BLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Do NOT Report Homicide That Took Place at 312 Schroeder Street to The Yonkers Tribune

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The Blue Truth

Eric Greer

YONKERS, NY — April 9, 2020 — A gunshot in the apartment of a woman who resides at 312 Schroeder culminated in the death of 56-year old Mark Payton before Yonkers Police arrived at the scene. The alleged gunman had fled the premises before the police entered the apartment. They arrived to find Mark Payton shot in the groin, laying in a congealing pool of blood. It is surmised that when the bullet was fired, it pierced the femoral artery.

The woman who resides at the Schroeder Street apartment is said to have informed YPD that the assailant, Eric Greer, Upon entering the premises came to realize that the unnamed woman had allegedly engaged in a sexual act. The woman pleaded with Eric Greer that he believe he had caught her being raped.

Caught, Payton got up and allegedly pulled up his pants. The woman allegedly told YPD that Eric Greer said he should shoot his penis off. Payton dropped his pants and dared Greer to do so. Greer missed, shooting Patton in the femoral artery.

A “Be On The Lookout” (BOLO) advisement was made. The Westchester Country Police Department of Public Safety on the Taconic Parkway near the area of Route 117 discovered Eric Greer driving.

No murder weapon was found on Eric Greer’s person or in the car he Was driving,

NOTE: Booking charges are merely accusations and the defendant(s) are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

eHeziBLUE TRUTH: Yonkers Police Department Do NOT Report Homicide That Took Place at 312 Schroeder Street to The Yonkers Tribune

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  1. Too bad none of these wonderful lawyers would bring a class action lawsuit against Mayor Spano, OEM head Mosiello and/or Lionel Turner (and any of the other union heads) for gross negligence. Hell, I’d include the City Council, too. Similar lawsuits have been initiated elsewhere.

  2. While Governor Cuomo was busy battling COVID-19 what was the priority of the fu*king Mayor and the seven-member Yonkers City Council? The assholes were busy voting unanimously and urging Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature to allow sports betting for Empire City in Yonkers. Why? Simple it is a Nick Spano business interest and money making operation. MGM Empire Casino should be sued by everyone who was infected and for allowing the spread. They were made aware that their employees were positive but remained opened for 3 weeks. MGM helped spread the 🦠 Mike Spano could care less about the thousands of citizens in Yonkers with coronavirus. Mike please spare us the phone calls, we see right through your hypocrisy. You are just like Trump who cannot read a script. Thankfully Cuomo is responsible and will not be focusing much of his attention on the Yonkers City idiotic Nick Spano request anytime soon. Governor Cuomo is busy being a real leader, speaking the truth and leading the fight against the coronavirus disease.

    1. I wasn’t going to respond to your ridiculous diatribe but felt the need. Governor Cuomo leading the fight against the Coronavirus? Are you serious? Do you watch the news? NY State has over 8,000 deaths! Cuomo and de Blasio waited too long to address the Coronavirus and now NY’ers are paying the price. He is sitting on his throne lecturing us about something that he helped cause. Other Governors acted proactively. Their death totals are low. Cuomo did nothing and look where we are. There are those that use the density of NYC as an excuse. What about LA and Chicago? The only thing dense in NY are these two clowns.

    2. I agree with most of your post except when you start annointing Saint Andrew “tough guy from Queens” Cuomo who is now going into his 10th year as governor,- he never built a stockpile of ventilators and intensive-care beds and MASSIVELY UNDERESTIMATED this pandemic. On March 2, Cuomo stated that” this is not our first rodeo-we are fully coordinated and we are fully mobilized”. In 2015 his own NYS Department of Health stated that a pandemic flu would require at least 15,700 ventilators yet Andrew “my way or the highway ” Cuomo ignored the report. Cuomo because of his confused guidance and delayed decisions bears some responsibility-Cuomo failed to make any significant effort to greatly increase the supply of ventilators or before the virus to increase the supply of ventilators or protective gear before the “shit hit the fan”. Cuomo thought that the virus had not arrived until the first case -which was totally wrong because it was already here-Cuomo like all politicians is really good at the blame game when his lack of foresight and lack of planning come to be exposed. Cuomo resisted a restrictive shutdown and that delay cost lives-Cuomo referred to the virus as “going to war”. Wait a minute, what does he know about going to “WAR”? 8 checked and discovered he never served in the military and never was in COMBAT nor his liberal father or his foul-mouth brother Chris. All the billions of dollars wasted on corruption in upstate New York and other places because of Cuomo’s pay to play operations could have gone to buying ventilators and PPE’s but what do you expect from a corrupt bag of shit?

