Yonkersites Who Have Been Tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Are Infected is Now Tallied at 1,300 Plus

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The Culture of Omission and  Deception Regarding “Best Practice” Responsiveness to the COVID-19 Challenge Hezitorial

Bronxville Tribune / Yonkers Tribune / Mount Vernon Tribune / Westchester Tribune Publisher / Editor-at-Large and WHYT Radio’s Westchester On the Level Host Hezi Aris.

YONKERS, NY — April 2, 2020 — It would have been ludicrous to reveal the number of Yonkersites who have been tested and are in fact infected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) on April Fool’s Day. No matter the day, however, the numbers have proven to be greater than some would have ever expected. Even so, those insiders with knowledge, have informed the Yonkers Tribune on assurance of anonymity, of the 1,300 who have in fact tested positive for The Coronavirus. 

The City of Yonkers, the Yonkers Police Department and the Yonkers Fire Department were too late in recognizing that Yonkers’ population and density would logically lend itself to the City of Hills eventually harboring the largest cluster of people infected with COVID-19.

Mayor Mike Spano had requested guidance from Yonkers Police Commissioner John Mueller, as well as from Yonkers Fire (YFD) Commissioner Robert Sweeney. Both were reluctant to make informed and precautionary measures to lessen the impact of COVID-19 with respect to the women and men in “Blue” and the women and men in “Red”, as well as with respect to the residents of the City of Yonkers. The fact that these men are at their respective helm does not detract from the fact that they have proven their advice deleterious in serving all Yonkersites. Mueller and Sweeney were not only timid in their response to Mayor Mike Spano, they showed little concern for those personnel employed by the YPD and YFD. The lack of interest and their lack of concern for the YPD and YFD membership is a travesty not because they were unfamiliar with how to advise Mayor Mike Spano, but rather because they did not thereafter make inquiry when the were asked and found themselves each incapable of responding to Mayor Mike Spano’s request for best practice.

The “Red” Truth

The Blue Truth

Both Mueller and Sweeney could have asked people who served in the same capacity as they prior to them. Neither one of them ever bothered, which questions their respective capacity to serve in their present station and its commensurate responsibility. For Mayor Mike Spano to not recognize how each of these men have undermined the future standing and capacity of Mayor Mike Spano I self is a travesty. It also reveals each man’s callous disregard for the City of Yonkers. 

The background, as described above, is pertinent. In every municipality, facts and figures of those infected have been released. Note that names have not been; that is legally appropriate.

So where do we go rom here? Will the City of Yonkers continue to meander aimlessly? Should Mayor Mike Spano reach out to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo for best practice advice?

Those prospective inquiries by Mayor Mike Spano  may  lead him to ascertain the best suggestion presently agreed upon by experts in their respective fields, and thereafter must be consistently reassessed to maintain integrity of purpose and effort.

The takeaway is that Yonkersites must not emulate the disfunction and callousness of Commissioners John Mueller and Robert Sweeney. Yonkersites must learn to express themselves by noting the  lethargic responses of those who get paid the big bucks, who do not have a grasp of their supposed profession, and who are callous and unconcerned that their equivocation is harmful to the health of all Yonkersites.

Yonkersites have a right to know who among these men will step up to the plate and how long before they come to learn what is the best practice? And thereafter when they will institute those best practices.


eHeziYonkersites Who Have Been Tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Are Infected is Now Tallied at 1,300 Plus

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  1. Yonkers now has over 3000 cases of the virus!! I just don’t understand. The mayor is just now speaking up the last few weeks with no new information. He had to notice weeks ago that we bi-passed New Rochelle as the epicenter. Yes we have a large population and that is one reason to get ahead of this. He was hidden for weeks waiting for Cuomo to advise him on what he should do. Now all of these extra cases makes Cuomo/New York state look worse. Be prepared for more cases. He should have enforced social distancing weeks ago. There are a lot of apartment buildings in Yonkers! City Hall and the city buildings just started last week to get sanitized & to receive protective materials. This is an embarrassment to the residents of Yonkers and to the state!

  2. What a bunch of clowns !! How’s the view from the cheap seats? I have an idea! Stop hiding behind a computer and writhing like a bitch and go out and help someone. Don’t be a coward. We are out here everyday doing our job and some of us have fell ill. I’m one of them. I’m back to work. The mayors office is doing a great job!!! We are all taking chances with our health so that you can continue to throw mud balls from the cheap seats!!

    Hezi’s Comment … this comment was signed by someone claiming to be a Yonkers Police Officer. There is no way for me to validate this comment with the name designated at the end of the comment, so it has been deleted for my lack of ability to validate the person who claims to have made the comment. EVEN SO, the issue is given expression because people have a right to their perspective as do others who have commented and question the preparedness of the YPD, OEM, The Mayor, among others that have been late in protecting our personnel. Why has the City not acquired PPE’s to protect first responders? kindly, Hezi

  3. This is nothing but a bad flu. Pish posh, you are making hay from a few coughs and fever. The people who are dying would die anyway. They are sick. Get your lazy asses back to work.

