City of Yonkers Amends Street Parking Meter Regulations During New York State PAUSE
By Yonkers Mayor MIKE SPANO

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Yonkers On-Street Parking Meters Hours Effective 10AM-6PM Until May 15th

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano

YONKERS, NY – May 1, 2020 – Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano today announced the City of Yonkers is amending its parking meter regulations through the duration of New York State’s PAUSE. Effective Saturday, May 2 through May 15, street parking meter hours will be from 10AM-6PM and alternate side of the street parking regulations will remain suspended.

“We continue to adjust to the effects of COVID-19, which includes addressing the possible hardships parking meters may impose,” said Mayor Spano.

“Shortening the hours of the street meters is a way to provide some relief to our residents without compromising local businesses. As always, I encourage residents who need to park for extended hours to please use the garages or lots.”

The amended parking meter regulations pertain to all city on-street parking meters. On-street parking meter enforcement hours are typically from 9AM to 8PM unless otherwise noted on posted signs. For more information on Yonkers Parking Authority locations and regulations, visit

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SOURCE: Christina Gilmartin | Communications Director | Office of the Mayor


TribuneCity of Yonkers Amends Street Parking Meter Regulations During New York State PAUSE
By Yonkers Mayor MIKE SPANO

Comments 32

  1. SpaNO’s handling of this pandemic is really telling, meaning it has been non existant. AWOL to be honest. This is his idea of dealing with the crises. He and the city council are a total joke and we should really have a way on a dime to get rid of them all and I mean in a week. They never get it or understand. They are supposed to work for us. However it is ALWAYS ABOUT THEM AND NEVER ABOUT US.

  2. Forget about meters..but has anyone noticed that our streets and neighborhoods are one frigggin motorcoss arena.non licensed durt bikes and four by fours speeding through stop signs like they own the streets..Yonkers needs to get on top of this..turning into a real shit hole

  3. Some of these fools on this site wantbeverything. You want no meters, don’t wanna pay for previous tickets but will be the first ppl screaming when taxes go up or essential services are cut. Grow up and pay the meters like everyone else.

  4. Over 30 seniors lost their lives at the Regency Nursing facility here in Yonkers-have not heard 1 word from Nader”MIA” Sayegh, Sen S. Mayer nor Sen. Stewart-Cousins.

        1. SpaNO couldn’t ever come near Bloomberg, you could never compare them.
          They are polls apart in every sense. You must be a SpaNO to post that.

    1. Get back down on your knees SpaNOphile. SpaNO is already the illegitimate Mayor of Yonkers, facilitated by the Silly Council. All illegal and against the will of the people. No More SpaNO’s the place is overrun by them.

  5. What about saltwater fishing that nobody can do unless you have a boat. I’m a fisherman and I can’t see why we can’t go to the parks like Glenn Island or Hudson park they are both in New Rochelle and closed. Can we go fishing in the Marina in Yonkers but the only thing that’s not good is there are not any bait shops here in Yonkers. So we have to get it from Hudson Park Bait N Tackle then come back to fish at the Marina.

  6. We need the meters and parking violations revenue to pay for the friends and family network. Little Mikey said we would loose 13 million. That’s a lot of scarole.

    1. We shouldn’t be paying meters during a pandemic. I have a house and pay lot of taxes. We shouldn’t have to waste the only money we have left, to feed ourselves and our children.

  7. As the budget hearings begin
    Khader will ask all the questions
    When it comes time to make the tough decisions khader will hide
    Please stop whining

    1. The City of Yonkers office of the Council needs to ask the right questions, you know the tough ones, that will either make them stutter or respond With “we will have to get back to you on that”.

      They all 7 of them need to stop accepting the lame answers they receive. We all know the budget will pass with 7-0 5-2 or 4-3 vote but at least ask questions and let it be known that your not a bunch of dummies!

      Too much corruption to actually see results.

        1. Shouldn’t those type of questions be asked by the budget chair ? Stop blaming one or two members of councils! There are seven members that need to be held accountable for the questions they ask and what they allow and approve.

          They are the checks and balance. it is up to all of them to approve what stays and what goes. The Veterans service department is vital but not at 90K .

          Come up with ways to apply pay cuts across the board in all departments city and school.

          Better than layoffs.

        1. Few dealings I’ve had he seems like a good guy.

          I truly believe his brother and cousin Zehy will be his demise.

  8. There should be no meters charging anyone, come on , this is a pandemic and we are having a very hard time. I cant believe this. Scrambling for quarters , and no business will change a dollor , for quarters .

    1. The city could have shown more good faith to the residents by considering alternate options.

      For example instead of a quarter for 10 mins give them 15 mins.

      Waive the 2 hour or 1 hour time limit

      Reduce fine amount

      Suspended it in residential area. The Mayor knows where his meters are placed. If he Doesn’t he could have asked the parking violations Commissioner to send a report.

      Makes me wonder if he was really looking for a Solution.

  9. Open the parks..and enforce the rules.Its friggin 70 degrees out and we cant even take our kids to an open space to run..learn how to ride bikes etc….we’re not dummies we are responsible adults..have some kinda plan

  10. Give me a break!!! Suspend all hours of parking meters for the time being!!!! You politicians think we are stupid. Meters should be the farthest thing on your mind right now.

    1. A lot of people are stupid because a lot of people will vote these losers back into office just like they did with Mayor Spano. The elected “leaders” of Yonkers have no plan despite the fact that Yonkers “will not have a pot to piss in” as far as it pertains to the upcoming budget. The City of Yonkers has people on the payroll with no show jobs but at the upcoming budget hearings the City Council will show their true color and either avoid the conversation or play stupid which for all of them is not too hard to do.

      1. These no show jobs and show jobs should all be re-evaluated after this crisis.

        The fact that the city services remain intact with zero workforce shows that these jobs are NOT Necessary.

  11. All this “relief” does is reduce your street parking enforcement to one shift. Can you say “lay off”?

    1. No one getting laid off they will still get paid for full day, instead of trying to save money from now.

      The lost revenue would have been saved with less payroll.

      Better question is
      Are the street sweepers still getting Paid with alternate side suspended ?

  12. We’re nearly two months into this crisis and the hardest hit city in Westchester County is still the ONLY city squeezing the last red penny out of its residents. Even Mount Vernon stopped its meter enforcement. Amending the regulations by a measly three hours does nothing for the thousands of Yonkers residents who have lost their jobs. Even better, he only plans to do this for the next 13 days when the Governor is showing no intention to lift the PAUSE guidelines on May 15th. He’s not even dismissing any tickets issued in the past two months. People should stop applauding their representatives for picking up boxes of food they didn’t pay for start paying attention to how they’re actually using the power vested in them to help people. Absolutely ghoulish behavior from the leadership in the City of Hills. Yonkers Strong my @$$.

    Then again, maybe Mayor Spano doesn’t know what it’s like for the common folk who aren’t anointed with a city car that they get to park in Martinelli’s driveway. Lord knows none of his friends have ever had to pay for a parking ticket.

  13. Well thank you and this idea is a little better but why not suspend meter parking totally. If everyone is being advised to stay indoors yet you have to run out and put money in the meter what sense does that make ? “NONE”

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