liked for him to honestly respond to his critics, just as others in Civil Government do on a daily basis. Remember Commissioner, “Open Government” means just that.

  27. What’s the matter KO did Froggy know more than your Joker friend. Tell Mueller not to worry we managed to get our hands on some imported Cambodian hair restoration tonic before the Pandemic hit. We will keep our eyes out for a suit and shoes too.

  28. You say Hezi is what? Heartless? What is your point? He described who Billy was as a person and man. Heartless because he writes about a dirty police department. Where have you been, under KO’s arm pit? So not following the CDC Guidelines is heartless. So plugging up 12 hour tours spots with no pre exams during a Pandemic is heartless. Wondering when KO and Mueller were setting up other cops and threatening people was that heartless too? Or did you sit mute when Olson got 52 minions to sign a bullsh*t petition against another cops? Maybe you were one of those that felt bullied by the PBA. The voice and power of the Union comes from its membership not a single bully that should have been reigned in years ago. Hit the road pal and maybe KO or Mueller will send you roses with overtime shots in it. Maybe you can swear to their way of reporting internal things or maybe you’re just another lying PBA trustee and target civilians when the fat union bully tells you.

    1. Hezi is not heartless. He’s heartfelt! The affection for Sully was clear in his commentary. What’s wrong is wrong and never untimely to mention, and particularly now when it impacted Sully and continues to impact YPD and all of Yonkers.

  29. Thank you Bill for having that gentle heart and always thinking about how others feel. I assume no one cared as much as you did. Certainly someone had to know.

    1. Post
  30. Regardless of the validation of these claims, the timing of this article absolutely sucks . Have some respect. RIP Billy !

    1. Bad warrants, illegal search warrants, assaults, perjury, targeting of civilians and cops and the Fat Lying Union Prez Keith Olson says your Honor it is ALL lies. Who are you going punch now KO ? Froggy? You loser .

      1. That is the Froggy I know. Never let a public union slob like Keith Olson think he can bully anyone. He attacked Santobello twice from the rear and verbally threaten many others, so that says a lot about who Olson is. Nice to have protection cash from accountability.

    2. Even a retired guy was well aware that Sully was not in good health. Then Olson and his one of two padded pension minions bullied Froggy into taking his free speech comment down. As for the other retired personnel go look up the Olsonettes law suits and read it and weep.

      1. Shame on YPD leadership for not protecting their own and disregarding CDC guidance for at-risk first responders! Case in point Sully! A life lost unnecessarily. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

        Mayor Spano you need to get off your ass and demand new leadership in YPD. Love and respect all the men and woman in Yonkers blue. What’s happened in the past and what’s happening now is wrong and needs to END!

  31. Keith Olson what’s not true? That you or your minions did not target or harass citizens? Or the fact that you didn’t attack Rob ? Or that the fact that your boy didn’t entice another officer to shoot his weapon off for a laugh? Throw your disrespectful a** off the job

  32. Time for a complete and fair investigation into these thugs. John Mueller, Keith Olson, and yes that other rat face Brian Moran who started this fire within the Police Department. What is happening now is that the Fire is out of control and Yonkers PD can never have any Integrity so long as they have people continue to assault, harass and lie to the system.

    1. Time is long over-due for investigation of YPD. Too many allegations over too long a period. Where is the Westchester DA? Wake up and stop it!

      And the malfeasance extends well beyond YPD…to our city Mayor and the schill OEM! How much money has been funded to this corrupt dept over last 5 years and what was it used for? Yonkers should be prepared for multiple lawsuits from families that have lost loved ones. Hope these corrupt people are also sued individually. They need to pay for their incompetence!!!

  33. Someone should just bring a class-action lawsuit against the CoY for gross negligence during this pandemic. Police heads not ensuring their workers are protected. A jewelry salesman as the OEM Director. An absentee Mayor. Talk about easy money.

  34. Maybe Mueller can answer some real questions about how he call Sullivan into his office and told him to retire. Maybe some of the NEW Yonkers hacks can ask the Mayor to remove him out of respect to the Sullivan family. Mueller and the Mayor turn a blind eye to the CDC Guidelines.

  35. Very sad, this is what happens when you put an incompetent PBA bought fake Commissioner in control. When this Pandemic is under control there should be a full Investigation into who said what and when was it said. This is on Yonkers PD not the Covid 19. The red flag in the Yonkers PD has been up for a while and fat face Mike Spano stays mute. Dump John Mueller now. No cop should FEAR retribution. Yonkers PBA members should drop their PBA emails and get a new union head. You have been fed pure propaganda by your own so called union.
    RIP Billy, you were way more of a leader than KO the street thug.

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