  4. This Covid 19 is serious. It’s not a joke or hoax. People boost your immunity, practice social distancing, and personal hygiene. Very important.

  5. To the person who wrote: “Yonkers OEM is a joke”, you absolutely hit the nail on the head. The crooked, inept slobs in this administration are being exposed in the face of this disaster. These people have absolutely no character or leadership qualities whatsoever. But the truth is, deep down they don’t give a shit because they know they are out after this term. After this blows over, they will go right back to giving jobs to family, friends, and an assortment of useless political hacks so they can be sure to be well set up after their slimy asses leave City Hall.

      1. That was 85% of the 15,000 that came out to vote! How many live in Yonkers? He is is corrupt! Sooner or later he will get caught! That’s right carry that bread bucket for the elderly as you know your incompetence is killing them! The Kennedys karma is still affecting his kids generationally what do you think is going to happen going forward? There is a God and always a karma. Sabatino should be in jail for selling Yonkers out for a six figure job for himself and his husband! God help us! I don’t get how Annabi went to jail for less then these clowns. Rubbo fed alcohol to a COY staff member that was later in a wrong way head-on collision. No investigation? You never know when some of the pics of him and the Mayor and Akeem with a few other Yonkers players may pop up. Corazon is bought and paid for as she hands the elite white men the power positions. Breen who had no opponent should be in jail! Check his financials and see how much it cost him to pay the Spanos off so he didn’t have an opponent. Merante? lol! You’re one and done! Next! You wonder why a plague has hit Yonkers? Let’s pray that those that are innocent are spared! Please God help us!

    1. With less that 20% of the electorate equals 21.5%. No mandate here. Voters no it’s so corrupt they don’t bother. And just look who was RUNNING against him, Humpty Dumpty.

  6. Does anyone know Mosiello’s background? What degree does he have from Fordham? What’s his education? What qualifications, training and certification does he have? What prior experience in emergency management does he have? This is actually a serious question.

    On the OEM’s website, it states the following:

    “Michael Mosiello (B.A Fordham) has served as the Director of the Yonkers Office of Emergency Management since January 2016, and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Office of Emergency Management.”

    I wonder if a lawsuit (class-action or otherwise) can be brought against the CoY for negligence. It seems to me that the CoY had a duty of care, and that duty seems to have been breached by the appointment of someone with virtually no qualifications, training, education or experience.

    1. Mosiello has no experience other then he was a policeman on YPD for about 3 months, didn’t have the guts for the job. Left to go into family jewelry business when that started to falter, his father went to kiss Mike’s finger and plead for a job.

  7. With no money in the budget, no PPE and no one competent in City Hall, I give Yonkers 2-3 weeks max before the City collapses.

  8. This Covid is a hoax by the Trump Administration. It’s just the flu. Calm down people. It’s to keep the people in power in power. It’s designed to keep Bernie out of the White House.

    1. Oh!!! And I thought it was the Libtard Media hoax according to Trump. Bernie was a non starter, and best get rid of Biden, he slurs his words. Time to put Cuomo in. He’s the only one that could beat Trump looking at the way he has handled the COVID-19.

  9. can you all let mike spano be,
    he recently purchased angelo martinelli’s home and he’s doing renovations to give mary her dream home, denise is running the city well

  10. We only know of the people who have actually been tested!

    If folks aren’t tested, we won’t know if they are carriers and we can’t trace, track, or contain the virus in Yonkers.

    COVID-19 is a novel virus that transmits quickly by people who may be asymptomatic.

    If you aren’t tested, you won’t know whether you are a carrier or not.

    Everyone should wear a mask and gloves when they go out for food and medicines. You can literally line the mask with a sanitary pad worn during menstruation as a layer and protective barrier within those flimsy surgical masks everyone is wearing.

    Wipe down door nobs, supermarket carts and your groceries when you go out. Do not press elevator buttons and ATM machine buttons without protective barriers such as disposable gloves or antibacterial wipes!

  11. The COY needs a COVID-19 task force to be formed STAT!

    We need qualified reputable clinical and academic physician advisors (emergency medicine and infectious diseases) and an epidemiologist on board to help manage the obvious exponential growth that is about to occur.

    Yonkers needs to reach out to Dr. Carlos Flores who was trained by the best at NYU/Bellevue Hospital.

    If I recall correctly, he still runs the emergency department at Lawrence Hospital and can reach out to his colleagues and former contacts over at NYU and elsewhere for additional guidance.

    This is not the time to appoint incompetent friends and family to help us navigate what’s coming.

    We need to set up testing sites in Yonkers STAT and make sure that St. Josephs and St. Johns are equipped to manage and treat patients.

    In times of crisis, leaders, companies and officials will show you who they really are!!

    1. I wouldn’t recommend anyone from Lawrence Hospital, they misdiagnosed the first patient from New Rochelle, which caused the huge outbreak in Westchester County

    2. The Mayor was asked to form a Covid Task Force however, the county takes precedence and Spano can not conflict with County Executive Latimer. The DOH is county run not city.

