CSEA 9169 Letter Addressing Members, Families, and the Greater Yonkers Community Family
By CSEA 9169 President LIONEL TURNER

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CSEA 9169 President Lionel Turner.

On Friday, April 10, 2020, tune in to CSEA President Lionel Turner as he engages in discussion over the failed directives initiated by Yonkers City Hall and The Yonkers Board of Education that has now been the cause of the death of one of the CSEA 9169 family. Tune in “Live”, participate by calling 347-205-9201, from 10:30am until 12Noon. listen to the broadcast via this hyperlink: http://tobtr.com/s/1170414. If you cannot listen while the broadcast is “Live”, use the same code to hear it “On Demand”.

YONKERS, NY — April 8, 2020 — We have just received news that one of our Member has passed away from COVID 19. We have lost a Colleague, Friend, a Mother and a Special Spirit today. We are devastated and alarmed of her death. CSEA 9169 has followed the guidelines laid down by Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Edwin Quezada  and Yonkers City Hall. THEIR guidelines are NOT WORKING!

We need newly revised and effective guidelines to save lives and/or new leadership NOW! 

No apologies, NO hand clapping. Only HUMANE and respectful guidelines that speak to our HUMANITY, our REALITY, and our FUTURE!

We demand Changes NOW!

1) SHUT The Yonkers Board of Educational Central Office Building NOW!

2) No one shall enter any Yonkers Public School building until it is professionally cleaned.

3) No one shall enter any  Yonkers Public School building without PPE’s. (Personal Protective Equipment), that is a Face Mask, Rubber Gloves, and have hand sanitizers, etc.

4) Any one working in cubicles MUST BE 6 FEET apart or more.

5) All Non-employees must NOT have access to Central Office.

6) We demand a meeting with all labor leaders, Mayor Mike Spano, and Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada within 48 Hours to discuss and engage best practices that will go toward preparing and protecting our Schools and City Employees.

TribuneCSEA 9169 Letter Addressing Members, Families, and the Greater Yonkers Community Family
By CSEA 9169 President LIONEL TURNER

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  1. Nurses and doctors rallied in front of Harlem Hospital demanding PPE last week. Lionel, why aren’t you using your power to strike? Oh, I forgot you and your union have no bargaining power.

  2. Why is no one addressing the fact BOE workers are still required to show up to work, and 2 of our contractual holidays were taken away and fat ass Lionel Turner has done NOTHING about it. he’s useless!

    1. Why is that 12 month clerks are essential……Essential doing what, most of the clerks have absolutely nothing to do but because the essential workers like directors have to go to work than that means everyone else has to risk there lives going to work they are selfish, heartless they don’t care

  3. Hey spano brought the fireworks back to the waterfront. No one can be mad at whoever this is that died tho right?

    I mean at least spano brought the fireworks back to the waterfront.

  4. Sorry for your loss 🙁 . I will keep praying for her family and relatives. We all have to continue praying and supporting each other.

  5. Instead of blaming Lionel your president put the phone down and get involved with union actions before the fire starts dont just vote represent.we all can complain or suggest ideas but we must mobilize

  6. WHAT ABOUT THE BUSES BEING ON A SATURDAY SCHEDULE. IT IS NOT WORKING AS THERE ARE JUST A FEW BUSED AND ALL PEOPLE ARE SO CLOSE TO ONE ANOTHER THAT IT MIGHT END PEOPLE FIGHTING BECAUSE THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE TOUCHED BY OTHERS. I see people getting mad on the bus. we need more buses or at least the big ones. THAT IS ONE IF THE REASONS THAT YONKERS IS ONE OF THE HIGHEST CITIES WITH COVID19, because of being together on the bus “ Saturday schedule” can be fine, but at least provide more buses or the big ones🙏

  7. In these unprecedented and trying times, we need strong leaders like Governor Cuomo who are not afraid to tell us the truth. Unfortunately, we have Mike Spano and George Latimer. Yonkers is doomed! Nothing being said about where this all started. Why? MGM Raceway is a money making operation for Nick Spano and his ilk. Mike and Latimer just tell the truth, thousands of people have the Coronavirus due to the Yonkers Raceway Casino.

