THE HEZITORIAL: Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada Preaches Charity From Others Yet Does Not Demand the Same from Himself

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Dr. Edwin M. Quezada, Superintendent of the Yonkers Public School District.

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — April 25, 2020 — Many families are struggling to make ends meet. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to lose their employment, exacerbating their capacity to put food on the table, worried about paying the rent, Con-Ed bills, among other basic needs. No one could have ever contemplated the enormity of this unrelenting crisis. No matter how much one would deny the reality in easier times, the present does not permit anyone the capacity to ignore that many people are being pushed to the brink of starvation.

While Dr. Quezada demands teachers do more to help their students to cope with the circumstances before them, teachers have long been known to dig into their pockets to make ends meet for their pupils. Dr. Quezada recently advised that he handed out about 1,000 computers to pupils so that they may continue their education by attending class via the Internet. These are not new computers. They are in fact computers gifted to students by teachers. While Quezada talks, he does not dig into his pockets; he only knows how to dig into the pockets of others.

Many teachers have risen to the occasion. They have provided creative lessons to engage and continue to teach those who have access to a computer and WiFi at home. Many teachers have engaged in reaching out to their students using programs to interact with their students and the parent and/or guardians. There are many stories of teachers and administrators buying groceries and even having food delivered to feed some of their most needy students and their families. 

Then there is Edwin Quezada. A rambling windbag that demands teachers to do more to help struggling families during this crisis, but what we don’t hear is what, if anything, Dr. Quezada has done that conforms to what he preaches. 

So while he tells everyone what they should do, he does nothing. Yet Quezada has the means to do more himself, but does not.  One must wonder why? After all, he is earning a good living. He won’t starve if he dug deeper into his pockets. His lack of charity is appalling because he owns a chain of supermarkets to which few are aware.

In fact fourteen (14) supermarkets. He even opened one of those supermarkets in Yonkers. The supermarket is Shop Fair Supermarkets located on Main Street, within walking distance from the Yonkers Board of Education and across the street from the Yonkers City Hall Parking Lot.

Dr. Quezada is the CEO of Dka Food Corp., the company that owns Shop Fair Supermarkets. Dka Food Corp. is a company located at 1125 Fulton Street, in Brooklyn, NY. The firm was set up as a domestic business corporation in Kings County (Brooklyn), under ID Number  4334716 on December 18, 2012,  seven (7) years ago. The chain is presently managed by Edwin Quezada.

Recognizing Quezada’s capacity, where are his donations? Owning 14 supermarkets must surely enable Quezada to help a few struggling families in Yonkers, after all, he purchases the foods wholesale,

Has anyone heard, even by way of the “grapevine” of Quezada’s magnanimity? Has he ever donated bags of food from his supermarket? One thing Yonkers does know is that he can “talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.” Even so, he suffers no pangs of guilt asking others to step up to the plate knowing that he has not!  

The Yonkers Tribune was informed of these issues by a Yonkersite. We thank “them” for advising us of this travesty. 

What is evident is that Dr. Edwin Quezada epitomizes how much Yonkers is in  disarray. The fact that Dr. Quezada is proud of increasing the capacity of the student population in the Yonkers Public School District to a proficiency of 35percent is pathetic, yet Yonkers City Hall and the laughable Yonkers Board of Education Trustees recently gave Dr. Quezada an extension of his contract which had not expired, an additional five (5) years. He takes home $300,000 plus additional perks, such as his truck, and gas, etcetera. Dr. Quezada is proficient in double-speak.

He is an absolute embarrassment to the City of Yonkers. Perhaps other Yonkersites can lend their perspective with respect to this travesty.

Status Active Incorporation: Date: 18 December 2012 (over 7 years ago)

JurisdictionNew York (US)Registered Address

  • United States

Previous Names


Directors / Officers

Registry Page:…

SBA Loan Reports
Dka Food Corp — Apr 14, 2014
Dka Food Corp was a participant in the SBA 7A loan program. The borrower’s industry was listed as Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores (NAICS code 445110). The $1,100,000 loan was approved on Apr 14, 2014. The loan was provided by Noah Bank, located at 7301 Old York Rd, ELKINS PARK, PA 19027. The SBA-guaranteed loan was $825,000. It was approved in fiscal year 2014. The initial interest rate was 5.5%. The term was set at ten years (120 months). Apr 14, 2014 was the date of the first loan disbursement. The delivery method was specified as Preferred Lender Program – Guaranty. The project was expected to be developed in Kings County, NY. The lender estimated this project would create or retain three jobs. The loan’s last listed status is Exempt

License Holders

Dka Food Corp (doing business as Shop Fair) obtained a liquor license. The license number is 1271749. The license type is Grocery Beer Wine Prod
# # #

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eHeziTHE HEZITORIAL: Yonkers Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Edwin Quezada Preaches Charity From Others Yet Does Not Demand the Same from Himself

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      1. So should the Cops, ODing on “H” outside the priencinct, coming up “HOT” on piss tests for Coke…. the city employees all get to enter Bill Troy’s “rum and coke club” . Teachers are not hired to protect and serve.

  1. Hello! Something seems off as Dr. Edwin M. Quezada of Yonkers definetly does not own or is affliated with 119 Cooper in Brooklyn or any of the supermarkets in Brooklyn that have been listed. Those properties are owned/operated by an Edwin F. Quezada. Easy mistake for sure so let’s make sure these are corrected. Thanks and be safe all!

