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YONKERS, NY — May 21, 2020 — I agree, negative campaigning, and lies should have no part in politics during a pandemic, and a judicial race. Neither should voter intimidation of people that signed my petitions, which is currently being investigated by the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office.

What should never be a part of campaigning is political party propaganda disguised as journalism, and harassment of candidates. On May 15, 2020, I emailed Mr. Murphy about publishing my open letter to voters in the Yonkers Rising. Based on my previous request to be featured in his newspaper, I expected him to consult with Democratic Party Leader Tom Meier. Instead, a week later, and while waiting for a response, I saw Mr. Murphy briefly mentioned me in his May 21, 2020, Yonkers Times article. For the record, I never asked anyone to nominate me at the Democratic Convention. Additionally, I never previously commented on the Convention because it is irrelevant to me, and the primary is what determines the next judges in Yonkers City Court.

There is information about this year’s judicial race that was not shared in Mr. Murphy’s article. For months, I have been harassed by Democratic Party friend and blogger Delfim Heusler. Until May 12, 2020, I did not contact the Yonkers Police Department to file a complaint in order to avoid any public maligning of my reputation or retribution. This was the day after Mr. Heusler published a story in furtherance of the political drama between the Yonkers Democratic Party and Zehy Jereis. In the aforementioned story, Mr. Heusler used “unnamed sources” in a attempt to falsely connect me to Mr. Jereis. Refusing to ignore the attack on my reputation, I drafted a cease and desist letter to Mr. Heusler. Fearing the letter would not be enough to curtail his behavior, I contacted the police department.

I initially decided to document the harassment instead of filing a complaint because I was under the impression that Mr. Heusler has various cognitive disabilities, and he lacked the ability to understand the consequences of his actions; however, I am sure he was not Facebook messaging the other judicial candidates every day. I began to realize I was wrong to give him the benefit of the doubt when his behavior began to appear calculated. The first indication was his post about Dan Romano submitting his petitions, and he then posted a similar story about me, but asking if the party would challenge my signatures. I then researched Mr. Heusler’s background, and found that he is a longtime family friend of judicial candidate, Thomas Daly and other Democratic Party insiders. Additionally, there are various articles about Mr. Heusler’s attempt at running for office and allegations of political trickery.

When interviewed by the responding officers, I explained how Mr. Heusler messaged me for months. My responses to his messages were polite and short to keep professional distance. Mr. Heusler would repeatedly request to interview me regarding my candidacy, and I would always avoid committing to a date because I feared being alone in the same room with him. Additionally, once I submitted my petitions he sent me a message stating, “I hear through my informants that you filed signatures, Good luck. Del.” He then changed his Facebook profile picture to include someone from the Democratic Party. After that incident, I stopped replying to his messages. For approximately four to five weeks, he continuously contacted me one to two times a day, even though I never responded. He then sent text messages to my cellular phone without prior authorization because I never gave him my number.

I share this story because at some point I had to say, “Enough is enough.” I never imagined running for a judicial position would be this adversarial, and quite frankly, sophomoric. Please, l would like to get back to the issue that is important, which is making sure the Democratic voters have the opportunity to vote for who they believe is the best candidate.


TribuneIn Response to the Yonkers Times

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  1. Say what you want about the Spanos, but one thing they are not is dumb. With that said, I guess they figure it’s best to work with Meier as Yonkers Democratic Party chair (in addition to keeping him on the payroll as Commissioner DPW, a job which he is horrendous at doing, by the way). All he does day in and day out is embarrass himself and them. What will it take for them to finally cut this guy loose? It would be most satisfying to see this low-life, piece of trash thrown out on his big fat ass.

  2. You get rid of Tom Meier by primarying district leaders and then voting out the Spano ward leaders. Zehy Jereis and John Khader are reclaiming the Democratic Party from Republicans Mike and Nick Spano.



    1. Anyone see the Parkhill new clip from the 80s ? Johnny Kilo was a wanna be Italian since then!!!

      Duuhhhhh. I like seeing these little things flying around.

      Flags john, they’re flags.

