BLUE TRUTH: The Yonkers Police Department Constructs a Historical Cleansing Regarding Police Officer Robert McDonough that Has Almost 10-Months Hence Mutated Into a Travesty of YPD’s Own Making

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The Metamorphosis Took From June 17, 2019 to April 21,  2020 to Reveal Itself

The Blue Truth

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

Since June 17, 2019, the day that P.O. McDonough was brought back to life, he was sequester in a half-way house, a rehabilitation venue to which as far as the Yonkers Tribune is concerned only Yonkers PBA President Det. Keith Olson was aware. So from mid-June 2019, P.O. Mcdonough was drawing a salary. Prior to March 13th, Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller designated that P.O. McDonough would be returned to duty. The construct of being returned to duty must take place 30 days before a decision is made over whether to return an officer to duty, or to terminate that individual. The 30 days period that must lapse before a decision is made is the time period when the officer, in this case P.O. McDonough was not paid. When P.C. Mueller decided not to terminate him, he was returned to duty. It is evident that McDonough is a member of the “friends and family” network. What is so perplexing about P.O. McDonough that his past conduct is analogous to another person who in 2010 or 2011 was vying to become a Yonkers Police Officer. 

In those days she was known as Linda Rios. The investigator assigned to her case was YPD Det. Ray Montero. In order for Ms. Rios to comply with standards demanded of every officer, she was requested to hand in her most recent returns, but she failed to comply. Ms. Rios chose not to supply Det. Montero with the required pertinent information and records.

She decided to call  then Captain  John Mueller directly, bypassing Det. Montero, asserting that Montero was holding up her application. When Mueller approached Montero with Ms. Rios’ allegations, Montero advised that she had yet to supply the requested documents in order to complete the candidate  days after that conversation between. Interior and Mueller, Rios’ file was taken from Montero’s desk and Montero was relieved of his investigation responsibility of Rios.

Rios was pushed threw by Captain Mueller and eventually was assigned to the 4th Precinct about the same time that Mueller was transferred to the same precinct. She was apparently injured on duty and went out injured long-term. Upon her return, she was assigned to the “Property Clerk Unit” where the responsibilities of the “property clerk” is to tabulate all confiscated paraphernalia by police personnel upon arrest, e.g. wallet, cash, contraband of any kind, guns/rifles, etc

It was alleged that Rios had opened sealed drug paraphernalia that was sealed in plastic. She allegedly opened and allegedly removed some of the contents which was recognized by other investigators. 

Sometime after that investigation, she was out on sick leave. Ironically she never returned to active duty and was terminated by now Police Commissioner Mueller years after her appointment.  

When McDonough arrived at the 3rd Precinct he stayed in the patrol car while his partner filed their paperwork. An unknown, uniformed officer arrived onto the precinct parking lot. It was he who found McDonough slumped in the driver’s seat; out cold. It took 3 Narcan canisters to resuscitate him back to life. The first responders to attend McDonough were Yonkers Fire Department personnel.

It was later learned that P.O. McDonough responded to a call of a possible drug overdose. During that investigation, drug contraband was also recovered and taken by the YPD Officers. it was alleged that not all of the drugs recovered were accounted for. This may have allegedly caused McDonough to come under the influence of the drugs seized which should have been recovered evidence during a routine police investigations. 

So it seems McDonough and Rios had similar deficiencies in conduct and both seemed to suffer a drug dependence. Despite the similarities, and despite the fact that McDonough was not as attractive as Linda Rios, McDonough was not terminated from employment with the YPD. Evidently a “Friends & Family” connection. 

Linda Rios, known only by that name, was eventually terminated as Linda Daly. It is surprising that for all her time as a Police Officer she was known as Linda Rios, yet she was terminated as Linda Daly.

Despite the intent of the Friends and Family Network to hold onto P.O. McDonough with the YPD. P.C. Mueller had issued a memo dated April 13th that he would be “reinstated” as of April 14th.

Yet on April 21st official notice was issued stating the P.C. McDonough had resigned.

By resigning from the Yonkers Police Department, despite his conduct worthy of being terminated, the Friends and Family Network permitted him to resign and thereby affording him the opportunity to seek employment with another police department possible.

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BLUE TRUTH: Where’s Yonkers Police Officer Robert McDonough By HEZI ARIS

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: The Yonkers Police Department Constructs a Historical Cleansing Regarding Police Officer Robert McDonough that Has Almost 10-Months Hence Mutated Into a Travesty of YPD’s Own Making

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  1. Hope the City has a lot of cash. Under Mueller a good man lost his life for fear of retribution and because precautions were not followed. Spano is loser and the residents will be better served with new faces not these hacks.

  2. Dear Hezi,
    Please, please FOIL the Mayor’s office list of employees, titles, and salaries. I know they are available on SEE THRU NY but it would difficult ascertaining this information without at least knowing the names first. Then, please publish them. The annual refrain of, “Yonkers is broke, we need more money from the State…” blah, blah, blah is coming. This information would prove to be most interesting. Thank you for considering this.

    1. Post

      I no longer file FOIL a requests because when doing so I rarely got a response. When I did, it was weeks later. City Hall played me for a fool and now I don’t bother. Any individual can send a FOIL request. Perhaps they will respond to you, whereas they do NOT respond to me. —- Kindly, Hezi

    1. Yes, that includes the Yonkers Police Department. Maybe they have a cleaner that can restore the trust into to YPD. New leadership is required or misconduct will continue as it has to date.

  3. Look what happen when Olson saved Vera’s job. He got someone else charged and fired. Guess that is why Olson made him a grape feeder.

  4. McDonough was hidden with pay for at least eight months before the department tried to let him keep his job.
    Olson can’t save drug users anymore. The PBA can’t protect you any longer because they are no longer credible. Certainly not Keith Olson or Mueller who rule by retribution and fear.

    1. Well KO you did try to keep Vera like the dude that overdosed on duty. And yes that Mueller push her for reasons maybe you can answer.

    1. Post

      Interesting double entendre. if so, I would not it if it were or not. perhaps the P.C. knows. If not him, then who. I haven”t spoken to him for some 10 years. — Kindly, Hezi

  5. Seems as though there are several. Problems inside of Y.P.D. Of which the Yonkers taxpayers are footing the bill for Something must be done, that PO could have died .

    1. The Yonkers Police Department has hit ground zero. Drugs and guns, assaults, perjury, and they operate under their own made up rules. Guess lobbying cash can hold spots, get transfers, get promotions and certainly get you off if you tamper with evidence.

  6. Maybe Rios got married and became Daly. And was she fired while on her one year probationary period? Time on the job and tenure might be the difference between Rios and McDonough. Also ask about the female appointee who sued over her failed random drug test as reported in the media.

    1. Post

      I didn’t hear of the woman to which you refer Perhaps the media outlet that reported the circumstance that she was involved in would be the appropriate outlet to complete the rest of the story. I don’t take my cue from most hyperlocal markets. if you advise her name and the circumstances perhaps I did hear of her circumstance, but I am so busy at times, I may have forgotten to cover it. I believe I must have been too busy to engage in a story to which I don’t recollect a circumstance you note.— Kindly, Hezi

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