  2. Can we pause for a moment of the well deserved criticism of Quezada? Can we focus on his actual failed leadership of the delivery of education to the 27,000 children within the Yonkers school system? I will admit to not knowing which platform Quezada used while earning his online degree. I would imagine that it was interactive and each of his professors used the same program. In Yonkers, it is a real fiasco with each school and each teacher using multiple non-interactive systems which seem to be task only, as in do this assignment and NO actual teaching. Please spare me the platitude that the teachers and administrators are working really hard!

    1. You can also add YFT to this comment. They’re more concerned with following their contract then doing what is right for the sake of our children. I am disgusted and disappointed at little effort that is being made towards ensuring students are supported.

      Some teachers have risen to the occasion and kudos to them! I see you! I can’t say the same thing for the others.

      Quezada, Lopez, Rosado- Ciriello, and Spano, we are watching you. You have all failed. #YonkersKidsMattersToo

      1. The president of the YFT when she looks to play the racial and identity political game casts herself as a POC even though her skin complexion is like Casper the friendly ghost .

  3. El manejo de nuestras escuelas de la basura y corrupto EDWIN QUEZADA tiene que parar tengo dos palabras para el, escuchen abajo.

    The TRANSLATION OF THAT WRITTEN ABOVE IS: The management of our schools of garbage and corrupt EDWIN QUEZADA has to stop. I have two words for him, listen below.

    Check out this video on YouTube:

    1. Well there is Zero tolerance for tax increase to support the welfare Spano and friend network. Citizen revolution will happen! We are done with the handcuffs of Yonkers abusive and excessive taxes. No other city is taxed like Yonkers!!!

  4. Ah, the old canard that Quezada’s salary is on par with what other superintendents of comparably-sized school districts make. Spano hacks like to peddle this fake news whenever the topic of salaries comes up. But I’ll take the bait.

    As mentioned below, Quezada’s base salary is $272,950/year. He oversees a school system with 27,000 students (his actual compensation is well over $300,000 annually). Let’s see how others fair nationally.

    Janice K. Jackson is the superintendent of Chicago public schools. She is paid $260,000/year. Here’s the rub, she oversees a system with 373,700 students. In other words, she gets paid $13,000 less to oversee 346,700 more students than Quezada.

    NYC Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza is paid $345,000/year for overseeing approximately 1.1 million students. He gets paid $72,000 more than Quezada, but manages 1.07 million more students than our superintendent. I think even Anthony J. Merante can see the math on this one without doing any special calculations.

    Apples to oranges, you say? Franklin Walker heads the Jersey City school district, which is in the same region and has around the same number of students (~30,000) as our fair district in Yonkers. Unlike Quezada, though, Walker earns $180,000/year.

    I think everyone gets the point.

    It’s a blatant lie that salaries for Yonkers public “servants” are on par with other municipalities. They are not. By any measure, Yonkers salaries are excessive. To add insult to injury, they are never performance- or qualifications-based. And, without a FOIL request for Quezada’s new contract, we are simply taking at face value the pronouncements of the administration, namely that said terms have remained unchanged. If that’s actually the case, then Quezada’s contract was renewed prematurely for one reason only: to give him an $8,000/year raise.

    As far as the grocery stores, the properties, the benefits and perks, the sexual harassment allegations – all of it would have resulted in an investigation (or series of investigations) in any normal municipality, at the very least. But this is Yonkers. Double-dealing, double-dipping, graft, nepotism, et al. function as initiation rituals into the gang that is Yonkers government. “Operation: 150 Clan” has absolutely nothing on “Operation: 180 S Broadway Clan.”

    There is, of course, the moral question: what does it mean to earn $300,000/year as the head of a school system in an insolvent city in which children have neither enough to eat nor the necessary technology to learn (in schools that are, literally, falling apart). Something tells me that Quezada sleeps very well at night in his half-a-million dollar Rockland home. He appears to have an excess of wealth, but a clear shortage of decency and in this respect he is not alone in Yonkers.

  5. Unbelievable, Hezi. Ru Ros has a video on YouTube of Quezada’s Latino employees at Shop Fair in Getty Square using a excessive force on two young black male shoppers, choking them, beating them on the back with a stick, punching them in the head, kicking them in the back and them calling the police and having them arrested. All black people need to boycott Quezada’s video. This is not the first instance according to Ru Ros. Please post the disturbing video.

  6. Readers are missing the point of this article.

    Quezada is not the point. Quezada is merely an appointee, who only holds an ethical duty to disclose all business dealings with the City that pose a conflict of interest or appearance of impropriety.

    Mayor Spano, in the other hand, is an elected official, who took an oath to uphold his fiduciary duty to the people of Yonkers. Spano has violated that fiduciary duty to the public with insider dealing – selling off Yonkers SoYo property to Quezada and purchasing property and having million dollar business deals with Quezada.

    Quid pro qup money dealings by sn elected official in exchange for appointment and continued re-appointment at an even bigger salary, even before Quezada’s term was up.

    Hezi, I hope the Feds don’t sweep this one under the rug.

