John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor; Michael Edelman, Esq., Political Analyst / Pundit; Thomas Daly, Yonkers City Court Judge, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor-at-Large on Westchester On the Level, Monday, April 27, 2020 @10am EST

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WHITE PLAINS, NY, PALM BEACH GARDENS, and YONKERS, NY — April 27, 2020 — John Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher / Editor, opens the broadcast day this and every Monday.

1) We get an update and insight into NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Coronavirus briefing

  • Phase one will include opening construction and manufacturing functions with low risk.
  • Phase two will open certain industries based on priority and risk level. Businesses considered “more essential” with inherent low risks of infection in the workplace and to customers will be prioritized, followed by other businesses considered “less essential” or those that present a higher risk of infection spread. As the infection rate declines, the pace of reopening businesses will be increased.
  • The region must not open attractions or businesses that would draw a large number of visitors from outside the local area.
  • There will be two weeks in between each phase to monitor the effects of the re-opening and ensure hospitalization and infection rates are not increasing.
  • This plan will be implemented with multi-state coordination, especially in downstate New York. The plan will also coordinate the opening of transportation systems, parks, schools, beaches and businesses with special attention on summer activities for downstate, public housing and low-income communities, food banks and child care.
  • The phased re-opening will also be based on individual business and industry plans that include new measures to protect employees and consumers, make the physical work space safer and implement processes that lower risk of infection in the business. The state is consulting with local leaders in each region and industry to formulate these plans.”

He told the story of the L train tunnel that opens tomorrow in Manhattan, and how that was built in less than 15 months because New York did it differently.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced that the innovative L tunnel project is complete – six months earlier than the original proposal. Beginning Monday, April 27, L train service will resume its previous service schedules with adjustments under the MTA Essential Service Plan.

The governor said he had no problem with professional sports teams playing a season if there were no fans in the stands. He suggested they work out a way to earn revenue without ticket sales to fans (no spectators in the stands) make a deal with players to lower their contracts, and receive payments presumably from media fees for the games He said he had talked to sports owners about this possibility and declined to name them.

He said he was looking into acquiring dairy products now being disposed of by NY farmers, which he said was because schools had stopped purchasing dairy for their food programs ( because schools are closed). Governor Cuomo is seeking to have the product now being destroyed being purchased by the state for food progrms across the state to bolster the food programs now helping feed families in need due to the coronoavirus chaos.

He observed the anxiety of the public and the need to deal with the “coronavirus toxicity” toll on New York lives. He said domestic violence was up statewide, and employment issues, bills due, taking care of children, lack of ability to socialize has created tremendous personal problems which would have to be dealt with by the services sector and charitable organizations and professionals.

He said as reopening comes, it is up to how New Yorkers behave that will determine whether reopening is successful and the virus does not return.

At issue is whether  Westchester County’s FY2020-2021 can be sustained; as well as that of White Plains or Yonkers? Will New York State have the capacity to ameliorate some, if not all the expected pain? While the outcome for those becoming infected with the Coronavirus may lead to death, outcome will most assuredly be recognized by financial capacity. Will the nation bail out the well to do? Is income the only factor? Is there an ethnic, racial, gender and religious rift that equates to an outcome of survival or demise likely to be recognized this year? Will we make corrections into the future? if so, how do we get there? Is movement toward equality a societal tenet or simply a meaningless but politically correct, feel good remark? From 10-10:30am. 

Michael Edelman, Esq., Political Analyst / Pundit focuses on the Democrats next step in fortifying the Democratic Party challenge to incumbent President Donald Trump. 

  1. The U.S. Postal Service could run out of funds by June, which would spell disaster for the millions of Americans who rely on it every single day, yet President Trump has been silent on the issue. Have the Democrats given a perspective on this concern? 
  2. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is again being haunted with alleged past indiscretions. Are these allegation political mud-slinging ploys that carry weight? Allegations against Trump have also surfaced. how pertinent are these allegations to the efforts of pectins campaigns? Are the considered “gotcha” headline news or is their gravitas to being told?
  3. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has suggested that the U.S. economy will swiftly “bounce back” from the coronavirus crisis over the summer. is he over-optimistic? Are these talking points or are they based on informed insight? 
  4. Oil storage around the world is filling up. Onshore tanks in most parts of the U.S. are at capacity, and the rest of the world isn’t far behind. If refineries ultimately don’t want oil, it has little to no value.  If you have oil and nowhere to put it, it can have negative value. Absent a sharp demand return, production will need to be reduced more rapidly than what’s happening now. Can economic vitality be ratcheted fast enough to avoid a collapse of industrial output. Is the world on the verge of fiscal calamity?
  5. “QE4ever” will help drive stocks to new highs post-coronavirus crisis, asserted long-time bull Ed Yardeni. Is there validity to his hypothesis? From 10:30-11am.

Thomas Daly, Yonkers City Court Judge, speaks to the changing dynamic brought about by the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 and what changes it has imposed on the conduct of the local court system. From 11-11:30am

Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large engages is your host this Monday morning. We engage in hyperlocal news, and international news with commensurate analysis. From 11:30am-12Noon.

eHeziJohn Bailey, White Plains CitizeNetReporter Publisher/Editor; Michael Edelman, Esq., Political Analyst / Pundit; Thomas Daly, Yonkers City Court Judge, and Hezi Aris, Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor-at-Large on Westchester On the Level, Monday, April 27, 2020 @10am EST

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