New York State Public Employees Federation Endorse Judge Karen Best for Yonkers City Judge

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YONKERS, NY – Yonkers City Court Judge candidate Judge Karen Best’s has won the endorsement of the New York State Public Employees Federation (PEF), highlighting her strong focus on social equality and economical justice. PEF works proactively to help and empower New York State employees in the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Unit, including frontline workers in New York State hospitals.

PEF has been working hard during the Covid-19 crisis by conducting daily negotiations and filing class action grievances to make sure that its members’ rights are fully protected. Furthermore, PEF has created a relief fund to purchase personal protective equipment (PPEs) and secure hotel rooms for their nurses who are fearful of bringing Covid-19 into their homes, along with any other relief efforts for the frontline workers.

Judge Karen Best said, “The New York State Public Employees Federation is an incredibly important union that works conscientiously and proactively to ensure that state representatives remain fair and just. The PEF’s endorsement of my candidacy exemplifies our shared mission. PEF’s concern to protect their members is one that I will maintain and emulate so as to continue to protect the public interest. With PEF’s support, I may have have the opportunity to become the next judge to preside at the Yonkers City Court. If so, I will preside with compassion, respect, and in adherence to the law. ”

TribuneNew York State Public Employees Federation Endorse Judge Karen Best for Yonkers City Judge

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  1. Ann Muro and Meier, whining to Dan Murphy in Yonkers Rising they are upset Zehy is primarying 40 district leaders. How hypocritical? They didn’t have a problem when Zehy ran and won Tasha Diaz, Shanae, Nader and Khader. They were praising Zehy then. The chickens have come home to roost. Bunch of self-serving political hacks.

  2. Why would Judge Daly be out serving food to the public and endangering the public, when he knew his wife had Corona? That is absolutely reckless on his part. He and his wife are such pimps. They will do anything to win, including endandering the health of the public.

  3. There’s no such thing as an elected judge that adheres to the law or compassion, they all side with the monied class and iffy law enforcement agencies. Personally I have never seen or experienced a single elected jurist question information supplied by law enforcement leaving the poor and black and brown people fighting for their very lives. In the N.Y court system money and power talks even when it can be demonstrated that false or misleading information is proffered by these two groups. Ordinary citizens especially black and brown people (considerably the men of these groups) don’t stand a chance in their system of so called justice. If you are not white, rich or one of them the chances of equity or any type of compassion is a long time concluded answer that you are guilty until proven possibly otherwise, the system that this person is requesting that we make her a considerable part of is fixed against those who are not part of that system ,the monied class and especially black and brown men ( dead or alive) ,so the question is and always will be, for everyone who will be voting for or against her opponent “is” who is the “least corrupt” not the fairytale that some of them are and some are not corrupt . Because corruption is always an intrinsic part of the equation, politicians need the long and deep institutional corrupt law enforcement agencies and corrupt government officials to get elected, so, what does that make them?

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