  7. There’s a reason why the spano’s are working hard for scarpino
    Mimi Rocah would need to build a special section a the county jail where she would need to house all the spano’s and their cronies

  8. Has anyone noticed that when Spano cries the annual budget blues, he always threatens layoffs only on the BOE side, NEVER on the municipal side? You know why? Because when he sticks out the tin cup in Albany, he knows all too well that he has to play the “Yonkers school kids are underfunded” card. If he tried to get money to save the massively bloated, relative-laden municipal payroll he wouldn’t get a penny. The City of Yonkers payroll, in terms of both union jobs as well as political appointments, is positively disgraceful. You could literally cut hundreds of jobs and I guarantee no tax payer would have cause to even notice.

    1. Original complaint was dismissed in Dec 2016 by Hon. Nelson Roman in Federal Court in White Plains-complainant was allowed to continue her grievance under Title VII Retaliation Claim against YBOE-don’t know if she took that road-anyway Quezada is nothing more than a slimeball scumbag.

    Dr Q. is a fraud! Where is the Board of Education? How come former superintendents ran the school district with a skeleton crew only the necessary positions were filled. He has an Empire of fake central office administrators who half aren’t qualified for their positions. Certain Departments that has one to two administrators now have five or six and not running well! What does that tell you.. a lot of waste of money. He is also very nasty to the BOE workers and very dismissive towards people. He has been for years very prejudiced against women; that is why he has so many sexual harassment allegations against him when he was Principal in Emerson and Lincoln HS. That was all coming out a few years ago – even an exit package was being prepared for his leaving then everything was swept under the carpet… maybe his friends who serve on the Board of Education saved his ass! He should be under a microscope and watched carefully he takes credit for so many accomplishments that started before he was even assigned to Central Office, with former Supt. Pierorazio and Supt. Yazurlo. Initiatives don’t happen in one or two years. Systems must be put in place and it takes a few years. Also look into his Deputy Supt. Dr Coddett another one that works behind his back and is nasty to Central Office workers. SOMEONE NEED TO TAKE A GOOD LOOK (INVESTIGATIONSm) INTO THE SCHOOL DISTRICT!

  10. Is there an asset threshold a superintendent must not exceed in order to hold this position? Have prior superintendents assets been looked into and widely reported on to prove a point? Is he required to share his wealth with the City as a job requirement and has this standard been consistently applied to past superintendents? Is this level of scrutiny applicable because he is latino? Judge this person’s work, what he has done and has not, that is fair and good journalism. Looking for name matches in the NYS Dept of Corp’s , reporting on findings and making assumptions is not really journalism, anyone could do that. Is the article about his philanthropic work or superintendent work? If it is so important to this piece, presumably someone attempted to ask him what/if he donates to? I care about the kids. Respectfully, the efforts by teachers to continue teaching in this pandemic are precisely what they should be doing. That is their job and what they are getting paid to do. If the superintendent has a high expectation bar for the teachers, that is a good thing and the bar should be high, always. My reaction is a bit scattered and disjointed, so is this article. Please report fairly on the work being done, the good, bad and ugly. Otherwise, you are wasting everyone’s time and merely stoking negative sentiments. This is the time when we least need this, please.

    1. Absolutely right. I know many parents who admire and respect Dr. Quezada.

      Why are you just picking a fight, Hezi? Where is the balance? Where are both sides?

      And pick a topic that we can sink into. Thatwillhelp bring revenue to the paper. Get us some kiosks around the city so kids see the paper.
      Talk about budget issues.
      Get transparency about sports administration. Give equally to girls and boys sports.
      Let’s not pay the outrageous bus costs! In fact, let’s re-measure grades by neighborhood and see if desegregation is working. Then we can show the State…

      Dr. Quezada followed a great person, who was ousted because of clean slate politics. Dr. Quezada exhibits the qualities of a good leader, he listens and absorbs quickly, works a long day attending to events all over the school system, and City, and long hours. He does not skip out like some politicians. We have alot of Spanish-speaking students. He speaks fluent Spanish. He pays great attention to the budget.

      However, have you asked your sources about school cafeteria food?
      School food is a farce and gross. Nothing real is prepared. Teachers usually can eat for a reduced price, but who would want to? All other Westchester schools have salad bars, choices like fresh sandwiches and entrees, even NYC. The workers work to prepare. Whoever buys and oversees the workers directly is the problem. But this is not priority-

      Student engagement is.

      1. Your living in another world-if you don’t know that bar and standards for success in the Yonkers Public Schools have been lowered so low that virtually everybody gets a diploma-the number of people who graduate from the Yonkers Public School college ready is around 9-10 percent-which means the system is turning out for the most part functional illiterates-are there some outstanding teachers and students in the system-absolutely-are the parents you allude to are they aware of the numerous sexual harassment complaints against Quezada-he gets a free pass because he is Hispanic just like the racist NYC School Chancellor.

  11. Again, one has to blame the lame Mayor’s of this City for all of these appointments. Back as far as Spender and before this all went on. It’s an outrageous salary in the first place.

    If you work for the City of Yonkers, that is your one and only job. You ethically should not be able to work elsewhere no matter what. $hitty Council do you hear me??? This should apply to all and I mean all City workers.
    How can this guy work in charge of the school if he is a double dipper?

    And someone mentioned Snooze 12, they couldn’t find a story if you hit them on the head with it.

  12. Absolutely No and I mean NOT ONE teacher donated or gifted a laptop to the students. Every single laptop and iPad were property of the district and loaned to the students. If you don’t believe me ask your building administration, or check the district inventory.

    The teachers love taking credit for everything, but don’t like to actually do anything. There are the good ones who actually spend money on the students, but those are far and few between. Most teachers have been on vacation in their homes for the past month and a half.

