Best vs. Goliath: Open Letter to Voters in the City of Yonkers By Judge KAREN BEST

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Dear Yonkers Voters:

Judge Karen Best

YONKERS, NY — May 14, 2020 —What do you do when someone tells you that you have to wait to follow your dream? Consider that person is viewed as the gatekeeper to that dream. Do you “wait your turn”? Do you “get in line”? Do you “play the game”? Or do you persist? I was in that position when I decided that I wanted to become a Yonkers City Court Judge.

In the January issue of the Yonkers Rising, Yonkers Democratic Chairman Thomas Meier stated, “You don’t just wake up one morning and say, ‘I want to be a judge.’” My first thought when I read that quote was, “Why not?” He may have been referring to me when he made that statement because I chose to run in a manner he considers to be the wrong way. I did not become a district leader, I did not pay to attend numerous Yonkers Democratic Party events, I did not work for other candidates, nor did I “bow down and kiss his ring.” I chose to keep my money, my dignity, my integrity, and my respect. I chose to fight a battle that has been deemed impossible, which is winning a Yonkers election without the establishment leaders’ approval.

In the aforementioned issue of the Yonkers Rising, Meier also stated, “Most Yonkers Democrats don’t want a primary…” Fortunately, the Chairman cannot speak for most of Yonkers Democrats; they will speak for themselves when they cast their votes next month in the primary we have a right to hold. I hope Yonkers Democrats will cast a vote for me, for someone that dared to face a mountain and climb it; because by voting for me, that is the kind of person you can expect to ensure justice in this city.

I cannot say that forging ahead towards the Democratic primary on June 23rd has been easy. I have spent a lot of my own money and I have faced opposition from various people along the way. However, I continue to look forward to the primary because my campaign has become bigger than me. For me the Best 4 Yonkers City Court Judge Campaign has become a symbol of what I have done for other people throughout my career in Yonkers. I spent years of my career in Yonkers City Court advocating for the rights of others; advocating for the underdog.

Now, the underdog is me. I hope you join me in this movement for real social and economic justice in this city we call home.

Best regards,

Judge Karen Best

TribuneBest vs. Goliath: Open Letter to Voters in the City of Yonkers By Judge KAREN BEST

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  1. Look the whole election system in this country is corrupt. Primaries water down any type of competitive election. You end up with tweedle dee and tweedle dumb (and I mean DUMB).
    In Yonkers there are often elections where there are only one candidate, Mike Breen’s district is a perfect example.

    The present case in front of the supreme court is a great example where 538 electoral college voters actually vote for the President, so please quit with the democracy BS. This country is anything but a democracy, presently rub by a lunatic bully.

    Simple fix let anyone who wants to run and let the public decide. End the expensive primary corrupt process.

  2. And Tommy Jr knows his FATHER is also a hot-headed loose cannon who wouldn’t survive in a real job either. Army reserves with his feet up on a desk for thirty years and then some bullshit patronage job with the County.

  3. As a lifelong Democrat I cant understand why Daly would take the Republican Line.
    A Law should be passed when running as a Democrat you should not take the Republican Line.

    Liz Stein

  4. Spano needed to find a job for Liam so he had to appoint McGrath
    Yonkers should abolish the IG office
    It’s filled with patronage

  5. Is there anyway possible Tom Meier Jr
    takes a leave of absence for the Board of Elections, it’s unethical to be working on a campaign and oversee an election, there are many ballots in the board and there’s room for fraud

    1. It’s unethical to be Commissioner of DPW, owing your job to the Mayor and running the Democratic and Republican Parties. Tom Meier controls Justin Tubiolo. Mike Spano controls Tom Meier.

  6. Yeah, as if Tom Meier has the right to talk down to a person with the educational and professional qualifications of Karen Best. This phony, ignorant, asshole couldn’t get through the first ten minutes of law school.

  7. So, Tom Meier said, “ you don’t just wake up one morning and decide you want to be a judge…?” Did he wake up one morning and say, “I want to be a narrow-minded, male chauvinist pig…?” Because it certainly seems that he has achieved that lofty goal. What a scumbag this guy is.

  8. This woman has more integrity than the men in the City of Yonkers. No ONE has had the courage to go against the establishment in a documented way! If anyone truly wants to make a change this is their chance! They will shut this woman out for not being a good girl! Yet, when she wins they will do a 360 and try and be her best friend! We have a chance at a Judge that is not controlled or a puppet for the administration. Now is the time
    To shit or get off the pot! The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome. The fact, she seems very well educated and a strong woman is why she will have my vote! It’s time to take back our city! The only way to do that is to vote!

    1. The female candidate running alongside Daly and McGrath just also moved into Yonkers just several years ago – no real ties to the “community” basically running as an identity politics candidate.

  9. Good for you, Karen Best. Tom Meier is a useless, obnoxious, political hack. His condescending comments about your campaign are par for the course. He treats women disgracefully. Continue to stand up for yourself and refuse to kiss his ass. I hope you win in a landslide.

  10. This is the one candidate out of the four that I will not vote for in the upcoming election. She moved into the city so she could run for office. She has no ties to our community and is self serving. Get lost.

    1. She worked in Yonkers City Court as a public defender with Legal Aid. So what she did not grow up here! I think that is an asset. Probably why she can’t be controlled. What have you done for anyone in the Yonkers community?

    1. The entire COY is corrupt-when Spano authorizes a $90,000 political consulting fee what he really means is that it is a no-show job for a ex-Yonkers Mayor.

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