District Attorney Scarpino Announces Key Endorsements from City of White Plains

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Westchester County District Attorney Anthony A. Scarpino, Jr.

WHITE PLAINS, NY — May 30, 2020 — “As DA, Tony Scarpino has been forward-thinking and progressive. He understands that his role is not just to prosecute cases, but to solve problems and improve lives. And the results have been clear – a 20% reduction in violent crime and innovative programs and policies that serve as models for other DAs across the State. In the coronavirus crisis, he has proven to be the strong and steady leader we need in the DA’s office during this unprecedented time. That’s why I’m endorsing Tony Scarpino for re-election,” said White Plains Mayor Tom Roach.

“I am grateful to receive endorsements from Mayor Roach and members of the White Plains Common Council. Westchester is going through an unprecedented crisis right now, and more than anything else, we need a DA that has leadership, experience and a record of results. These are qualities I have demonstrated throughout my three years as DA and especially during this pandemic. And they are qualities I will continue to bring to the table once I am reelected,” said District Attorney Anthony Scarpino.

Members of the White Plains Common Council endorsing Scarpino include:

  • Honorable Justin Brasch
  • Honorable John Kirkpatrick
  • Honorable John M. Martin
  • Honorable Jennifer Puja
  • Honorable Victoria Presser

About District Attorney Anthony Scarpino

Democrat Anthony Scarpino is Westchester County’s 34th District Attorney. Elected to the office in 2016, Scarpino has been recognized as one of New York State’s most progressive prosecutors. Among his many accomplishments as District Attorney is a greater than 20% reduction in violent crime during his tenure, the creation of an Immigrant Affairs Unit to ensure justice for all people of Westchester regardless of immigration status, an emphasis on alternatives to incarceration for minor offenses and a greater focus on serious crimes such as gun violence, sexual abuse and corruption.

As District Attorney, Scarpino has been bold and progressive in the execution of justice. In the coronavirus pandemic, he has led the District Attorney’s office through an unprecedented crisis, fighting scams, combating hate crimes and ensuring justice for survivors of domestic violence.


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TribuneDistrict Attorney Scarpino Announces Key Endorsements from City of White Plains

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