    My son is a student in one of the high schools and I’ve reached out to his teachers numerous times, only half of them have responded, and 1/4 of them have actually assigned work.

    Quezada is useless, and the teachers are even worse. The only thing I can say is after getting through to technology (which took me a couple days to get the right email address) they took care of my sons problem logging in within minutes of me sending the email. Now he can log in and access everything even though no one is assigning him any work. What a joke this district is. I’m right on the border for Hastings school district, I wish I would have bought a house a block up.

  13. If you don’t like him, fine, there are reasons out there to feel that way. But his salary is based off of what other Supt’s make for this size of a district. He didn’t set the bar, he just gets the benefits of the bar being set where it is. Almost every teacher who has a few years under their belt makes $130K. Are we mad at that? They work hard, but they’re not busy at events every night and weekend. So, look at at it him as being paid like 2 teachers plus some extra.
    Sounds like we don’t know if he’s been charitable or not. You can’t shame someone into being charitable, even if he is hoarding his money. Is it a nice way to live? No, but you can’t tell people what to do with their money.
    You don’t get to where he is without ruffling some feathers, but also without doing some things right. He’s not perfect, sounds like a lot people we know. Him taking selfies handing out turkeys won’t change that.

  14. The movie “Bad Education” on HBO about the corruption scandal at Roslyn High School is well worth watching. The scandal only came to light when a junior in the high school covered the corruption writing about it in her school newspaper! It was only after that the NY Times, Newsday and others did the story. I don’t expect much from the main stream press.

  15. When widespread fraud was being committed at YPS by administration, and was brought to Q’s attention, he not only ignored it, but allowed it to continue. No wonder.
    He’s deep in his own shit. I wonder if there’s a criminality clause in his contract?

    1. When schools are openly selling food and turned into bodegas, Quezada got a cut. Why else would he ignore calls from concerned parents, the mice infestation, and straight up illegal activity (cant sell food, all dayevery day, when u serve free breakfast and lunch!)
      Yonkers Montessori Academy was collecting over $500,000 annually. For YEARS. Check that.
      DA Scarapino? He’s in Spanos pocket.

    1. The problem is that his old contract still had a couple years left on it and the Board of Trustee’s gave him a new 5 year extension with a substantial pay hike despite the fact Yonkers has no money. Stop with the you people are haters-his accomplishments do not merit a substantial hike in salary -you must have just moved into town.

  16. Spano talks about layoffs to our schools
    Our police and fire are blown there sirens frightening neighborhoods for birthdays and homecoming welcomes for anyone politically connected.
    It’s an embarrassment and a joke
    They should be enforcing social distancing and not having rally’s and motorcades

    1. In Yonkers people eat the stop signs like there is no tomorrow, cars parked on the block with no front or rear plates for days and you never see a patrol car cruise up your block-so much for the YPD.

  17. So he’s supposed to give things away to Yonkers students because he’s the superintendent? You’ve been trying to smear this man for ages and even floated the idea of the previous Board of Ed President at the time taking over because he was related to you. If he owns those supermarkets as you say, does that mean that he has to give money to fix what ails Yonkers? Yonkers has been screwed up before he took over and will be after he’s gone there’s a lot more that needs to change here and as much as I dislike his personality I have to say he’s done a good job.

    1. I infer that when you assert Quezada has done a “good” job you refer to the 35 percent of the population of 27,000 students are proficient in English and Math while 65 percent are not proficient. yeah, great job. Under his watch, you move up to the next grade level no matter your proficiency. YPS graduating too many students to become homeless. Great indeed! — Kindly, Hezi

      1. The Yonkers BOE , Quezada & Spano will trot out their talking points and tell the COY that graduation rates are up to 86-87% but what they don’t tell people is how the bar and standards to graduate have been lowered so low that even Mayor Spano would graduate.

  18. The Jeris puppets (Khader clan) were busy last night. Look at all of the comments. Keyboard warriors on the warpath.

    Johnny Limo is a drug dealing limo company owner.

    Dr. Quezada is a supermarket owning Superintendent.

    It looks like everyone has a little side business.

    Maybe the reason$ the schools never have enough money is because they pay out raises to the teachers when there is no new money coming in every year. This school budget has $25 million in teacher raises. Cut those and you balance the budget. I mean it’s all about the kids, right??

  19. People are calling for investigations and I agree, but who do we call? I’ve never called for an investigation so who do we contact and who can we even trust? These crooked cronies of Spano are everywhere. Disgusting! News 12 won’t cover this as Spano has ties with them as well.
    Hezi – thank you for being a beacon of truth and being brave enough to speak for those who can’t!

    1. I had to laugh when someone wrote News 12 has to investigate. New 12 dose nothing but fluff pieces. I only find out about some of the things taking place in Yonkers on this site. News 12 is part of the ribbon cutting crew. All their stories are taken from the main stream press which means nothing to what is going on in Yonkers.

  20. Dr. Quezada is a stuck up bird. Swears he knows everything. Treats people at the Board of Education like crap b/c he’s the SUPERINTENDENT. Big f’n deal. Go learn English and learn how to humble yourself.

    1. Nothing will happen to Quezada because he is HISPANIC and Spano likes to spew the rhetoric that Yonkers is a diverse city-so nothing will get done because Spano & Yonkers City Council play the racial and identity political game.

