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Welcome to “News & Notes,” where we look at the happenings here in Westchester County…

Mark Jeffers resides in Bedford Hills, New York, with his wife Sarah.

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY —  May 3, 2020 — We are tremendously lucky to have so many wonderful volunteers and ways to give back; here are just a few shout outs…

Our thanks to the Community Center of Northern Westchester which has set up with volunteers a wonderful sewing operation providing face masks to the community (including town workers).  The Community Center donated 80 face masks to the town.  In addition, since March 1st the Community Center has provided food to 3,113 adults, 397 seniors and 1,965 children, registered 240 new families turning to their food pantry for the 1st time.  They have also made 307 home deliveries to neighbors in need.  Way to go!

Here’s some good news…as long as we keep social distance in mind, it looks like Bicycle Sundays will begin in May and run on Sundays through the month, as well as Sundays in June and again in September.   This year, cyclists will be required to wear protective face masks on the bicycle trail, which includes a stretch of the Bronx River Parkway between White Plains and Yonkers.

Now I just have to dig my bike out of our basement that could keep me busy a few days or weeks…

Golf claps for Grant Gregory and Glen Arbor Golf Club for its generous donation of hundreds of wood-fired pizzas to Northern Westchester Hospital for doctors and nurses coming off night shift.

You know, the last time I played golf; my foursome all wore helmets…

Bedford Hills’ Russell Speeders Car Wash has been able to reopen under a state directive after closing in late March, and while it might seem like a small thing, a shining vehicle, might bring a smile, that’s why they are offering free car washes to all area healthcare workers, first responders and emergency vehicles. All the driver has to do to receive the free wash is present their ID from where they work.

Not sure which I like more, my daily walk or my daily nap, oh I know the naps win easily…

A shout out to Katonah resident Greg Szatmari who is instead of running the postponed London Marathon is running on May 3 to support local cafes and restaurants.

Our cat Phoebe has made more appearances in my business Zoom meetings, that my clients want her to get a paycheck…

A big thank you to La Familia who kindly donated one hundred $20 gift cards to Northern Westchester Hospital employees who were randomly chosen to receive a gift card.

So, a buddy of mine (or ex-buddy) said the best way for me to maintain social distancing is by wearing my collection of ugly Christmas sweaters…

We again want to thank all those on the front line working so hard every day for all of us:  health care professionals, police, fire, drug stores, grocery stores, and all who are making it easier for all of us to stay home. Everyone please stay safe and well, we will get through this together…

We hope all the wonderful Mothers out there have a marvelous Mother’s Day…

Please fly your flag proudly and remember all the veterans who gave their lives so ours could be free, Happy Memorial Day to all!


eHeziMany Thanks!

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  1. Nice to read you again, I was enjoying reading your writing, I don’t remember the newspaper, but I remember you with your nice ways to write everything.
    I hope your daughters and your wife are going well.

    I hope to be reading you again.

    Take care

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