  8. Sorry for your loss folks, this Chinese virus is so contagious , we can stymie its advance if everyone works together. On a separate note , the Spanish flu was so dubbed only because Spain was the first country to recognize it. Everyone else was in denial during WW1.

  9. Lionel, remember this you can never trust a Spano. They are blood suckers and Olson is one of his suckers. One thing is very clear during this Pandemic. Mayor Mike Spano and ALL his puppets ran to their bunkers and left all First Responders and health workers to fend for themselves in this s••t hole he masks as a major city. 200,000 plus and counting.
    Lionel you need to fight this fight hard.

    1. You are correct, they (Mayor, his office, Council offices, Commissioners, etc,) “ran to their bunkers” when this all started weeks ago leavings their workers. Cleaning and sanitizing meant cleaning the door knobs, they also did not have enough of cleaning materials! Just last week they received some protective items. All this time wasted for the “essential workers” for protection, but they were safe at home. Now after the people of Yonkers started to complain they heard nothing from the Mayor AND now there are over 2000 residents (that we know of) with the virus, he is now making himself heard and seen!! Distancing should have been done weeks ago and also protecting your essential workers. You and your crew remain safe, hopefully these employees do not get sick and then they
      will be added to the “number”!

      1. When this horrible invisible enemy has hopefully gone away the peopleof Yonkers have to do some serious soul searching and realize that both your elected city, county and state officials abandoned you and ran for the hills-Mayor Spano has been an absolute incompetent disgrace along with the entire Yonkers City Council who waited weeks into the battle before asking for a testing site for Yonkers- the COY was unprepared and ill-equipped and failed to see the hand-writing on the wall-the elected Yonkers City Council have been missing in action-some think that political posturing like delivering pizza’s is going to solve the problem-this crisis has shown that the elected officials of the COY are nothing more than a bunch of cluster fucks who are simply in over their heads and unable to deal with the problems-after this crisis subsides they will all tell the residents of Yonkers that they have been in front of the problem from the start-all them have a yellow streak running down their backs and nothing more than political hacks with a yellow streak running down their back -not one of them is a leader.

    2. Beattie Juice Beattie juice Beatle juice!!! Oh dam, he is till here. You have to admit. The man look just got like the dude that head shrunk in Beattie juice no?

  10. Frankly, who cares what Turner has to say. After all, he’s only just speaking out now because one of his members has just passed away from this horrible Chinese virus. The numbers in Yonkers have gone from 6 infections to almost 2,000 in just one month. Where has Turner been all this time? Oh, that’s right, missing in action just like all of the Yonkers politicians that he now criticizes. There is absolutely zero leadership in Yonkers. None.

    Here’s a piece of advice. Don’t listen to anything that Spano, Quezada, Khader or anyone else in the illegitimate and clueless Yonkers government has to say. Instead, keep your kids away from school. Wear masks and gloves whenever you go out. Keep your distance. Work from home if you can. And stay home as much as possible.

      1. Sure it is. The virus originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China. Therefore, it’s the Chinese virus.

        There is the Spanish Flu, West Nile Virus, Hong Kong Flu, German Measles, Asian Flu, Rocky Mountain Fever, and now the CHINESE VIRUS (or “Wuhan pneumonia” if you’re from Taiwan, which is what they call it there). It’s simply, really.

        The virus likely jumped species in a Chinese wet market in which live animals are held in extremely unsanitary conditions. The Chinese virus then spread throughout the world because the Chinese Communist Party, which knew about the virus in December, silenced doctors, misled international organizations and lied about the scale and scope of cases and deaths within China. Chinese citizens, carrying the novel Chinese coronavirus, then traveled to Europe, where they brought the virus with them (the first case in Germany has been traced to a Chinese businesswoman from Shanghai). From Europe, the Chinese virus then spread to the United States.

