A Balanced Approach: Stimulus Checks Are Deficient in Protecting Tenants’ Security and Rights

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An Open Letter to New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

Michael Nukho, CPM, is the Founder, President and Principal Broker of NuRealty Advisors, Inc., a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company, and a Partner of GEM Management Partners LLC, a Multi-Family Residential Property Management Company, situated at 573 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10705. https://www.NuRealtyAdvisors.com

YONKERS, NY — May 16, 2020 — I am 100 percent on board to assist tenants as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis which has impacted tenants’ concerns vis-a-vis their anxiety level regarding their capacity to meet their monthly rent. Despite your concern and empathy regarding tenants, I suggest, with all due respect, that your approach does not meet the needs of tenants. At no fault of anyone, this pandemic has affected the lives of the entire world, yet it seems your approach is one-sided and thereby deleterious to all affected.  You cannot suspend the moratorium and provide relief to “just the tenants.”   To be effective, a plan for relief must be made for all parties concerned.

My suggestion is quite simple.  Any tenant in New York State (NYS) that is suffering financial hardship due to COVID-19 should immediately be placed under Section-8 or welfare standards.  This will enable automatic rental payments to be sent directly to landlords. The funds would not even need to be sent to the tenant and would instead be a direct payment to their landlord, in the same manner that Section-8 or welfare works now. In addition, this legal construct would eliminate the risk of any and all tenants being evicted for not maintaining their legal contractual obligation as stipulated in their lease agreement to their landlord to secure housing for their family.

The current form of relief, that is stimulus checks, simply does not work because it is a temporary fix, that will not relieve the anxiety fomented by an eviction. There is in fact no assurance that those stimulus checks are being used to pay rent, food, utilities, etc.   To ensure rental payments are made will deliver confidence to the tenants and the government that they have protected their people. This will eliminate the risk of adding to the already high homeless count in NYS as opposed to extending the moratorium which will only delay a possible eviction whereby this solution eliminates an eviction entirely.

This solution will help our economy and protect the real estate market in New York State.

It goes without saying, though it does not hurt to say so, adopting this concept will elevate your leadership skills beyond that of Governor; hero comes to mind.

This is a win-win for everyone.  By adopting this concept Gov. Cuomo, you will be helping tenants and simultaneously protecting the economy. I humbly ask for your reconsideration.

Thank you.

/s/ Michael Nukho, CPM


Michael Nukho, CPM, is the Founder, President and Principal Broker of NuRealty Advisors, Inc., a Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Company, and a Partner of GEM Management Partners LLC, a Multi-Family Residential Property Management Company, situated at 573 South Broadway, Yonkers, NY 10705. https://www.NuRealtyAdvisors.com




TribuneA Balanced Approach: Stimulus Checks Are Deficient in Protecting Tenants’ Security and Rights

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  1. Current tenant

    I’m a tenant in one of Mike’s buildings. I’ve been living here for 6 years now. I’m currently moving, yes you heard me. I’m moving during a pandemic. I’m actually moving to another building that he owns. I think Mike makes a viable point about tenants getting section 8 or getting on welfare. The proposal will help everyone in the situation not only him but the tenant too. I’m also speaking from experience. I’m currently getting some assistance from section 8 myself, but please know I do get help but I pay the most of my rent, not section 8. In my opinion he is not a bad landlord, however I can only speak for myself. Again I have been living in his building for 6 years and never once did i have a problem with him. I respect the lease it’s a binding contract. I work and come home. I’m a very quiet tenant. Furthermore let me also say within the 6 years I did have some rent issues. However, in the six years I have never been over a month late with my rent. If I told him I will pay him on the 15 of the month then guess what, I paid him. I’m a woman of my word. I understand this is not the case for everyone, but in my experience he’s always been understanding!!! But remember whenever I told him I will pay him, I paid him on that date. It’s a two way street. I really like the building and the apartment that I’m moving to, but please know the current building is not bad. I have no roaches, no mice in the 6 years I been living here. I’m sorry to hear that some people are so mad with him. Well he can’t please everyone!! My dad always said if you’re making everyone happy then you’re doing something wrong!!!
    Current Tenant of 6 yrs

  2. to all the critics, please buy real estate and deal with all that it comes with. It’s not a great lifestyle like a politician or Movie Star. Its actually very hard work. Every building owner is trying to create wealth for themselves decades from now. The landlord is not hitting the lottery when a tenant pays their contractually agreed rent every month. your only considered a slum lord when you own property in areas where housing is needed. I never heard anyone call a landlord a slum lord in Bronxville or Scarsdale, that’s because you will only find tenants there that don’t want to live in areas like yonkers or mt Vernon. Thank God for Landlords that invest in low-income areas. and NYS should help tenants pay the rent not tell them not to pay.

