Assemblyman Nader Sayegh’s Reaction on Civil Unrest in Aftermath of the Horrific Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. dFeiner the word “riot” as “the language of the unheard”. America, we hear you loud and clear.

Hon. Nader J. Sayegh, NYS Assemblyman – District 90.

YONKERS, NY — June 1, 2020 — The images we’ve seen out of Minneapolis are heartbreaking. The unjustifiable killing of George Floyd has ignited the long-smoldering tinderbox of institutional racism across our great nation. From coast to coast, Americans are rightfully outraged at the pervasiveness of violence and inhumanity that exists towards our marginalized minority communities by those who have sworn an oath to protect them.

This past Sunday, I stood in solidarity with approximately 1,000 members of our community who organized a peaceful demonstration in Yonkers mourning the death of George Floyd. Intolerance, hatred, and institutional racism have no place in our community or our nation. We must do our best to cultivate a diverse, inclusive community grounded in respect for each other’s humanity. I thank other community leaders and elected officials who demonstrated their commitment to our city’s residents by attending this unifying event.

In New York State presently; residents are prohibited from seeing pertinent information, including disciplinary records and the outcomes of administrative trials involving taxpayer-funded employees. If we are serious about beginning a constructive dialogue to heal the pain and distrust that exists in our marginalized communities, we must be transparent in coming together with open hearts and open minds. The actions of a few in law enforcement do not reflect the majority in the profession who display professionalism, equality, and compassion to the communities they serve.

I encourage all New Yorkers to take this time to be introspective and to condemn all injustice and violence in the same paradigm. We must be as vocal in our opposition to vandalism, social upheaval, and rioting as we are to the plight of injustice against those in our marginalized communities, who have historically lacked the social and political capital to express themselves through conventional avenues. I pray for our nation’s healing and hope that we can live up to our ideals established by our forebears in our Constitution, to form a more perfect union.”


Assemblyman Nader Sayegh is the first Jordanian-American elected to the New York State Legislature. An Assemblyman representing the 90th District of Yonkers, Assemblyman Sayegh is also an attorney and retired educator with over 40 years of experience. Before his election to the New York State Assembly, he served as a Teacher, Adjunct College Professor, Principal, President of Yonkers Public Schools Board of Trustees, and President of the New York State Conference of Big Five School Districts.

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SOURCE: Roberto Williams | Director of Communications | Assemblyman Nader J. Sayegh, 90th Assembly District



TribuneAssemblyman Nader Sayegh’s Reaction on Civil Unrest in Aftermath of the Horrific Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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  1. Sayegh, Mayer and Stewart-Cousins all voted for the Bail Reform Bill-all the looters in NYS charged with Burglary during these riots in NYS are all back on the streets-great job-you should be real proud of yourselves.

  2. Mr. Sayegh why did it take you more than 7 days before you said anything- surely a sign of a lack of leadership from you.

  3. I wonder based on your article Mr Sayegh if you are going to ask the NYS Attorney General for an investigation of what transpired in Rochester where a white female store owner and her husband were viciously set-upon by a group of male blacks who then then proceeded to punch, kick, stomp and continually hit the female with a 2×4 or is your outrage selective outrage in order to garner political points-heard nothing from Sayegh on the nursing home deaths right here in Yonkers-why is that Sayegh?

  4. Kudos to Sayegh for crafting a statement with a commitment to action and a sharp condemnation of all violence. Too many politicians in the City of Hills are offering empty milquetoast words/acts of support (e.g. the Mayor marching with protestors months after promoting a Yonkers Firefighter to Lieutenant who compared black people to apes) instead of demonstrating what actions they’re willing to take to end the scourge of internalized racism across Yonkers ranks.

    For far too long, politics in Yonkers have escaped the national political dialogue and managed to become an insider’s shell game, with elected positions being exchanged amongst the same old players like intramural trophies. That is about to change.

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