Charter School of Educational Excellence to Celebrate 8th Graders with Drive-Thru Graduation Parade

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“Nothing will stop us from celebrating our graduating scholars.”

Sobeida Cruz , Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE) Board Trustee and Co-Founder

YONKERS, NY – The Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE) will hold a drive-thru graduation ceremony for 8th graders on Tuesday, June 23 at its main campus, 260 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, starting at 9 am (schedule below).

“Nothing will stop us from celebrating our graduating scholars,” CSEE Co-Founder and Board Chair Eduardo LaGuerre said. “Our students, families and staff have stayed committed and strong throughout this unprecedented experience and they deserve the fullest recognition and accolades.”

Numerous local elected officials and dignitaries are expected to attend the ceremonies, including Yonkers City Council President Mike Khader, City Council Education Committee Chairwoman Tasha Diaz and 1st District Council Member Shanae Williams.

After weighing all possible options, CSEE leadership decided a drive-thru parade is the best option to celebrate our students’ academic accomplishments, while keeping everyone safe. Tuesday’s ceremony will observe all safety and social distancing rules in accordance with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Orders

“Although graduation procedures are modified this year, we’re ecstatic that we can see students again in person and celebrate this milestone with them,” CSEE Superintendent Cindy Lopez said.

CSEE is one of New York State’s highest-performing charter public schools, and earlier this year it was recognized for the 6th straight year by the Board of Regents as a “recognition school.” That puts us among a select group of “exemplary public schools that demonstrate that all students can achieve at high levels with the right supports and resources,” according to Board of Regents Chancellor Betty Rosa.

Even during the COVID-19 shutdown, CSEE continued to deliver strong remote teaching and learning during the COVID-19 shutdown, with average student attendance at 95 percent for all grades. CSEE ensured that all students have access to educational technology, including laptops and WiFi access.

All academic and extracurricular programs continued strong, including CSEE’s unique partnerships with the Giants, Jets, Knicks and the nation’s top orthopedics and sports medicine hospital, the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.

Graduation details are as follows:

WHAT: Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE) 8th grade drive-thru graduation ceremony

WHEN: Tuesday, June 23.

• Class 8-301: 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM

• Class 8-304: 11:00 AM- 12:30 PM

• Class 8-309: 1:00 PM- 2:30 PM

WHERE: CSEE Main Campus, 260 Warburton Avenue, Yonkers, NY 10701

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The Charter School of Educational Excellence is a tuition-free, charter public school that educates approximately 850 students in grades K-9 and will grow to K-12 in the next three years. Upon completion of the high school campus, CSEE will be serving approximately 1,150 students. Parent demand is very high, with some 500 students on CSEE’s waiting list.

CSEE is one of the highest-performing charter public schools in New York State, outperforming the Westchester County and statewide averages in every academic category. Last year, 97% of CSEE 8th graders scored proficient on the ELA assessment and 100% of 8th grade students took the high school level math and science exams. More than 92% passed the Algebra I Regents and 90% passed the Living Environment Regents, earning credits towards high school graduation.

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Charter School of Educational Excellence (CSEE).

SOURCE: Bob Bellafiore | Publicist | Charter School for Educational Excellence


eHeziCharter School of Educational Excellence to Celebrate 8th Graders with Drive-Thru Graduation Parade

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  1. Charter schools are merely a way to use private equity to undercut, underfund, and eventually do away with public schools. The logic goes: underfund public schools while charter schools are awash with private money. The obvious happens: charter schools start to excel, while public schools fall behind. The long-term goal: use the argument of underperfoming public schools (while not mentioning undefunding them) to justify cuts, which eventually erodes one of the last great American equalizers, namely public education for the masses.

    While the Europeans were offering education to the offspring of the wealthy, America was educating a broad swath of our population for free. One of the great ironies of reformer and public education advocate Horace Mann is that his name adorns once of the most expensive, exclusive, and exclusionary educational institutions in the United States.

    1. Nope you got it all wrong. Education is about attitude and a thirst and quest for knowledge. It has nothing to do with money. It firstly comes from your parents, who from an early age, instill the value in you. Then onto school where this then is encouraged by the teachers, who are an extension of the home. By the time you are a young adult you understand the need for more.

      Yonkers spends $27,000 per student per year. We have almost the lowest achievement grades in the state. So please tell me what does this have to do with money? The one thing COVID brought out was that schools are baby siting and feeding services, and until they go back to core pedagogy this will never change. Money has nothing to do with education. Look at some of the education going on in Africa and Asia Pacific countries, which are mired in poverty. Doesn’t stop the learning.

      Charter schools give more options, and more choices are good in a capitalist country.

      1. Categorically incorrect – your misguided comments are based on uninformed assumptions. For the past decade, analysts and even academics have been writing about charter schools as Wall Street’s “next big thing,” often using words like “profiteering” and “privitization” in the same breath. A simple Google search should point you in the right direction.

        Interestingly enough, charter schools were created mainly by Albert Shanker, the president of the American Federation of Teachers from 1974-1997. In 1988, Shanker had the idea that a group of public school teachers would ask their colleagues for permission to create a small school that would focus on the neediest students (i.e. those who had dropped out and those who were disengaged from school and likely to drop out). He sold the idea as a way to open schools that would collaborate with public schools and help motivate disengaged students. In 1993, Shanker turned against the charter school idea when he realized that for-profit organizations saw it as a business opportunity and were advancing an agenda of school privatization.

        Things such as education, transporation, roads, and healthcare are public goods. In other words, they are unlikley to turn a profit for the bean counters – in fact, the government is likely to lose money on the face of it – but that’s the point. There are a myriad of ancillary benefits to society when its citizens are well educated and healthy (without the burden of debt), and can move around on safe, maintained roads and bridges, trains and buses. All of this has a positive net impact on the economy, but short-sighted neoliberals will have us all believe that public goods should be profitable, and in order to be profitable they need to be privatized by Wall Street and coporate America to rape, pillage, and plunder great equalizers like free public education.

        And how’s that been working out for America since the shift towards a more financialized economy in the 1970s. Debt bubbles, recessions, and stagnant wages for the 99%, while the 1% enjoy stratospheric increases in wealth by gaming the system (i.e. tax evasion and avoidance, underpaying workers, etc.).

        1. All of your ancillary comments while interesting have nothing to do with the premise that education is about attitude and learning and money is the side show that is used by neo-liberal elites as the excuse for falling grades and standards. Once you can read you can learn anything and the only thing stopping you is yourself and your environment.

          Once again attitude and an inquisitive mind is all that is needed. This usually comes from your parents, and then the apparati of the state. Here in the US we need to create a pupil, parent, principal contract where al parties agree to do their part. That by the way is a solution that costs nothing but hard work and again positive attitude.

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