Yonkers Mayor Spano to Accept 30,000 Pieces of PPE from American Chinese United Care (ACUC) Alliance

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American Chinese United Care Alliance have raised over $5 million in donations from among 150 American-Chinese organization to supply Personal Protection Equipment (PPE’s) to medical personnel.

YONKERS, NY –  April 22, 2020 —Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano will join board members of the American Chinese United Care Alliance and Michael Spicer of St. Joseph’s Medical Center Thursday, April 23 at 10AM at the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management warehouse at 798 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, NY to accept personal protective equipment (PPE) donations, including 30,000 masks, hand sanitizers and surgical gowns, from the ACUC and its membership donors. Donations are to be distributed to city organizations and hospitals that are in need of PPE’s to combat the COVID-19 outbreak.

The ACUC Alliance is a recently-launched grassroots coalition of more than 150 Chinese American and Overseas Chinese organizations throughout the Tri-State Area. Members include charitable entities, businesses, alumni associations, other Chinese cultural, religious, and professional groups and individuals, all committed to helping local communities in the fight against this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic.


TribuneYonkers Mayor Spano to Accept 30,000 Pieces of PPE from American Chinese United Care (ACUC) Alliance

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  1. I will say this, the American Chinese communities have been more front and center towards helping out their fellow Americans than the Muslims did after 9-11.

    1. The Asian community. have suffered the bias of ignorance of others in a blame game that is inappropriate. The Spanish flu that took place a century ago was defined that way because Spanish doctors discovered it. Was there a backlash against Spanish people? Why are people from the Orient blamed for this pandemic? The bigotry is outrageous and misplaced. No matter one’s ethnicity, skin color, religious beliefs, or any other barometer, all of us, are susceptible to COVID-19. I am respectful of the Chines American community’s magnanimity. I am saddened they have been maligned for so many decades by bias and bigotry among those who wear their bigotry without even a second thought. As a side note, there are 3 Chinese takeout stores in my neighborhood, within three blocks from where I reside. They have all suffered the need to close because some people believe that Chinese food could give them the virus. Such ignorance. It appalls and offends me. Kindly, Hezi

    2. Your statement is asinine. The Muslim community didn’t cause 9/11. The Asian community didn’t unleash COVID-19 on the world.
      Ron Matten

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