Chris Fink: Eliot Engel Finally Admits That he Doesn’t Care About his Constituents, Just Their Votes

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Chris Fink candidate for Congressional District 16.

PELHAM, NY — June 2, 2020 — Today, Eliot  Engel  was  caught  on a  hot  mic  at  a  news  conference  expressing his  true  feelings  when asking Borough President  Ruben Diaz, Jr. for a  chance  to speak, adding twice:  “If I didn’t  have  a  primary, I wouldn’t  care.” Fink, Candidate  for New  York’s  Congressional  District  16, states:  “He  didn’t  care  to come  home from  his  house  in Maryland when people  in our district  were  dying from  COVID. He  didn’t  care to come  home  to address  the  racial  tensions  that  are  tearing our district  apart. He  only cares  if it costs  him  votes.” “Within our community, I have  given blood, delivered groceries, and offered a  comprehensive post-COVID  plan. I am  standing with our community to condemn racism  and make  our voices heard. I do care!”  Fink continues. “We  all  know  what  it’s  like  to have  a  politician who only cares about  himself and look where  that  has  gotten us!”  


SOURCE: Melissa Eustace | Communications | Chris Fink for Congress (NY-16).


eHeziChris Fink: Eliot Engel Finally Admits That he Doesn’t Care About his Constituents, Just Their Votes

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  1. “I firmly support Eliot Engel for Congress and I support Alexandria for Congress as well,” Pelosi told reporters Thursday.” Talk about wanting it both ways. It’s time for third and fourth parties to break the backs for the hacks of the 2 we have.

  2. The media, his opponents and people commenting are taking what he said out of context, he is running this year, he wanted to address the crowd as the current Representative, he should’ve been allowed to speak out of respect. There is a lack of respect for him because he’s older? Because he is white? Because he’s been in office too long ? That is discrimination! The fact that there were too many people wanting to speak is understandable, his opponents are black and Hispanic and supported by Diaz and is why I believe he wasn’t allowed to speak. Dirty politics , smear campaigns don’t win elections. The media and people are taking what he said out of content. If you know the Congressman, he never speaks long but he always has wise words especially in times like this.The fact that he’s running and couldn’t be around during the coronavirus and while we are going through the protests is why I believe he said what he said . His lack of presence during the coronavirus has nothing to do with him not caring about the community and more about his health and not spreading the virus. The Congress seat is good for 10 years. if he was voted in, that is not his fault. Will we say the same about his opponents in 10 years if they beat him. (Career politicians) is used loosely. Don’t discredit this man’s long history and politics, he has done a fine job . I don’t agree with everything he’s done but overall he’s a good congressman. I’m not going to name them but there is a huge list of absent politicians during pandemic due to health. Anyone using that to attack their opponents has moral issues or is scared of losing.

    1. Stop with blathering nonsense-the typical political defense of it was taken out of context-Engel since he has represented Yonkers has never held a townhall meeting to hear the concerns of the people he represents and he has done absolutely nothing for the VETERAN’S of Yonkers. Glad to see that all his bullshit has finally caught up to him.

    2. Engel basically said he wouldn’t care to address his constituents about their valid concerns about and demands for racial equality if he wasn’t in a primary. How is that okay? How are you making excuses for that?! You must work for him. If you are in his PR department, he should fire you because you are doing a terrible job.

  3. The truth comes out,been saying it all along…Engel doesnt care…never did never will..time to hit the road..enjoy your real home in Maryland..

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