Evelyn Farkas is Fully Prepared to Serve Rockland and Westchester in Congress

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Marianna Stout

PEEKSKILL, NY — May 29, 2020 — “Don’t change horses in midstream.” So goes the old saying.

Sadly, that is exactly what the voters in New York’s 17th Congressional District must do, since our beloved Nita Lowey is retiring. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to elect a highly qualified and experienced woman to take up the torch from Congresswoman Lowey.

Evelyn Farkas grew up in Westchester and understands the issues of crucial importance the district, such as the decommissioning of the Indian Point nuclear facility in Buchanan and the restoration of the full deductibility of state and local taxes (SALT) from federal income taxes. Her experience and contacts In Washington, from decades of work in Congress and the Obama administration, will allow her to immediately be an effective advocate for our interests.

We also need a Congresswoman with the vision to address issues of national and international importance, like sensible restrictions on firearms and a national response to climate change, not just someone who promises to go to Washington and “bring home the pork.”

Evelyn Farkas is the only candidate who is absolutely ready for this mission. As a senior staffer for the Senate Armed Services Committee, she knows the legislative process. As Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, she has been in the Situation Room with President Obama during times of crisis. As a commentator for MSNBC and other news outlets, she was among the first people to sound the alarm about Russian Interference in our elections, and she has continued to speak out despite savage attacks from Fox News and Donald Trump, Junior.

Difficult and dangerous times call for first-string players. Evelyn has the courage and tenacity to serve us in Congress. On June 23rd, I urge you to vote for Evelyn Farkas.


TribuneEvelyn Farkas is Fully Prepared to Serve Rockland and Westchester in Congress

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  1. Anybody who served in the Obama administration should be really vetted closely where corruption and unethical conduct were the norm including Farkas-another white privileged female.

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