        1. ALBANY — Gov. Cuomo scored a dramatic expansion of his emergency powers that left even top Democrats wary thanks to provisions tucked inside of a hastily drafted $40 million spending bill to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus.

          The legislation expanded Cuomo’s powers to declare an emergency and even suspended laws, state and/or local laws in their entirety, with little oversight from lawmakers.

          “What it does do is give the governor very extensive, and almost unlimited, affirmative legislative power to not only waive existing laws and provisions of existing laws,” said longtime Assemblyman Richard Gottfried (D-Manhattan), “but it also empowers him to essentially issue new legislation.”

          “I cannot vote in good conscience to give the governor what are in essence, dictatorial powers when he and the health commissioner already have sufficient power to deal with coronavirus,” said Assemblyman Phil Steck (D-Schenectady), ahead of his nay vote Monday night.

    3. Governor Cuomo turned the coronavirus challenge into a “health and pubic-policy catastrophe . C with his early empty boasts about containing the virus with false promises, bad epidemiological advice and ideologically motivated decision making-there are some policy experts of the opinion that better policy by Cuomo and Comrade DeBlasio might have reduced the death toll by anywhere from 50-80 percent. Apparently the thick skull of Cuomo who always thinks that he is the smartest person in the room was unable to decipher that the bombing of 2001, Hurricane Sandy, and the fact that NYC is the number one terrorist target in the world, that we better damn sure be well prepared yet were unfortunately ill-prepared. You can throw in Mayor Spano and the entire Yonkers City Council who have been totally unprepared, incompetent and a complete disaster-in fact a newly a newly elected Yonkers City Council person considers herself a leader because she handed out wipes and masks and her constituents tell her so-GOD HELP YONKERS WE NEED YOU BECAUSE WE HAVE IDIOTS AND COWARDS RUNNING THE CITY IN A TIME OF CRISIS.

    1. Thanks for recognizing the error, it was a word processor glitch. You are correct and I have corrected the error. thank You. kindly, hezi

  3. With this coronavirus pandemic YPD, YFT, EMT cannot do it all, people keep your asses home, safe, out of trouble and out of jail…Wesley Willis sings…

    Stop killing innocent people
    Stop killing police officers
    Stop shooting at policemen
    Stop shooting bystanders with handguns

    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence

    Stop shooting old ladies
    Stop beating up FBI agents
    Stop killing the postal workers
    Stop shooting at cops

    Keep your ass out of jail

    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence

    Stop raping women for crying out loud
    Stop killing little kids
    Keep yourself out of prison
    Stay the hell out of trouble

    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence
    Stop the violence

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  4. A black male is being accused of killing another black male. This happens thousands of times a day in this country, which is a tragedy. Yet, all we constantly hear about is white police officers shooting black males, as if that somehow is a much bigger problem. What a bunch of nonsense.

  5. What do you expect from a second rate police department and a city run by an absent mayor and city council people-this is what you get total incompetence and inaction.

  6. It sounds like this alleged suspect got OFF. What happened. In May 2019 my nephew was shot in Schobaum and to this day they have not found the murder. The street TALKS. The person as it’s told LIVES in SCHOOL STREET PROJECT IN YONKERS. OPEN UP YOUR 👂👂 EARS.

  7. Two blocks from Generation Yonkers. Crime is on the rise and Mueller has 20 Police cars handing out pizza. Can I buy one of those Waterfront Condos so I can hear gunshots at night and smell sweet urine before I board my train?

    1. The Yonkers PD is going to award those umos delivering pizza the Yonkers Police Department Pandemic Pizza Delivery Award so they can build up their rack.

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