        A team of scientists British university found that 95% of cases could have been prevented if the Chinese Communist Party had acted quickly instead of silencing doctors back in December. It might hurt your snowflake sensibilities, but this is 100% a Chinese virus, which has spread because of another Chinese virus, the Chinese Communist Party.

        1. The Spanish Flu wasn’t even discovered in Spain. The first outbreak was observed in a US Army infantry in Kansas. Newspapers who engaged in Yellow Journalism (much like the type your president prefers) exploited the outbreak and gave it the Spanish namesake to admonish the Spanish for their neutral position in World War I. (who remembers Freedom Fries in ‘03?)

          The lengths to which you people will go to defend the indefensible are astonishing. Trump dissolved the Global Pandemic Response Team and ignored warnings for months. He keeps reiterating the same lie that he was given a broken apparatus, which is patently false. There were five major public health crises in the Obama years, one of which was a pandemic (Swine Flu) which despite being the same viral strain as the Spanish Flu, didn’t bring our country to its knees like COVID-19 has. Not to mention smaller more densely populated countries that are in greater proximity to China like South Korea, which got its first case on the same day we did, already have the virus under control. You can ignore the aforementioned all you’d like, I hope you’re comfortable knowing that millions of your fellow Americans are experiencing unwarranted discriminatory attacks because your president needs a scapegoat to dodge criticism. 17 million unemployed in three weeks, nearly 200,000 plagued with the illness and at least 60,000 people will die from this but he still gives his response to the crisis a 10/10. You should be ashamed of yourself, I hope you’re fortunate enough to not know somebody that will perish from this like many of us already have.

          1. Not sure what any of that has to do with the fact that 1) the Chinese can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to eating bats, pangolins, dogs, cats and anything else that moves and 2) the Chinese Communist Party can’t seem to help themselves when it comes to persecuting doctors and lying to the world.

            No Chinese wet markets + no Chinese Communist Party = no Chinese virus in virtually every country across the world.


    1. I agree why wait until someone dies to start caring about protecting people . Be proactive!! If you cared you would have said this from the beginning to prevent deaths !! Now this poor woman lost her life .

  11. Lionel keeps endorsing Spano every election even though Spano gives them empty lip service every election. Spano knows they have no real power. Why doesn’t Lionel implore his friend Quezada instead to do something to protect his workers?

  12. Sorry for your loss, Lionel.

    I would ask the question as to why the mayor has a statement in today’s LOHUD, with George Latimer, about the rate of Coronavirus infections in Yonkers. He states that ‘city hall is closed’. It clearly is not. It may be closed for a favored few (i.e. elected officials and their staffs WHO STILL GET PAID), City Clerk’s office, etc. But, the building is NOT closed to other employees who do not fit this description. Can anyone look into this obvious mis-statement?

      1. excuse me ‘think a little’. I am not assuming anything when I read a direct quote. He said it was CLOSED…his statement i no way added ‘to the public’. If that is what he meant, he should have stated it.

  13. My deepest sympathy for your beloved co-worker who was a hard worker and a dedicated servant for the Yonkers Schools Board Of education. May God bless the dear departed and rest thy soul of a valuable human being.. I pray for the family and coworkers who grieve this sudden loss.

    1. Still no testing site in Yonkers-Spano and his ilk think banging pots and clapping are going to help-where is Shelly Mayer, Stewart-Cousins and Nader “Parking Meters” Sayegh-nowhere to be found . When this pandemic is all said and done there should be a lot of people in Yonkers Government who should be relieved of their duties because of their total and complete lack of competence during this pandemic.

      1. Yonkers late as usual, over 2000 infected and just now asking for testing site now! Outrageous! Where you guys been for last two weeks as numbers have been rising? How many fatalities in Yonkers?

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