Assertion That Jamaal Bowman Did Not Pay His New York State Taxes PROVES TRUE and His Assertions Are DECEPTIVE LIES

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Jamaal Bowman – Congressional Candidate vying to represent New York’s 16th Congressional District

NEW YORK, NY — June 19, 2020 —-The ad raising concerns about Mr. Bowman’s history of failing to pay New York State taxes is wholly accurate. DMFI PAC believe that voters deserve to know whether he’s paid his own taxes before he starts spending theirs.

  • This ad is not just about one outstanding tax debt. New York was forced to file 6 “tax warrants” against Mr. Bowman between 2004 and 2016. As of yesterday afternoon, according to the New York State Tax Warrant Notice System, $2,053.36 in taxes are outstanding. A call to New York Tax authorities indicates that with penalties and interest, Mr. Bowman’s unpaid bill amounts to $4,835.09.



Mr. Bowman claims Rep. Engel attacked him for his tax debt, but Rep. Engel had nothing to do with our ad and cannot by law. Mr. Bowman should apologize to Rep. Engel for his false accusation.

The vast majority of DMFI PAC’s efforts in this congressional race have been supportive of Eliot Engel. Here’s a new ad we just released supporting Rep. Eliot Engel.

TribuneAssertion That Jamaal Bowman Did Not Pay His New York State Taxes PROVES TRUE and His Assertions Are DECEPTIVE LIES

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  1. I am a Democrat, but Republicans won’t benefit by “keeping Bowman out,” as someone here suggests. In fact, they are probably thrilled at his victory— not only because they think they can label him a “radical” to bolster their effort to stay in power at all costs, but because the loss of Engel means the Democrats lose important seniority advantages, not to mention Engel’s experience in how to deal with them.

  2. An American citizen who earns a six-figure salary should be paying his taxes, however small the amount, and in a timely fashion. I earn less than Mr. Bowman does and have always managed to pay mine. Are we excusing him because so many other elected officials have figured out ways to skirt this important obligation? Wow, I thought we were sending Mr. Bowman to Washington to bring about change, and I mean more than a change of color. I’m thrilled to see more black Americans in government, but we have to hold them to the same standard AS THOSE THEY SERVE. Also, what does it mean to “pay our taxes with under the table bribes”? That you can bribe the IRS to lower your taxes? Some of you folks are in desperate need of a civics lesson.

  3. I am dismayed by these assertions made by DMFI… many Americans have trouble paying taxes. $2000 is such a minor amount. Who cares! Plus Engel dodges the tax system even worse by claiming to live in Maryland while representing NY. What a fraud! It is time for TURNOVER. Vote out all incumbents…

    1. Oh come on! You can’t be serious… where do you expect him to live when he has to get to the Capitol to do important work. Living in Maryland is better. You would do the same buddy…

  4. In their campaign literature and constant press releases neither Engel or Bowman never once mentions how they will help VETERANS-not 0nce.

  5. when a person runs for the high office as a member of the united states congress..the issue of whether or not he or she is financially responsible is key because unlike the Senate, all spending bills have to begin in the House…So if a candidate has demonstrated financial irresponsibility in his own life giving him the responsibility of spending taxpayer dollars is not anything he or she should be rewarded with.

    1. HA! That’s hilarious… considering all the clowns we have in this country NOBODY would qualify for office. Probably even you slick.

  6. Note that the DMFI always puts Israel’s interests first even when they are not the best for the USA.
    Note that DMFI is getting money from Republicans to support Engel. When questioned about this, the DMFI issued a non-denial denial stating that they always support Democrats.

  7. Anyone considering voting for Bowman needs to know some things. First, he is supported by AOC. Second, he supports the Green New Deal. Third, he supports socialized medicine. So unless you are a left-wing radical, you may want to give serious thought as to whether or not you want him representing you in Congress.

  8. Is this really the worst anyone can find on Jamaal? Please. Give me a break. Sorry we can’t all pay our taxes with under the table bribes. Republicans are financially backing Engel to keep Bowman out. They want to keep him in place because it’s better for them. That should tell you all you need to know.

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