Minneapolis Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington Arrests Former Policeman Derek Chauvin for the Murder of George Floyd

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YONKERS, NY — May 29, 2020 — Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chavin was fired on Tuesday with three other police officers for detaining George Floyd engaging in an authorized modality by which, Chavin exacted his knee onto the neck of Mr. Floyd. Despite the oftentime advisement of Floyd to to Chavin that he could not breathe, Chavin did not relent. Chavin’s continued application of his weight imposed on the neck of Mr. Floyd by Chavin’s use of his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck caused Mr. Floyd to expire under that weight and pressure. Chavin’s fellow police officers evidently had or did not advise Chavin to relent. Either way, Mr. Floyd succumbed to the method by which Chavin detained him.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey had noted without prejudicing the outcome asserted that the city Police Officers need to be arrested and charge. Mayor Frey noted that had it been him who had exacted the outcome of Mr. Floyd’s death, he would have been immediately imprisoned.

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz had earlier today called for an end to protests and rioting fomented by the death of George Floyd. The Minnesota National Guard have been charged to restore order following three nights of arson, looting, and vandalism.

President Donald Trump today called the looters, “THUGS” and warned “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.” Twitter hid Trump’s tweet behind a warning banner that suggested POTUS’ writing was “glorifying violence.”


Hezi ArisMinneapolis Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington Arrests Former Policeman Derek Chauvin for the Murder of George Floyd

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  1. This is another Democrat run city with the killing of a Black man. It is a virus in the US as bad as the Coronavirus. Of course, the most outspoken people are the elite in the Democrat party hoping no one will pull the curtain back to realise it’s their failed policies. Look at the Mayor of Minneapolis, he’s been an elected official of city goverment since 2013. This is the second slaughter of a Black man by police in that time. Yet, he comes out with some fake act like he is shocked. Mr. Mayor, you are in charge of the Police Department and are just as much an accomplice as the 3 onlooking cops. Policing is constitutionally a state and city responsibility. Stop blaming everyone else, take charge of your PDs and meet with your officers and STOP THE KILLING. Mayors should be charged as accomplices and someday will. My understanding is Chauvin had a history of disciplinary problems. Again . . . STOP THE KILLING.

  2. White were the original looters and racists. You have been looting off of the backs of blacks and modeling violence, looting and racism for us since 1619.

    1. Common Denominator!
      Just get an education, go to work and pay your taxes like everyone else does. Stop being a perpetual victim. Nobody holds any one down. It’s imaginary racism today. Let’s see the common denominator here;
      Blacks have a problem with And blame whites
      Blacks have a problem with And blame hispanics
      Blacks have a problem with And Blame Jews
      Blacks have a problem with And blame Asians

      Blacks have a problem with blacks!

      Blacks have a problem with and blame everyone!
      It’s the teachers fault
      It’s the police mans fault
      It’s the banks fault
      It’s the landlords fault
      It’s the governments fault
      It’s the supervisors fault
      It’s the presidents fault
      It’s the systems fault
      It’s corporate America’s fault

      Feel free to add to the list!

      1. The problem with your comment is you are uneducated about America’s history of policing. It started in 1701 with slave patrols and the Constitution continued to sanction to today. The internet is free. Google it. We have no problem with you being a white supremacist, but at least educate yourself, so you know what you are talking about.

  3. If the attackers are white supremacists, then why were they attempting to attack the white house? You liberals are always attacking Pres. Trump for being one and encouraging your divisive thinking on a daily basis. Keeping the recyclable used toilet paper thinking that democrats are now experts at. Their modus operandi,,,RACISM AND SEXISM. You’re returning to segregation. Probably a good idea for the democrats!

    Be ye transformed by the renewal of the mind!! IF YOU DEMOCRATS HAVE A MIND, BRAIN!

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