Families of Deceased Nursing Home Residents Deserve Answers, Accountability
By NYS Assemblyman BRIAN M. KOLB

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A Column by Assemblyman Brian M. Kolb (R,C,-Victor)

Brian M. Kolb is an American politician who serves as a member of the New York State Assembly and who served as Assembly Minority Leader from April 2009 to January 2020. A Republican / Conservative, Kolb represents the 131st Assembly District.

VICTOR, NY — May 30, 2020 — When facing criticism, the governor’s administration has a very simple playbook. Their first instinct is to dig in their heels. They insinuate that questions are being asked in bad faith. Legitimate oversight is waived off as politically motivated.

If that doesn’t work, they try to blame President Trump.

Under normal circumstances, this is a frustrating, disappointing practice. When grieving families are looking for answers and accountability, it becomes something even worse- it’s inhumane.

Oven 5,800 New Yorkers have died from COVID-19 in our nursing home facilities, the highest such death toll in the country. For some context, California has suffered 3,300 COVID deaths across the entire state. The statistics are grim, but the stories are much worse. The New York Times reported that “terrified residents were pleading with the outside world for help” as “the bodies of dead residents piled up in makeshift morgues.”

I cannot imagine how someone could argue that those nightmarish results are acceptable. It’s hard to imagine that a leader wouldn’t want to review the procedures and decisions that caused an unmitigated disaster that claimed thousands of vulnerable lives. The governor, however, dismissed questions into his administration’s nursing home policies just last week.

“It’s the political season, I get it,” said the governor. He went on to blame President Trump, insisting that his outrageous decision to require nursing homes to accept COVID-19- positive patients was simply complying with CDC guidelines.


SOURCE: Daniel LaFave | Communications | NYS Assemblyman Brian M. Kolb



TribuneFamilies of Deceased Nursing Home Residents Deserve Answers, Accountability
By NYS Assemblyman BRIAN M. KOLB

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  1. Cuomo and blathering idiot for a brother should both stand on the front lines of these riots since there both tough guys from Queens-the only problem i don’t know if there is helmet big enough to shield the Governor’s nose and his swollen head.

  2. You can see Cuomo seethe anytime a reporter asks a question he doesn’t like. How dare anyone question him and his decisions? This is a guy who, since this whole thing started, never hesitated when it came to defying Trump at every turn. What were his words in regard to Trump? “He’s not the king!” But now, this gutless piece of garbage has the balls to say that the murder of thousands of senior citizens is on Trump. I pray that he is held accountable, although that’s highly unlikely.

  3. Class action lawsuit? This is a horrendous bad decision that directly led to the deaths of elderly helpless people. All while hospital ships and temporary emergency facilities remain empty. Congress needs to investigate.

    1. Curtis Sliwa stated several weeks ago that he would spearhead a class action lawsuit in this regard. I don’t know if that died in the water but I hope it is still a concept that is alive and well. Of course, recent events with thugs overtaking the state have changed things. Let’s arrest the looters and shooters. Oh yeah, that’s right, no bail law.

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