A New Day: Civil Rights Moment and Young People

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The Next Unsung Heroes 

“A riot is the language of the unheard”  ~ Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King

Ivy Reeves is a Community Advocate and Empowerment Speaker.

YONKERS, NY— June 3, 2020 — Last week, Mr. George Floyd, a 46-year-old man, was murdered by a Minnesota police officer as he kneeled on his neck. We later found out that there were two other police officers kneeling on his back as well. According to the Atlantic Daily 260,020 black men have been killed in America since 1980. Police killed about three Black men per day.

This figure does not include Black women killed by police.

Most White Americans will tell you that they are not racist; some will even tell you that they… “do not see color.” They honestly believe that all people are equal, and slavery is over. Some even exclaim “I cannot be a racist, I have half black grandchildren,” or the old throwback, “Some of my best friends are black.” The reality is … Everything in America is about COLOR.  Black people with a lighter complexion, are more acceptable by the white race. The deeper your color, the more uncomfortable and intimidating one appears to them.

Today, you cannot turn on a television set without seeing advertisements and shows with mixed couples, black men with white women, or black women with white men, and their families of mixed/biracial children or the new catchphraseToday, you cannot turn on a television set without seeing advertisements and shows with mixed couples, black men with white women, or black women with white men, and their families of mixed/biracial children or the new catchphrase, “racial ambiguity”. Perhaps, those in the industry, believe the world is profoundly

As Black children growing up in the 60s in Birmingham, Alabama, we were constantly being harassed and attacked by white racist police officers’ white racist residents, and Klu Klux Klan members.  The two ring leaders of this sickness were the elected Eugene “Bull” Connor who was the Commissioner of Public Safety for more than 20 years.  Our governor, who was a democrat by the name of George Corley Wallace Jr., who served four terms. Both Connor and Wallace was determined to make black lives exceedingly difficult.

My older sister and younger brother and I could not sleep in our beds. We had to sleep on the floor because of the possibility of being shot and killed. While many little white boys and girls may have gone to sleep with the reading of a bedtime story and a kiss of sweet dreams by their parents.  Living in Birmingham as a Black child, left little time if any, to dream; we were living in a nightmare. The police would come to our homes in the middle of the night, pull us out into the street and make us sit on the curb, our neighborhoods burned to the ground.  I remember at a young age when I was around 2or 3 my mother carrying me through smoldering flames the next day. These visions, I will never forget.

When I got older, around 7 years old, we moved to 17th Street. The 16th Street Baptist Church was a block away. There is where everybody came together to meet with Dr. Martin Luther King. Only the children could stand up with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King to prepare for the march on May 3.

I attended Lincoln Elementary school and my sister was a student at Parker High School.  The teachers would let the students out of school just so that we could march. Both teachers and parents knew it was up to the children. The children had to do it because the parents worked for the white people and they knew that if they protested or march, they would lose their jobs. Over 4000 children volunteered to go to jail the youngest one just 4 years old. The children of Birmingham defeated the Fire Department and their water hoses, Public Safety Commissioner “Bull” Connors’ his police dogs and his white tank.

The Klu Klux Klan was determined to retaliate, and they did so  just four months later, in September of 1963, by bombing the 16th Street Baptist Church where my sisters’ playmate, Carol, was killed  along with three other young girls, ages 13 and 14. Again, the violence did not come from the children, and it did not come from any Black Americans. The violence and cruelty came from the uncivilized white supremacists, the Klu Klux Klan, and the elected Commissioner of Public Safety who were all one and the same.

It was the children, who sacrificed their lives to helped get the Civil Rights Act of 1964 signed by President Lyndon B Johnson.

So, Right On! to the young people who are peacefully marching and protesting. Do not hurt anyone, and do not get hurt; however, make sure they feel the pain at the polls on election day. Be careful not to get hoodwinked and bamboozled by any race of people pretending to care about the state of Black people in America.  Do not be taken.



eHeziA New Day: Civil Rights Moment and Young People

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  1. White America and the USA gave more already to the blacks than the Germans gave the Jews. Whites Gave their lives to fight and end slavery. More whites died to end slavery than in any other US war. White blood was shed for black lives , And that is priceless and what America is about. Blacks should be thanking whites every day. This also should be taught in school as part of history lessons.

  2. Please run against Chris Johnson or Shanae Williams! All of a sudden they remembered they are Black now that it is beneficial to their image. We need to call out these so called Black “leaders” that do nothing but follow instructions from the mayor or the party. Watch in a couple months they will go from walking & protesting back to tap dancing for endorsements. I’m sure their ancestors were the slaves that told on the abolitionist slaves. Oh, and they need a makeover. Him in his tight Dasiki showing his Pillsbury crescent rolls. Shanae and those tired zig zag flea market pants. They need to do better!

    1. So true. After two centuries of slavery and a century of Jim Crow, we need serious “coon” psychological rehabilitation to eradicate that from our psyches. The slave master divided ourselves on so many levels and we have perpetuated that sick survivalist mentality to curry favor from white society. The oppressed mimics the oppressor.

  3. The problems facing black America are primarily caused by black Americans. Stop killing each other and stealing from each other. Stop the crime and the drugs. Stop having children that you have no interest whatsoever in caring for or raising. Take advantage of the numerous opportunities that black Americans are afforded. Academic scholarships, minority owned business grants and loans, and a host of others. The truth is, if one is black and is willing to work hard, the sky’s the limit. Blacks need to forget about slavery, racist cops, Confederate statues, and all the other nonsense fed to them for decades by phony liberal politicians who act like they care about them. A person who makes the decision to start being responsible for his or herself will see things begin to improve immediately.

    1. Why don’t you tell that to the white slave masters, who forced black men to breed black women to have child laborers work their plantations, then separate them from these same women they forced them to breed. And then you talk about dysfunction between black men and black women. All you undercover white supremacists are nervous you are being exposed to the world now.

      1. Why do Hispanic’s who come to the United States many not speaking the language manage to carve out a decent life for themselves in the United States? the answer is the work ethic.

  4. “Black people with lighter complexion are more acceptable by the white race.” “The deeper your color, the more uncomfortable and intimidating one appears to them.” Aren’t sweeping generalizations about people based on their skin color and stereotypes offensive and destructive? Talk about a racist.

  5. We all know the cop is guilty and deserves punishment.Majority of America by far is not racist.The real problem is politics and how the Democratic Party has lied and manipulated the black community for decades.Pelosi 33 yrs public servant,Biden 48 yrs and Schumer 39 yrs have been giving the black community lip service and lies for decades.The Democratic Party took care of the black community leaders at the expense of the black community.It was easy to take care of few at the price of many.The 3 have a combined 120 yrs of public service and if they cared like they say we wouldn’t be in this situation today.Joe Biden after 48 yrs in public service wakes up and knows all about racism.I hope and pray we as a nation come together in peace and love but also pray that the black community stops drinking the Democratic kool aid. Peace out and keeping it real.

  6. First we are all in the understanding that this police officer was guilty as hell, but a majority of cops are not racist.The problem is the black community in this great country of ours followed the wrong political leaders.They been lied to and manipulated by the democratic party for decades.The 3 stooges Pelosi 33 yrs of public service,Biden 48 yrs of public service and Schumer 39 yrs of public service just fed the black community lip service.The Democratic Party for years took care of the black community leaders to brainwash the black community.The leaders were taken care of but not the people.They took care of the few at the expense of many.Today Joe Biden has all of a sudden woke up and understands the problems in the black community.Will the black community continue to drink the kool aid. Just keeping it real

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