As Mid-Hudson Construction Businesses Restart, Dandelion Energy Introduces COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

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A Virtual Sales and Geothermal System Design Process, Social Distancing During Installations, and New Hygiene Guidelines Highlight New Health & Safety Procedures Put in Place by Dandelion Energy,  New York’s #1 Home Geothermal Company 

Dandelion is an American company which offers geothermal heating installation in upstate New York. Prior to 2017, it was part of X, before being spun out into an independent company. The system consists of a heat pump which pipes energy either to or from a house.

LATHAM, NY — June 1, 2020 — Dandelion Energy, the nation’s leading residential geothermal company, is pioneering new health safety procedures as the company prepares to relaunch operations in the Mid-Hudson Region and other parts of New York State. The new procedures include virtual sales and geothermal system design, PPE for staff, rotating schedules, limiting installation crew sizes, social distancing on installations, and updated cleaning and testing for facilities and staff.

“We’re proud to be a New York company and New York tough. Over the last several months, our team has totally revamped our sales, design, installation, and business procedures to protect our workers and our customers. Our team has tackled this challenge with the same approach that has made Dandelion the number one ranked geothermal company for customer service in the state. With these new health & safety procedures in place, we feel confident that we can get back to work safely,” said Michael Sasche, CEO of Dandelion Energy. “Pioneering these new standards that allow us to work through this crisis is critical to tackling many of our state’s other big challenges– air pollution, climate changes, and improving indoor air quality.”

Dandelion’s modern, clean, and green Home Geothermal Systems provide efficient heating, air conditioning, and warm water at significant savings over older fossil fuel burning devices. Dandelion systems eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, improve indoor air quality, and allow people to reduce their home’s largest source of harmful carbon pollution.

A Dandelion Home Geothermal System can be purchased for cash or with financing and can save homeowners up to 50% on their annual heating and cooling operating costs.

Mid-Hudson Region residents interested in learning more about clean home geothermal can visit:

About Dandelion

Dandelion’s mission is to enable the widespread adoption of home geothermal. The company is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in home geothermal. Home geothermal is a clean, safe, and affordable alternative to fuel heating and conventional air conditioning. Before launching as an independent company in 2017, Dandelion was a project at X, the research and development lab at Google’s parent company Alphabet. To learn more, visit:

TribuneAs Mid-Hudson Construction Businesses Restart, Dandelion Energy Introduces COVID-19 Health and Safety Measures

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