  21. Hez, you’re the man! Cheers 🍻 to unlocking Pandora’s Box. The Spano‘s and Yonkers Superintendent Edward F. Quezada are so deep up in each others ass with corruption. Time to lock these corrupt criminals and throw away the keys. God save our Yonkers Public School children from their greedy claws. Well, not only did the good old Superintendent Edward F. Quezada obtain a $1,100,000 loan that was approved on Apr 14, 2014. Four days later on April 18, 2014 he obtained another mortgage for his property located at 119 Cooper St, Brooklyn in the amount of Two Million Six Hundred Fifty Dollars ($2,650,000), please see pg 9 of ACRIS (really pg 7). Guess what bank he used for both transactions? NOAH! Felon Eungsoo Shin aka Edward Shin had Edward Quezada sign a promissory note (see ACRIS). Mike Spano, Nick Spano and Edward Quezada no matter how tight your bond, it does not give you any advantage. Sooner or later you will be caught and punished. Excellent job Hezi ⚖️

  22. Hez, you’re the man! Cheers 🍻 to unlocking Pandora’s Box. The Spano‘s and Yonkers Superintendent Edward F. Quezada are so deep up in each others ass with corruption. Time to lock these corrupt criminals and throw away the keys. God save our Yonkers Public School children from their greedy claws. Well, not only did the good old Superintendent Edward F. Quezada obtain a $1,100,000 loan that was approved on Apr 14, 2014. Four days later on April 18, 2014 he obtained another mortgage for his property located at 119 Cooper St, Brooklyn in the amount of Two Million Six Hundred Fifty Dollars ($2,650,000), please see pg 9 of ACRIS (really pg 7). Guess what bank he used for both transactions? NOAH! Felon Eungsoo Shin aka Edward Shin had Edward Quezada sign a promissory note (see ACRIS). Mike Spano, Nick Spano and Edward Quezada no matter how tight your bond, it does not give you any advantage. Sooner or later you will be caught and punished. Excellent job Hezi ⚖️

    1. Please look into the fact that they’re numerous Edwin Quezada’s living in New York State…. Edwin M Quezada does not own 119 Cooper st nor any supermarkets!

  23. Birds 🦅 of a feather flock together. Noah Bank CEO took bribes and was charged by Feds. After the loan was issued to Edwin Quezada, this loan went into default status, ultimately resulting in a loss to the SBA of approximately $611,491. What a piece of 💩 😡

    1. We can all be sickened by the misconduct and abuse! What are we going to do about it?

      I’m reaching out demanding investigation from local, county, state and federal! Please do the same!

  24. Any investigation that is conducted needs to be removed from the local and state. They are all in the same bed together. Do you really think Mike Spano will allow a impartial investigation if his brother Nick is involved. Nick still has his contacts at the state level. Our only hope is for the Feds to conduct a investigation. They took down a previous hotshot, hornsby, they can take down this guy bc quesadilla is involved in corruption. I also think they would love to put Nicky back in the big house if he’s involved too.

  25. It is absolutely disgusting that he does not do anything for the education system in Yonkers. Mayor Spano is a good friend of Quesada and that is why he gets away with his nonsense. The parent’s of the students should have a say if this man’s contract should be extended or if we need a new Superintendent. My option is time for change. Channel 12 needs to investigate this and if truly those supermarkets belong to his family, he needs to be put to shame.
    Thanks for bringing this to light.

  26. This years budget has massive layoffs meanwhile the mayor’s lackey gets police and fire to personally do a welcome visits – if our police and fire have so much free time we should not have 20 million in OT.

    1. Can’t speak for the Fire Department but the Yonkers Police Department has two nutty sugar brownies that are owned and operated by convict Nick Spano and his band of brothers. Mueller and Olson are running the Police Department where anything goes. As Yonkers crime has skyrocketed, and with some many First Responders being out sick these fools have police making house visits while tonight someone is breaking into stores and homes. The Spano’s don’t give a rats ass about you, the kids, or Yonkers, they all have silent deals going on. The City cries out for a complete Federal Investigation about lobbying cash and the misuse of grant money. As for Quezada he is a stale brownie crying about mismanaged cash used for patronage jobs and now he hints about 200 layoffs.

      1. It’s a joke how the first responders did not have correct gear to handle the pandemic, how in the hell does Spano get away with hiring a jewelry salesman to head the office of OEM. They should have an investigation into his appointment.

        1. A class-action lawsuit against the CoY regarding OEM Mosiello and his complete lack of qualifications and preparedness, which endangered the lives of first responders and residents, might get some results. At the very least, it would be bad press for Yonkers and the Spano administration. And where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    2. Last year Mike Khader called out the Yonkers BOE for its nefarious ways-but that’s as far as it went from Khader because he is nothing more than a windbag.

  27. I feel this should go public by local News 12 and channel 2,4 and 7. It makes no sense to me why is this being kept quiet. A huge investigation should take place, it’s time to clean up Yonkers! So we can comment all we want, but action needs to be taken or nothing will ever get resolved. This is a very disturbing article and probably the most truthful piece written, so now let’s bring it forward and demand as taxpayers an investigation.

    1. Yonkers needs a full State, and Federal Investigation into the Politicians and some of it’s departments. The stories are real, the names and facts are real.