  12. Everyone in government and all of the union heads have failed miserably. The virus is here. The time to act was when the Raceway worker died, instead of calling the coronavirus a bad case of the flu like Spano said. Now thousands are infected. The morgue at St. Joseph’s is full. They’re bringing in refrigerated trailers as temporary morgues to store the bodies. Supplies of ventilators are running low. Cops are sick. There’s nowhere to be tested in Yonkers. You can’t get a mask anywhere. And the worst part is that Spano will smile and tell us how we all got through this together when all of this is over.

    1. The bottom line is that it is business as usual in the COY which means nothing is on the level and very little if anything gets done.

  13. We loVe Mike Spano. Thursday cha cha dancing in the conference room with Mike and Dedra was great fun. Irish coffe for everyone.

  14. The Yonkers OEM is a joke. Asking people to donate homemade PPE and other supplies because they’re too incompetent to procure supplies from state and federal government. Bungling idiots under his social media posts thanking him for nothing as towns and villages next door have been able to protect their essential personnel and medical staff, with much less administrative bloat to boot. Reach out to the hospitals and local facilities, ask them if they’ve heard anything from the city officials about fulfilling the urgent needs they face. You also better double-check if those masks are N95 approved, they sure as hell didn’t.

    Yonkers has the highest number of cases of any municipality in New York outside of NYC. The Mayor is surrounding himself with sycophants who aren’t telling him what this means for his faltering house of cards. Here’s the thing Mike, medical personnel in your city are falling ill because despite having decades of “experience” at the helm, your office isn’t well versed enough to handle this situation. If it’s not a parade, hiding a DUI, or giving a bootlicker a job, your team doesn’t know how to do it. The inverted curve is going to kill this city and you don’t even know what it is.

    Here’s a hint. More patients are flooding CoY hospitals but fewer medical staff can treat them because they are falling ill from the virus.

    Unfortunately, nobody in the City of Hills ever expected that they would have to effectively govern. It’s how you end up with an illiterate chief executive appointing Howie from Uncut Gems to lead the Office of Emergency Management. The city is deliberately keeping nongovernmental agencies in the dark about the severity of this crisis. Instead of being upfront with the public regarding how many of our YPD, YFD, and DPW are all sick, we’re hearing it through the grapevine. It’s despicable, smoke and mirrors from the top down. Yonkers is on track of distinguishing itself as one of the places that will be worst affected by this outbreak, a reputation that will be hard to shake in the ensuing recession that will emerge from the rubble of this global pandemic. Who the hell wants to live in a place that treated their residents like this during this juncture?

    The only silver lining is the fast-approaching reckoning for this bloated municipal government in a time of diminished tax revenue. After a decade of unprecedented economic growth, Yonkers managed to add nothing to its coffers. Giving away the kitchen sink to developers and sweetening the pot for the F and F network. The thought of half of these people ever having to enter a competitive job market is almost too laughable. I guess it’s a race to the bottom for Mike’s admiration so everyone on the 2nd floor, it’s time to pucker up.

    Vote for a clown, expect a circus.

    1. The problem in Yonkers is the majority of people who work in city government get hired not for their skill set rather because of their political affiliation, racial identity group or social engineering group and the result is the complete breakdown in leadership in the COY when it needs it the most and when this crisis is over all the ass wipes will go back to kissing the backsides of these losers who call themselves advocates for the COY.

      1. Where are the covid hotspots inside of Yonkers? What data do we have? And if we don’t have the data – who is responsible? I moved to Yonkers 3 years ago – thought the infamous corruption of Yonkers was behind the city – apparently not even close. WTF? Why is this city always involved w corruption?

  15. Latimer and Spano are following China’s lead by hiding Coronavirus cases and data from the people that pay their salaries and that of their ill equipped relatives. What a travesty! They are both over their heads. They lack the intelligence and needed qualified personnel to help contain the Coronavirus before it goes further. According to health departments insiders, Yonkers from the onset was the #1 hotspots NOT NEW ROCHELLE! Their findings reveal that in Yonkers proportion of people who have COVID-19 is a lot greater in poor areas, significant clusters are in low income areas. Latimer and Spano were informed by the health department that Minority areas have been disproportionately hit by the Coronavirus; yet, there is zero press. Why hide this fact Latimer? Why hide this fact Spano? You both should be ashamed of yourselves. The numerous body bags that are coming out of Yonkers day after day with zero media coverage is telling. Disaster is looming in Westchester County and Yonkers the #1 Coronavirus hotspot. With few hospital beds, intensive care units or ventilators, we are doomed!

  16. What ever happened to all those table top exercises the Director of the OEM was alleged to have taken part in, when he was accused of being completely unqualified and ill prepared for his appointment to that position? Did he skip the scenario about a widespread medical emergency in Yonkers? Maybe those exercises were more about the free catered lunch and a few drinks afterwards, than implementing strategies that would have kept the residents of the CoY safe.

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