Thousands Participate in Westchester DA Scarpino’s Tele Town Hall Meeting

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Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — April 1, 2020 — More than 4,400 Westchester residents called in to Westchester District Attorney Tony Scarpino’s Tele Town Hall meeting Tuesday evening, March 31st. The DA fielded dozens of questions from people across Westchester, ranging from how the courts are operating during the coronavirus pandemic, actions the DA is taking to combat domestic violence amidst social distancing, what he’s doing to prevent coronavirus scams and many others.

District Attorney Scarpino plans to hold additional Tele Town Hall Meetings through the spring.

“These are distressing times and all of us have questions about how our institutions are functioning. It was important to give residents a forum to directly raise these questions to me and reassure people that my office is working hard and remains available to address their needs. As Westchester District Attorney, my primary focus is maintaining safety and justice through this unprecedented pandemic,” said District Attorney Tony Scarpino.

DA’s Scarpino’s Actions During Coronavirus

Throughout the outbreak, DA Scarpino has been proactive about cracking down on coronavirus-related scams. In addition, he’s handled multiple reports of anti-Semitism against individuals who have contracted the virus and is remaining vigilant about all hate crimes whether related to coronavirus or not. He has also been outspoken about the dangerous situations victims of domestic violence face as they are stuck at home with their abusers. His prosecutions unit remains active and available to bring these cases forward and even though many court procedures are on hold, orders of protection are still being granted.


SOURCE: John Tomlin | Communications Director | Friends of Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.


TribuneThousands Participate in Westchester DA Scarpino’s Tele Town Hall Meeting

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  1. He’s done. No one will vote for him, because he’s not radical enough for the left. The right know he’s a flaming liberal intent on letting criminals run loose.

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