  28. Ouezada can talk. He ha a business and works for city of Yonkers. He makes a good salary. So he talks about what he is doing he should be doing it, and the people who work for are family. We are food service workers in the school. We put out life in danger and no one give a damn about us. We are going out to feed people too. And we are paid less money and work more. And they are taking money from us every day. So you have some manager working up there who are not managers and have not passed a test yet are making big salaries with him. They need to start cleaning house and the school will be in a better place. The mayor to is not doing a good job for Yonkers. He is making a good salary too, and the people he works with too. If they stop stealing from the city they will have money for schools in Yonkers. In all my years I have been here I have never seen something like this. But they have money to put up top dollar buildings for rich people. The superintendent and the mayor do not have any concern about what is going on anywere other than in their lives. All they are thinking about is what they can put in their pockets. Thank God He is watching over us and I hope he will see a blessing to make for this here world and get better for all of us with this here virus. This is a wake up call for all of us. Be safe and God bless us all. And our union is no help for us too

  29. I will never forget when he was in charge of summer school And my youngest daughter was going that year, she would always wear leggings with a long enough shirt to cover everything and I was called to bring her something else to wear because he said that she was dressed inappropriately. I was still buying her clothing and picking them out. I also wore the same things. I went to the school and told him off and refused to bring her anything else to wear. I have 5 daughters that went to Yonkers schools as well as myself and 3 sisters and there was never a time that anything was said about anything my daughters wore . He made me dislike him then and forever after.

  30. In his latest budget, Spano proposed cuts to YPS that would eliminate about 200 jobs. So let me get this straight. Superintendent Quezada gets an $8,000 a year raise ON TOP OF his insane salary while he talks about laying people off because a $1.24 BILLION DOLLAR YONKERS BUDGET ISN’T ENOUGH?!

    Spano also proposed a 2.8% property tax increase.

    Fuck Spano, fuck Quezada, fuck the City Council, and fuck Yonkers.

      1. Yeah, right. The Spanos pull the strings, despite Quesadilla being (ostensibly) in charge. And that 2.8% property tax increase was Spano’s idea.

  31. This is really the worst I heard so far. I can’t believe this is happening. Who will help us? our schools are falling a part. My grandchildren can’t afford to leave so we are stuck. But how can Mr. Quezada answer before our lord? He pretends to be so catholic. he may now be punish here but will burn in hell for this sins. Maybe someone should tell the governer.

  32. Hezi you fucking hit the nail in the Spano ⚰️ coffin. 1125 Fulton Street, Brooklyn is where the Spano’s and Quezada do their dealings. Do you recall Tri State Commercial Realty and other Brooklyn companies coming into Yonkers to buy up properties ? Do you remember all the properties Mike Spano gave away (wink wink money under the table 💰). Well, what do you know? This same Brooklyn-based LLC shelled out million for many properties in Yonkers, they are located at 1125 Fulton Str, NY 11238-2669 🤣 . Same address of Yonkers Superintendent Edwin Quezada.

    There are 34shady companies associated with this address 1125 Fulton St, Brooklyn. Here are a few, and some are shell companies scamming Medicaid.

    1. Tri State Commercial Realty
    2. Shop Fair Supermarket
    3. Attending Home Care
    4. Associated Supermarket
    5. Shop Fair Supermarket 2
    6. Shop Fair · Dka Food Corp ·
    7. Bermuda Realty No. 3 LLC
    8. Residents Three at address 3 apts 😂 NOT
    A. Bermuda Realty
    B. Sasaran
    C. Lopez (hmmmmm)
    9. Services For The Undeserved (Mental Health Medicaid Fraud Scam)
    10. Slb Medical Asocciates of Brooklyn Pllc (Medicaid Fraud Scam)
    11. Woman To Woman Obs/gyn Services Pllc (Medicaid Fraud Scam)
    12. Dka Food Corp. The licensee uses this address partners.
    13. 26 permit applications were registered for work at this address.
    14. Here are some excerpts from the permit #3232257. On July 19, 2019, the last permit for work at this address was issued.
    15. One website domain name was connected to this address.
    16. Sergio Espinal is the name of the registrant.

    New York State Department of State, Division of Corporations

    1125 FULTON ST. MEAT CORP. Domestic Business Corporation
    Date Established
    Oct 19, 2009
    Dario Sutierrez

    BERMUDA REALTY NO.3 LLC is an entity registered at KINGS county with company number 3621180. BERMUDA REALTY NO.3 LLC located at the address 15 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York, 11225. Company is incorporated on January 23, 2008. Current status of the company is active.

    This other address 15 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn also has mental health shell offices. SCAMMING MFer’s. Nice Job Hezi! They brought themselves down! Edwin Quezada should be immediately arrested 🚔

    1. its sickening. I’m here telling my children who attend school in yonkers that they should be grateful Dad and Mom are able to put food on the table and we are poor essential workers. And this ingrate forgets where he came from. TEACHERS STAND UP.

  33. You Yonkers people need to wake up! Spano tentacles are everywhere 🐙 It is called pay to play pay 💰 💴 💵 DKA Food Corp was having problems with their state liquor license and Nick Spano helped. State Liquor Authority #1271749, the Felon Nick Spano is the silent partner in DKA Food Corp. Mike Spano may also own a percentage. The Spanos need lifetime Federal prison stripes handed to them. The most repulsive people in government 🤢 🤮

  34. Dr. Quezada Is a typical Spano “Friends and Family” staffer. He knows how to put his hand in everyone else’s pocket. Great story Hez-man!