  3. Mr. Michael
    I sincerely hope your suggestion is considered by Governor Cuomo. It’s a well thought out suggestion keeping in mind the people that need it because of these unprecedented times. I agree it will most definitely be a WIN-WIN for all. It will help avoid an overload on The Court System due to evictions and it will most definitely keep the Landlords and Tenants afloat. Slumlords why?? Because They give those on Section 8 a chance?? There is such a stereotype when it comes to does people on section 8. I assure you not all are the same. Some of us do work and pay taxes we are not all government Leaches.

  4. Mr. Nukho is spot on on his assessment. This sounds like a logical very well thought out approach. If the Government wants to implement a good public policy, the tax revenue for the state should help pay for that policy.

  5. A proposal to have Tenant’s rent paid is construed to be a negative attribute to the Landlord….. REALLY? Why is Rent supposed to be free? Oh so then the Landlord’s expenses (Tax, Water, Heating Cost, Repairs etc…) should be free right??

    Anyone who suggests this proposal is one-sided is negatively stereotyping a “Landlord” they are upset that one of their functions is to collect rent…. Clearly unintelligent and unethical!

    The concept makes sense — When Rent is paid then the Landlord can pay their expenses which means PEOPLE WORK! When People work then the economy is moving FORWARD!

    If Rent is not paid then tenants can be evicted which results in a rise in homeless people and with that comes an increase in crime. The best thing any family can ask for is for their rent to be paid in a time when they cannot do it themselves to protect their family.

    If you want your rent to be free then you better hope the government is planning to make the costs to run a building free b/c one can be done without the other! A building with unpaid expenses will go into foreclosure and no services will be provided. This will be a mess through NYS!

    This idea is AMAZING! It would place our economy back on track and eliminate the risk of destroying our NY Real Estate Industry that everyone capitalizes from. You do not need to be “in Real Estate” to benefit from it. Departments stores, restaurants, office buildings, entertainment centers are ALL IN REAL ESTATE so if you destroy the industry then unemployment will continue to rise.

    Cuomo’s proposal to push evictions to August does not solve the problem. This proposal does and all sides are made whole to allow the economy to back on track.

    1. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, my friend. Temporary rent cancellation during a pandemic is the solution. If you don’t have to pay rent for a few months, then you can’t get evicted. Simples.

      Maybe the Nukhos over-extended themselves by buying too many buildings that they can’t afford. That’s why they’re looking for gob’ment handouts during the crisis.

      Same old story – wealthy people in suits always looking for taxpayer handouts. The biggest welfare queens are always the ones in suits. Always. Rentier capitalism at its worst.

      Yonkers SUCKS.


  6. NYC renters and landlords are pushing for rent cancellation, and the Nukhos are talking about putting renters into Section 8? Sounds to me like their only interested in getting PAID IN FULL. YONKERS BUMS

  7. This is a great idea, it guarantees the money is used as intended and gives families a sense of security. Tenants need comfort to know they have a home and the property owners need comfort to know they can pay their obligations to provide a good home. I do not understand what difference it makes if a tenant is Sec8 or why it is even mentioned. Are Sec8 parents or children different from non “program/Sec8” people? A landlord is a slumlord because he rents to Sec8 people? Is the next angry comment going to single out race, gender or religion? Everyone deserves good housing which involves hiring employees, paying Con Ed, Insurance, a mortgage, etc. Are all housing related workers and vendors working for free?? The State is not forgiving property owners to pay these expenses, so where is the money coming from? Anyone who is against this proposal makes me wonder if they really intended to use the money to pay their rent or did they want to the money for other reasons. This proposal guarantees results, it generates jobs, it keeps the economy moving as per Cuomo. Good Work Michael.

    1. Yes, the same. What was then, was. This is an issue that may indeed be a basis for security to renters and landlords. A perspective is permitted to change as befitting circumstance in the Yonkers Tribune. We allow discourse, while others cling to to a perspective that may no longer be pertinent. Then again, each are entitled to their perspective. What would be pertinent, is whether you would respectfully share your concept that is presently responsive to this crisis. Yonkers has a propensity to maintain trial perspectives which undermine out city’s capacity. My question, then, is quite simple, malign them for what was. Will it take two years to contemplate if Mr. Nukho’s perspective is pertinent and prudent to ameliorate and relieve the insecurity of maintaining a roof over one’s family’s head now or if the prospect of eviction / homelessness is the best option? —- With all due respect, kindly, Hezi

      P.S. If people would learn to engage in discourse and respond to discord or misunderstanding, perhaps Yonkers would arrive at a better posture and outcome. Smart is smart. If you disagree, write your own open letter or letter to the editor, or engage in commenting herein. Yonkers Tribune affords everyone a voice, and my demeanor is not to harbor animosity, even when I don’t agree with a particular perspective or sentiment or past incidents. I am not embarrassed by my conduct then, prior, or since.

  8. Utter nonsense from one of the worst slumlords in Yonkers (count the health, safety, fire and sanitation code violations). What are the legal ramifications of involuntarily placing renters into Section 8? How would that impact rent-controlled and rent-stabilized apartments and renters? Who is going to pick up the tab for all of those rents being automatically deposited into landlord bank accounts?

