Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano Call on Local Churches to Ring Bells in Support of Healthcare Workers and First Responders Combatting COVID-19 Outbreak

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Mayor Encourages Residents to Join in Appreciating Essential Workers by Clapping Outside Their Homes at 7PM

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

YONKERS, NY – APRIL 3, 2020 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today is calling on local churches and bell towers to ring their bells at 7pm every evening in support of Yonkers healthcare workers and first responders on the frontlines combatting COVID-19 outbreak. Residents also are encouraged to demonstrate their appreciation by clapping loudly outside their home, a fire station, police precinct or local hospital at 7PM.

“Fighting this pandemic on the frontlines has taken its toll on many of our local healthcare workers and first responders,” said Mayor Spano. “A simple gesture such as clapping, banging pots, honking your horn or ringing bells can raise their spirits during this very dark time. I encourage all who can to do it, to do so responsibly and demonstrate how we care and rally around our community!”

Residents who participate in the city-wide clapping are encouraged to share and tag their photos or videos on the City of Yonkers (@CityofYonkers) and Mayor Mike Spano’s (@MayorMikeSpano)  social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor


TribuneYonkers Mayor Mike Spano Call on Local Churches to Ring Bells in Support of Healthcare Workers and First Responders Combatting COVID-19 Outbreak

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  1. What about prayers 🙏. It would be much better to pray to God for his mercy over us. Prayers work-Consider it, try it, test it!

  2. How about a round of applause for the $32 million hole in the YPS budget? Good job, Spano. You managed not to fix that problem again. In fact, you’re becoming quite adept at not only not fixing problems, but making them worse.


  3. I have the upmost respect for all the hospital workers the ambulance, fireman and policeman . Couldn’t do it with out you ❤ But also everybody must never forget the ConEd , Cable and phone company men/ women. Lights power and internet is so very important these days. They are working out there also everyday full shifts . Just wanted you to never forget them.

    1. The mayor is out there working. Thanks so much. Leave him alone Khader people you guys are losers. Mike Khader will never be mayor.

      1. Don’t you wish it were a Khader commenting (another morally bankrupt Yonkers family with too much food in their refrigerators and too little willpower). $3.1 billion in investments in Yonkers, and the city is still broke. Talk about inbred morons. The Spanos and their wannabe goombah F&F can’t even manage to get PPE for our front line workers. Maybe felon Spano can use some of that IDA money to help Dumbo Spano get some hand sanitizer for the boys and girls instead of greasing their filthy palms with taxpayer money and giving cushy jobs to F&F. We might as well have Forrest Gump running the OEM for the all good that Mosiello has done and is doing. And don’t get me started on DJ Lenny Santopanza or dumbell Vinny (yo’, Vinny). Now go take a picture of yourself banging a pot. Your GED brother needs all the help he can get. Word has it that he’s locked himself in his basement under a pile of toilet paper with stacks and stacks of CHEESE until this thing blows over.


  4. This gesture has merit to bring communities together. However, in Yonkers it’s a farce as our incompetent leadership has done absolutely zero to combat, mitigate or protect!

    We need leaders, but instead we have politicians that thrive on social media to post photo-ops of food drop offs and sewing/distributing a few dozen masks and gloves! And all their F&Fs congratulate them! So intolerably disgusting!

    The Office of the Aging is delivering food to the home bound elderly. That’s your job, you get funding for that! No thanks here, do your job!

    Lives are at stake in Yonkers and these fools are so unprepared, unresponsive and irresponsible!

    Yonkers is the hotbed of virus spread in Westchester and crickets from County Executive, Mayor, City Council, OEM in Yonkers! It’s deplorable and criminal!

    Other cities that are ringing church bells, clapping and hitting pots and pans have real leadership, action, engagement and information. Not here in Yonkers! Shame on the Mayor and his inept F&F administration!

    1. “This gesture has merit to bring communities together.”

      In other communities, it has been an authentic, spontaneous expression of solidarity (although it’s mostly an empty gesture). In Yonkers it’s a cynical, manufactured PR stunt by Spano’s communications team to divert attention away from his outrageous mishandling of the situation. Disgusting and shameful.

  5. Yonkers citizens are dying and all Mike Spano can do is just go out and clap, real fitting numb-nuts. Clapping back at you Mike. 👏 👏 👏 love your determination to use coronavirus to end your taxpayer blood sucking careers on the lowest note ever. Honestly, I salute you for it. By the way first responders, I refuse to clap for you, I will pray continuously with gratitude for all that you do. May God bless you all! With Mike Spano at the helm, Yonkers and all of you are doomed.

  6. “Residents who participate in the city-wide clapping are encouraged to share and tag their photos or videos on the City of Yonkers (@CityofYonkers) and Mayor Mike Spano’s (@MayorMikeSpano) social media platforms on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.”

    Wow. Just wow. People are being carried out of buildings in bodybags and the morgue is full. And Spano wants pics for Facebook and Instagram of residents banging on pots or clapping as a show of “support” for frontline workers? God almighty, is Spano a sicko? Or maybe he’s just lost his mind. Shell shock?

    1. The Mayor is all about symbolism whether it’s cutting ribbons, lighting the city hall tower etc. Never any real substance.

  7. It’s been done elsewhere. Is this is idea? No. Amazing how the illegitimate Mayor of Yonkers has dealt with this COVID situation, in his own bubble. The City is a farce and so is Spano and his merry band of thieves. Was it his idea of warding off the virus to place American flags down Grand View Blvd ? It won’t. What a joke.

    1. He needs to step down! His incompetency is beyond comprehension.

      Hezi, please, please call him for another interview. He needs to answer questions from a neutral, unbiased, concerned public..

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