Evelyn Farkas is Tough as Steel

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Evelyn N. Farkas Democrat for Congress – Running to serve NY-17.

PEEKSKILL, NY — June 15, 2020 — In the last ten days of the race for the Democratic Nomination for Congress in New York’s 17th District, the campaign is getting tough. Some candidates, apparently threatened by the strength of Evelyn Farkas, have started spreading false accusations about her.

To correct the record, Dr. Farkas is not taking “dark money” from political action committees. It’s true that she was endorsed by Emily’s List, which is a PAC that supports strong women candidates and is spending money to promote her campaign. That is what PACs do. So, there is no dark money, only expenditures by an organization that has chosen Farkas as the best candidate to go to Washington.

Candidates have no control over PACs, and by law PACs can not coordinate with the campaigns they support. Emily’s List has sent out a mailer that points out that another candidate in the race, who happens to be heir to a Big Pharma fortune, refuses to commit to selling his stock in the firm if elected. All the other candidates in the race made such a pledge to divest from Big Pharma stock because It is the right thing to do. Farkas has gone even further, pledging to divest all stock holdings.

Elected representatives should not have a stake in companies that might be affected by the decisions they may make. Farkas has demonstrated, in her decades of service in Congress and the Executive Branch, that she is guided by a strong moral compass to take action that makes the world safer for Americans. That’s why she spoke out about Russian interference in our elections, earning her vicious attacks from Fox News and Donald Trump, Jr.

As Congressman Eric Swalwell said last Wednesday during a forum with Farkas, she is strong-as-steel. If other candidates cannot take the heat of a political campaign, how will they react in Congress to the many challenges that they will undoubtedly face?

The voters’ decision on June 23 is crucial during this tumultuous time for the wellbeing of our democracy. We deserve to be led by someone whose judgement is guided by expertise and whose character has been confirmed by experience. Evelyn Farkas is such a leader.

Marianna Stout

Peekskill, NY


TribuneEvelyn Farkas is Tough as Steel

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