Engel Statement on Charges Being Brought in Ahmaud Arbery Case

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Ahmaud Arbery was fatally shot in Brunswick, Georgia.

WASHINGTON, DC —May 8, 2020 — Congressman Eliot Engel issued the following statement in response to news that charges were brought in the Ahmaud Arbery case:

“The video of Ahmaud Arbery being murdered was shocking and painful, but just as shocking was the manner in which the case was handled by Georgia officials up until today.

“It shouldn’t take publicly leaking a video of an unarmed black man being killed by two white assailants for arrests to be made and charges to be filed. Arbery was killed back in February. For 3 months, the father and son who were responsible walked free. It seems, at best, convenient timing that the arrests happened just days after the video became public and outcry ensued. What it tells us, once again, is that when it comes to race in America, justice is often far from blind.

“The missteps in this case that led up to today made by the local District Attorney and police force are clear. Why did it linger at the local level for 10 weeks? If there was a conflict of interest, why wasn’t the Georgia Bureau of Investigation called sooner? Why wasn’t a Grand Jury immediately convened to hear evidence, especially when other entities in the state were open?

“I only needed one viewing yesterday of the 30 second Arbery murder video to call for an FBI and DOJ investigation, and conclude that charges were probably warranted. The State of Georgia owes Ahmaud Arbery’s family an explanation for why it took them so long to come to that same conclusion.”


SOURCE: Bryant Daniels | Communications & Deputy District Director | Congressman Eliot L. Engel


TribuneEngel Statement on Charges Being Brought in Ahmaud Arbery Case

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  1. The Second Amendment enacted so white men and women could carry arms to protect themselves and their property in case Blacks rise up. White folks feel the Constitution protects them from cold murder of Blacks. 1643 laws were passed to disarm blacks from carrying weapons.

    No one walking the streets shooting down Latinos.

    No one walking the streets shooting down whites.

    Whites understand Blacks are powerless, take a licking and keep on ticking.

    1. On May 8th, 2020 a male black 29 years of age shot and killed an elderly white couple ages 85 & 86 in a Veterans Cemetery said subject then engaged responding police officers in a firefight and subsequently killed himself-the above poster is both stupid and ignorant in addition to being a black racist. The pandering left news station like CNN and MSNBC don’t cover it because it does not fit their pandering left narrative.

  2. those of you who are making excuses or attempting to distract from what occurred should be ashamed of yourself…This was a murder plain and simple Two white Georgia red necks in a pickup truck saw a black man jogging on the road and took it upon themselves to conclude he was a burglar when there hasn’t been a burglarly in that neighborhood since January…And then the local district attorney tried to dismiss the murder as justifiable..Fortunately the Georgia Bureau of Investigation stepped in and made the arrest. There is no excusing the behavior of the men who killed in cold blood with absolutely no conceivable justification…there weren’t threatened and no crime had been committed…it was an execution plain and simple MURDER IN THE FIRST DEGREE

    1. You forgot to mention that the deceased had a prior felony conviction for a loaded handgun on campus not that it excuses this senseless killing but at least get all the facts out there.

      1. What about the white Ku Klux clan members to unabashedly marched into the Capitol armed, threatening their legislators reopen their state. It is okay for Ku Klux Klan members to openly carry, but black men are supposed to be docile, shine boots, say yes such, and not be able to carry. Different standards because you don’t see black men as men. No justification for his senseless murder, nor any black man or woman. Sadly you don’t realize this is not 1920. This is 2020.

        1. Every nite just turn on channel 2, 4, 5 and 7 and look at the videos of suspects wanted for horrific crimes in the South Bronx, Bed-Stuy, , Fort Greene and Brownsville its all POC shooting other POC but yet no outrage from those communities because it does not fit the narrative of the social grievance cottage industry-its all about the blame game and deniability.

        2. Black people have had 155 years to raise their status and make lives better for themselves in America. It is past time for black people to confront the skeletons in their closet, clean up their own backyard and abandon citing slavery and white racism as the reasons for their downtrodden and dysfunctional condition. The ball is their court.

      2. You never hear them talking about the history of white people who are murdered. The victims were all pure and spotless.

      3. Felon or not you don’t take matters into your own hands. He was not a threat to them. Why not tackling him down and wait for police to arrive. This was a vicious, vulgar, hate crime. If we shot everyone with that is a felon or for the color of their skin we wouldn’t need a court system or jail.

        The authorities and law enforcement took way too long.

    2. They went to detain him he became combative and grabbed the shotgun. There is other video of him in the house in question and he is a suspect in a few other larceny from construction sites in the area.

  3. When you have uneducated, undocumented, non-English speaking, crass Dominicans from a poor island famous for prostituting their women for a can of beans, come to this country and call black people “niggas” in Quezada’s Shop Fair, kick blacks in the head, beat blacks with sticks and proudly choke blacks until they can’t breathe on the floor, there is no such thing as people of color.

    Every other ethnicity thinks they are superior to blacks.

    Our Black leaders need to stop being politically correct, cut the phoney crap and stop saying people of color.

    Dominicans and every other ethnicity are hostile to Blacks, who built this country and fought to give these racist ignorant Dominicans the rights they have today.

  4. Eliot Engel your time is up…Thanks for your service but like Nita Lowey it’s time fro you to retire. We need not a Republican or Democrat we need an Independent. Some one who looks at for the constituents best interest not the party. The Democratic part has used the black community for their own interest long enough and the Republican Party has not done enough. We need some one with children in a public school system. We need to stop only taking care of the black activist and start taking care of the back community. Time for a change and you will be challenged !!! Stay tuned…..

  5. Black lives don’t matter in this society I’m so sick and tired of hearing about another unarmed black male being killed by white men. If it were the other way Mr Arbery would have been locked up persecuted and sent to jail for life or death. We as African Americans are tired of the killings of our children Justice for Mr. Arbery

    1. Everybody is tired of killings but what many people are tired of is the selective outrage from blacks-just look at Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit and NYC where the majority of killings are black on black-you just can’t have selective outrage when the narrative suits you and then turn to the blame game and bear no responsibility as a community to what is happening.

  6. Black has no rights in this racial country. Why does white privilege prevail? Blacks allow it to be so. Use those guns to defend righteousness and justice rather than on each other.

    1. Where is the outrage by POC when is there is the killings of POC by other POC-you never hear it or when POC kill people who kill non- POC-like just within the last week or so where a mother, husband and son where not allowed into a store because they were not wearing protective face masks-they came back and killed the person who denied them admittance into the store and that person was not a POC-no outrage at all-Shame on Engel because elections are coming up and he is now pandering to that particular base-heard nothing from Engel when just within the last week a POC tried to rape a non POC nurse from upstate who was helping out in NYC for COVID-18-not a word from Engel.

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