  35. Who thinks Ru Ros of the Yonkers Voice will report on this? Two years ago, Ros’s Yonkers Voice started a petition to “Oust Superintendent of Yonkers Public Schools- Edwin Quezada”. 66 people signed the petition, with Ros declaring, “We did it Yonkers! Our voice is heard but Mike Spano is silent on corruption and neglect.”

    Now Ros holds fireside chats every week with everyone who is anyone in Yonkers gov, including Quezada and Spano. But then you would expect that kind of hypocrisy from registered sex offender Ros (someone should ask him about the underage girl he molested when he was teaching karate).

    Yonkers – when alleged sexual harrasser Quezada, who makes over a quarter of a million in salary and lives in a half-a-million dollar house in another county, is the Superintendent in charge of our children and their schools.

    Yonkers – when alleged sexual harrasser Quezada agrees to be interviewed by indicted sexual predator Rui Benros on the venerable Yonkers Voice.

    I’m starting to think Hezi is the only public person with any moral clarity and general decency in this cesspool of a city.

    1. Very timely, watch “Bad Education” on HBO. Just released, based on true story of wide-spread greed, fraud, corruption and abuse in Rosalyn Long Island school district, starting from the top with Superintendent! Friends and family exposed, arrests galore. Feds need to come to Yonkers.

    2. Yeah Ros, rubbing shoulders with dirt will only get you dirty. You need to ask your guests to sit up straight as they spew outright lies to the public.
      If not Ros, no one will take you serious like that online degree cab driving bobble head Quezada and his fake Reverend Lopez another Spano shoeshine boy.

  36. I have worked side by side with Dr Quezada he cares about the children of yonkers I have seen him interact with students and he has reached into his own pocket for students I have seen him pay for prom tickets class trips so if you do not know him personally you should not spread rumors Have you given anything to the Schools from you own pockets Try walking in his showed for one day bet you can’t Iam proud to say that I work for Dr Q not afraid to leave my name Cathy Stevenson

    1. Quezada’s salary, benefits, and sexual harrassment lawsuit against him aren’t rumors. Discgraceful – even by Yonkers standards.

    2. Cathy, what role do you have in the YPS? A patronage job? Pray you are not teaching as your grammar and lack of sentence structure and punctuation is atrocious!

    3. Cathy,
      Still out on comp? How is your hubby? How’s that job you got your son being buddy buddy with Spano? So, let’s talk why the Principal at Paideia 15 ousted you as a safety officer? She had her hands full and knew you were a Spano latchkey. Your a nice person too bad you did this because those who live in glass houses shouldn’t protect someone else’s!
      Really disappointed in you!

      1. No one got my son his job so before you post something get your facts are you afraid to post your name and for the record I’m not on comp

        1. Cathy,

          If thats true lets tell all of Yonkers what he does for a living? Lol I guess he went to City Hall and got an application from Human Resources? Clicked his heels together and the Great Oz granted his wish.
          On a serious note I am glad the operation went well and the leg is better!


      2. All I did was comment and did not trash anyone I did not bring anyone’s family or business into this everyone else is making comments so why are you trashing me I happen to like Dr Q that’s me doesn’t mean you have to so it seems you know me so if I am right you know I wouldn’t make comments about you children or family so please show me the same

      1. Ummmm, don’t you think the trustees are part of the problem as well? They cover one another. Yonkers is corrupt as Fck!

  37. I wonder what ever happened to that sexual harrassment and wrongful termination lawsuit brought against Quezada by one of his former employees. Quezada was the principal of Lincoln High School and the employee in question was a mathematics teacher (the court filing is available online with a simple Google search).

    Apparently, a colleague was harrassing the employee and, when the woman complained to Quezada, he put her in even greater danger. Quoting the filing, “rather than spare [the plaintiff] from the Defendant’s sexual harassment and deviant behavior, Mr. Quezada attempted to place the plaintiff in even closer contact with the Defendant.”

    The filing continues: “Continuing throughout the course of [the plaintiff’s] employment at Lincoln High School, the sexual harassment by the Defendant continued, and [the plaintiff] also suffered continued sexual harassment committed by other teachers and professionals at Lincoln High School, including the Defendant Quezada, another mathematics teacher” and others.

    “The plaintiff properly reported this sexual harassment to Defendant Quezada, Principal of her school, and Mr. Quezada, participating in the sexual harassment, did nothing. The Defendant Quezada failed to address the sexual harassment.”

    The female plaintiff was then illegally transfered out of the school. The Yonkers BOE ceased paying her bi-weekly salary. The YBOE then waited a year to bring a hearing against the female teacher during which they refused to allow her to retain legal representation and then, subsequent to the hearing, fired her.

    All of this is a matter of public record for anyone with internet access. The teacher’s name has been withheld since she is no longer a public worker in Yonkers. But Quezada is and Yonkers residents (as well as Rockland County residents in New City where Quezada lives) should be aware of the allegations that have been levelled against him, especially since Yonkers taxpayers are paying Quezada’s completely unjustifiable salary.

    Now how do you like them apples.

    #Fund2Rebuild #RebuildYonkersSchools

  38. Dr Q appears to be nothing more than a double-dealing, self-serving, egotistical fraud. His grocery empire is just another slap in the face to Yonkers residents. We paid for it folks!

    And in this pandemic, no food offerings from him to the poor, the suffering, healthcare workers or first responders. Just disgusting! He should leave education and stock the shelves in his supermarkets.