    We all know how much Mike Nukho and his brother George Nukho love their Section 8 checks. They’ve filled their Yonkers buildings with Section 8 tenants precisely because the government pays on time every time each month. And these scumbags know that they can intimidate, harass, and otherwise deny basic service like heat, hot water, functioning elevators, rodent-free premises and repairs to Section 8 tenants because they’re less likely to stand up for their rights (or even know their rights) for fear of losing their benefits. Someone should investigate how these two slimeballs have emptied their buildings of rent-stabilized tenants. And the nerve of Mike Nukho now trying to present himself as someone who cares about tenants. Outrageous.

    You can dress them up, put them in suits, and run their slick PR pieces about multi-million dollar real estate deals in downtown Yonkers, but Michael Nukho and George Nukho are nothing more than gold-plated Yonkers slumlords and anyone who has heard the name or run into this family knows the score. The glowing comments below are no doubt from his friends and family network. If their tenants could write or pay people to write for them, then you’d hear true horror stories about the Nukho brothers.

  9. I love ideas that bring a Win Win result and this is one of them
    I’m a landlord here in New York and seeing tenants not paying is really creating a hardship for me and my family. I’m a family of 4 children and for into the rental business taking loans in order to have the time to take care of my kids. But without the rent subsidy of my tenants is impossible to no even pay the basics like mortgage, water, Conedison and all of that. And when this is all over who is to say they will have the money to pay for past and current?
    I’m 100% with this Genious Idea
    Cuomo hear this out, win win for everyone without having to sacrifice no one!!!

  10. Real people offering real solutions! This is brilliant and should be taken into consideration. No more bandaid fixes by all these politicians, let’s offer the people something more. Yonkers (and NY) should open their eyes and ears, this guy has a solution.

  11. I totally agree with you
    Don’t have section 8, and it’s very hard to pay the rent at the moment, Unemployed
    Thank you

  12. Seems to be a perfectly fair solution; tenants will not have to worry about housing and landlords can continue to provide services. Nobody suffers. Why couldn’t our government leaders come up with this? Perhaps they like it when one side suffers. Mr. Nukho, if you ever go into office you’ve got my vote!

  13. I totally agree. Stopping evictions and giving out $1200 checks will not help anyone in the long run. With this method everyone wins and the economy doesn’t crash. Its very simple, once things are back to normal they can be taken off of Section 8 and wont have to worry about the debt that was caused. Everyone wins!

  14. What’s wrong with someone who has a Section 8 voucher?! For all intents and purposes if the program is not abused (like anything else), it should work on helping low income families seek adequate housing while compensating the landlord appropriately. There are plenty of tenants who don’t have Section 8 and are forced to live in substandard housing. Having a Section 8 voucher does not mean the tenant is a bad person and/or that the landlord is a slumlord… Typically speaking, a ‘bad’ or undesirable tenant (who may pay cash, not have a subsidy) will ultimately get what they deserve, and that is a slumlord!

  15. Mr Nukho is 100 percent correct on this issue. The only solution to this rent problem is to have the state and federal government fund the social service departments so that tenants can apply for rental assistance. This will prevent and eliminate the eviction of any tenant. While providing the funds so that the landlords can keep giving the tenants the essential services so needed.
    I hope that the politicians in Albany and in the US Congress start to realize that this a two way street.
    Frank Garcia
    Yonkers, Ny.

  16. Great points and suggestions Michael! In these times, we as people need to have a better understanding of how our government works and the people we trust to run it.

    This isn’t about collecting money, it’s about making sure that our government provides us as citizens with the tools and resources to get through these difficult times and make sure we can pay our bills and not go under.

    Hopefully your message is heard loud and clear!

    1. Finally someone with a real solution to a real problem. Government keeps trying to come up with new innovative ways to send relief out to the people who need it but seem to keep failing at the attempts, PPP being one of them. Real small business couldn’t get their hands on it and when they did, it made the forgiveness aspect of it virtually impossible due to the fact that that the business are under a mandatory shut down. In Michael’s plan you will be using an existing system, where all you are really doing is entering new data for qualifying candidates. Everything else is already in place. And yes it does help the tenant AND the landlord. One easy solution to solve two major problems? No brainer!

  17. This article is right on point! It satisfies the growing concern that residents of our state will have a roof over their head, landlords will pay their bills which employs our residences, and ensures our economy does not crumble to pieces. This proposal satisfies all concerns. Stimulus checks are a temporary fix but having security for your home is far more superior.

  18. Little Mikey you have enough section 8 in your buildings
    This is nothing but a self serving article from a yonkers slum lord

    1. Mike. Great idea. Unfortunately some tenants think that rent is canceled until Aug.The governor needs to be more clear that its NOT. By the time Aug gets here most tenants will be 5 months in default and will be asking for one shot deals,leaving them looking for government handouts. No one should live for free. Landlords pay bills too.

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