SAM Party of New York Nominates 38 Candidates for November 2020 Elections

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NEW YORK, NY — May 31, 2020 — SAM Party of New York Chairman Michael Volpe yesterday announced that 38 candidates for office across New York State have been nominated to run on the SAM Party line in November. Four candidates will run only on the SAM Party line, with 17 Republicans and 16 Democrats rounding out the SAM -NY slate.

SAM Party leaders interviewed almost 100 candidates on the county and state level and determined each candidate’s support for SAM’s core principles of good government, transparency and seeking broader input and consensus in solving issues that affect New York State.

“SAM-NY candidates for 2020 understand that now, more than ever, New Yorkers need to come together and try to solve the issues that face us, not through partisanship, but through fact based solutions.  Each of our 38 candidates brings that basic belief, and desire, to work together and reach across the aisle for the greater good,” said Volpe.

The 2020 SAM-NY nominated candidates come from all party backgrounds. Some are incumbent officeholders, while others are running for office for the first time. This year’s SAM-NY candidates are also seeking a wide array of offices, with eight candidates for Congress, 16 for State Senate, 15 for Assembly and four for local and county office, running on the SAM-NY party line.

“We sought out candidates who bring a record of accomplishment in their communities, but we also had candidates reach out with an interest in running on the SAM line based on what we represent.  Our 38 candidates are all highly qualified for the offices they seek.  Each of them is committed to service based on a principle of working with others regardless of political affiliation,” said Volpe.

The SAM-NY nominated candidates for 2020 also come from all parts of The Empire State: From New York City to Buffalo, and from upstate New York to Long Island and the suburbs “We are proud to endorse our class of SAM -NY 2020 candidates, and encourage all New Yorkers to vote for them on the SAM Party line on November 3,” said Volpe.

The following candidates have been endorsed by the SAM Party of New York:


District #                                                       Party

2          Andrew Garbarino                           R

14        Michelle Caruso-Cabrera                D

17        Mike Parietti                                      SAM

18        Scott Smith                                        SAM

19        Antonio Delgado                              D

20       Elizabeth Joy                                     R

26       Brian Higgins                                    D


5          James Gaughran                              D

7          Anna Kaplan                                   D

22        Andrew Gounardes                         D

37        Shelly Mayer                                    D

38        William Weber                                R

39        James Skoufis                                 D

41        Karen Smythe                                 D

42        Jennifer T. Metzger                        D

46        Rich Amedure                                 IND

53        Sam Rogers                                     R

54        Pat Helming                                    R

55        Christopher Missick                       R

59        Patrick Gallivan                              R

61        Edward Rath                                   R


63        Anthony DeGuerre                         R

88        Amy Paulin                                     D

94        Kevin Byrne                                    R

96        Ken Zebrowski                               D

97        Michael Lawler                              R

99        Colin Schmitt                                 R

113      Carrie Woerner                               D

114      Evelyn Wood                                  SAM

118      Robert Smullen                               R

119      Michael Gentile                              R

130      Scott Comegys                                D

131      Cynthia Wade                                   R


Erie County District Attorney                           John Flynn                          D

Mayor of Sodus                                                    David Englert                      SAM

Johnson City Village Trustee                           Benjamin Reynolds             D

Suffern Village Trustee                                      Andrew Zavoski                   R

Suffern Village Trustee                                       Frank Hagen                       R


Visit for more information 


PO BOX 5575, NEW YORK, NY 10185


SAM-NY offers New Yorkers a different approach to governing focused on transparency and accountability, rather than on ideology, and empowers its candidates and elected officials to serve the needs of their constituents and not be controlled by inflexible left/right political positions that are increasingly partisan. Visit for more information.

Dan Murphy | SAM-NY |  Communications 


TribuneSAM Party of New York Nominates 38 Candidates for November 2020 Elections

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