    This man is a liability to Yonkers and should be fired as he is unfit for the job. What has he accomplished to justify this outrageous compensation? Stop with the bogus HS graduation rates! Look at all the state test scores, Yonkers is at the bottom. College acceptance rates should be one of the many realistic measures that his performance is assessed against.

    How does his comp package compare to Buffalo and Syracuse? Why was his contract renewed early? Who approved this contract? On what basis is he entitled to all these fringes given that Yonkers is nearly insolvent! The BOE trustees needs to be called to task on this and more. All the more reason, the City MUST get full control, oversight and insight into YPS budget!

    The Yonkers City Council must focus on “serious” legislation to promote improved accountability, management and transparency at the BOE.

    The Inspector General needs to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the abusive waste at BOE and provide a full report to the Mayor and taxpaying public.

    I personally think that Dr Q’s contract should be rescinded as it surely wasn’t merit-based or negotiated in good-faith!

  39. I am not usually surprised with how corrupt Quezada and his band of yes man at the district are, but this is a new low even for a two faced liar like him. How do you sleep at night? Sadly, this article changes nothing. Q will still have his job and still not practice what he preaches. He is a tyrant with a Napolean complex. He and his corrupt band of yes man which includes “Reverend” (You are a far cry from a servant of the lord) Lopez continue to lie and cheat the community they serve. No wonder so many families leave Yonkers for a better district and the sad part is none of them care and the powers that be keep them in their positions because obviously they don’t care either. So many families devastated by Coronavirus, losing jobs,waiting hours on supermarket lines,wondering how they are going to feed their families and your disgusting, lying ass has the nerve to pretend you can’t do more to help.

  40. Wow what a eye opener! No wonder why my children haven’t been on a real field trip except the library or stew lenord’s super market ! What a shame the schools are run down ! Teachers try there best but printers are always broken teachers having to ask for supplies like dry erase markers for their smart boards if they’re lucky enough to have one ! I can keep going on and on but all I have to say is SHAME ON YOU “DR”Quezada!!!

    1. 1) You’re a FOOL, you can’t use dry erase markers on a smart board. it’s digital, you use the same 4 “pens” forever. Anyone with half a brain would know that. Anyone who claims they need them LOST THEIRS. I have mine, same set I’ve had for 5 years now. No problem there.

      2) We aren’t given printers. We all print to one Xerox in the main office, it isn’t ideal and I find it a waste of my time but it does work and I am able to get my job done.

      If you’re going to post things post facts. There’s more than enough ammo against this minuscule little man that if you lie you make the truths look false too. Stick to the facts or shut your mouth.

  41. Completely Pathetic!!! His Salary should be cut & that money should be put into helping families in need in the Yonkers area!!!!

  42. All I can say is WOW! What an eye opener. Maybe if MR Quesada reads this article he will realize his selfishness and do the right thing. I am seeing where my tax dollars are going. I am a registered nurse on the frontline I care for my patients each day several have tested positive 2 have died. My heart aches. I don’t receive extra pay or combat pay. There are no perks. My sister passed away 2 weeks ago due to Covid 19. I am quite disheartened that a public school official has not done more as top level government employee and as a private citizen Hopefully he will change his ways.

    1. Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts. Your emotive expression is very powerful. It is a rare gift. With all that you said, the levels of complexity in your telling is so human and humane. I can’t imagine the ache one feels upon the loss of a sibling. Rarely is it recognized for the impact it has on those who survive the loss. You impress me to be able to move toward sustaining her memory for as long as we you are here to maintain those memories and thereby pass her the memory of her onto others. I wish you continued strength. —- Kindly, Hezi

        1. I am just wondering if an investigation can be undertaken to see if Quezada has been working on his other business ventures on the Yonkers taxpayers dime. It really begs to be looked into.

    2. Thank you for all you do to bring compassion and care to your patients. I am truly sorry to learn of the loss of your sister. God bless you and I wish you strength and good health.

  43. Quezada is a fraud, just like everyone in Yonkers government. Let’s start with his salary and perks:

    Under the terms of his prematurely renewed contract, he will earn $272,950/ year. His previous salary was $265,000/year. That’s an $8000/year raise, which might not seem like much (~3% increase), but $40,000 here (after five years), $40,000 there for a bankrupt city such as Yonkers is extremely irresponsible.

    The terms of his previous contract remain unchanged and are:

    – Health insurance for Quezada and his family and a $500,000 life insurance policy

    – Use of a district vehicle and free gas

    – A $10,000 yearly contribution by the district to Quezada’s tax-sheltered annuity

    – 30 vacation days

    – 285 days of accumulated sick leave that he previously earned and 15 additional sick days a year as of July 1. He may accumulate up to 300 sick days and if he retires into the state retirement system he’ll be eligible to cash out up to 300 sick days at $300 a day.

    Our crackerjack Dr. also earned his “Ph.D.” from an online “university” (Walden University). At least he can legitimately call himself a “Dr.” unlike “Dr.” Sayegh (no, not the felon – his brother), a charlatan with a law degree masquerading as something he is not.

    Yonkers – if you can’t make it anywhere else, then you can make it here.

    #GenerationYonkers #AlltheWayUp #We’reAllinItTogether

    1. Ms S. Williams also earned a Masters from Walden University and that other rip-off artist “Dr” Jim Bostic earned his “Dr” from an online degree factory.

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