  3. Serious question:

    How do we vote Tom Meier out? If the voter fraud, voter intimidation and now this allegation of harassment is true, he should be held responsible for all of it. This is a judicial race, and it’s during a pandemic. If this is what they have been doing while their endorsed candidates are busy exploiting the poor by handing out food for photo-ops, and Daly handing out food to YPD while his wife was infected with the virus, what else is going on?

  4. my understanding is that during the pandemic, other than an arraignment part in the city court there isn’t a lot going on…which would mean judges daily leaving at 3:30 wouldn’t be surprising…Having said that there are strict guidelines for judicial candidates…they cannot take positions on political issues..they cannot attempt to campaign negatively against their opponents..they can only emphasize their own qualifications for office..If a candidate is being harassed by a member of the public that should be brought to the attention of the appropriate law enforcement authority…

    1. Pre COVID moron

      Before COVID Carol Daly was coming late and leaving early. The workday for Americans is 9-5 but people with political connections under the Spano administration can come and go as they please

      In all fairness Carol Daly isn’t the only one… Howard “Howie” Spreckman of finance makes a two hour lunch break at the gym

    2. You must know that weirdo. What does the rules say about a party committing fraud and voter intimidation on behalf of their candidates or is that just criminal law?!?! What did she say that was political?? I highly doubt that pervert is running against her. Sounds like you are saying she should have stayed silent, and you are blaming the victim instead of being outraged by that guy’s actions. If so, YOU are just as disgusting as he is!

    3. Uhhhh, courts have been closed dummy! Stop making excuses. The Judge and his lazy wife were doing it before the pandemic.

  5. This has got to be one of the most unhinged pieces that I have every read from any candidate. I think that it is obvious who has the cognitive disability here.

    Politics can be a rough contact sport particularly here in Yonkers. If you were from here you probably would have known that going in but I digress. In any event, If you are as superior a candidate as you obviously believe you are, you should be rising above it. You are running to become a real judge. Not a DMV “judge”. Conduct yourself appropriately.

    1. Hey, Tom Meier is that you?!
      JUDGE Karen Best has a doctorate. Do you?! She didn’t grow up here, that’s all you’ve got? Hopefully, you and all your minion will soon be in prison. Rise above it? You shouldn’t be doing it you scumbag! I hope Scarpino roasts all of you! Conduct yourself appropriately!

    2. There is a fight for the Democratic Party. Tom Meier will lose his district leaders as the real democrats take the party back from the Spano Republicans. Meier has committed fraud against real Democrats in his support of the Spano Administration.

      1. You are delusional. Real Democrats will never take over the party. Right now you have a former Yonkers Republican party chair felon taking over the Democratic party with permission of the Spanos. Meier just does what he is told.

        1. The bond between the Spano’s and Zehy Jereis are deep..Don’t be fooled of what’s going on..Zehy has been their henchman for decades.

    3. Not everyone is interested in being part of “business as usual in Yonkers” where the most atrocious of behaviors are condoned. Very brave of Karen to speak up. And for the record, everyone knows Delfim is MRDD and habitually harasses female candidates for attention. Both Delfim and Carol Daly need to take baths. Maybe Delfim could get a date if he bathed.

  6. God bless you Karen Best and shame on Mayor Spano and his commissioner and goons

    it Should be well noted that Delfim Heusler and Carol Daly are very close

    Hezi- I plan on filing a claim with the authorities and Justice Department about Carol Daly’s conduct in City Hall. Enough is enough. She doesn’t show up to work timely before COVID and attempts to use COVID as a political stunt. She strolls in around 10:30 and her husband is waiting for her outside by 3:30(or earlier). Judge Thomas Daly and Thomas Meier should get ready to plan their retirements.

    Karen- can you consider running against a spano in the future? They are the garbage of yonkers

  7. Throw your body at him like Virginia and Tasha to manipulate and seduce Delfim and he will write glowing press about you.

    1. Gotta love the “Heavy Hitters” blogs! 😂 I actually feel bad for Delfim. He has been used by so many in Yonkers.

      Ms. Best, wish all the best! I will vote for you. I am tired of Boss Tweed and his goons.

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