Chris Fink Releases Complete SEE Forward Plan

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Chris Fink candidate for Congressional District 16.

PELHAM, NY — May 16, 2020 — Chris  Fink, Democratic  Candidate  in the  June  23rd  Primary for NY’s 16th  Congressional  District, released his  complete  three-part  plan, SEE  Forward, to drive  Social, Environmental, and Economic  recovery from  the  COVID-19 pandemic. 

Fink’s  plan addresses the  current  health crisis, economic  suffering, and job losses  while  also working to mitigate  the climate  crisis  and rebuild our country’s  aging infrastructure.  The  plan consists  of the  following measures: 


  • Ensure  our safety as  we  start  to gather again in the  public  square
  • Guarantee  affordable  health care  access  to all  Americans
  • Ensure  all Americans  are  able  to vote  by mail  


  • Encourage long-term  remote  working where  possible
  • Regulate  and electrify our transportation sector 
  • Make our country’s  electricity grid carbon-neutral  by 2040 


  • Audit all  stimulus  payments  and claw  back those  made  to large  businesses
  • Create  jobs  rebuilding our district  and country
  • Overhaul  the  tax code  to make  it  more  fair 

Fink is  a  tax attorney and an expert  in municipal  infrastructure, and he  knows  how  to get  these projects  done. Further, he  is  well  aware  that  the  current  crisis  is  hitting minority communities, women, and the  elderly hardest. “I will  work to ensure  that  our recovery protects  these  communities, especially essential  workers  and single  moms  who need paid family leave  and safe  child care  options  for their families  while  they continue  to work for all  of us,”  Fink states. “My plan will  fix the  mess  President  Trump has  made, and bring our society back together.” 

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SOURCE: Melissa Eustace | Communications | Chris Fink for Congress (NY-16).


TribuneChris Fink Releases Complete SEE Forward Plan

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