Letter to the Editor: In Support of Mimi Rocah for Westchester County District Attorney

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To the Editor:

Mimi Rocah, Westchester County District Attorney Candidate.

PELHAM, NY — June 15, 2020 — One of the most important things we can do to institute lasting change is vote. I am writing to share my support for Mimi Rocah for Westchester County District Attorney. With her dedication to oversight and transparency, she is the only candidate who can lead through the structural change needed for our DA’s office to operate with professionalism and integrity and to serve all the people of Westchester County.

In addition to the current DA’s failure to act on racial injustice, he has also failed to act on sexual assault and human trafficking that is happening at an alarming rate right here in Westchester County. I was appalled to learn that there are over 300 forensic evidence kits just sitting in storage in our county that have yet to be tested. Each of these untested kits could potentially represent a sexual predator who remains at large and can continue committing sex crimes undetected. This is unconscionable. Mimi Rocah has pledged to take action on the backlog as well as create an in-house human trafficking unit, drawing on her experience leading the federal anti-trafficking unit here in Westchester. Local police have reported that these rings are operating daily and highly sophisticated prosecution units are needed to combat the problem.

Please make a plan to vote in the upcoming June 23rd primary and join me in supporting Mimi Rocah for DA. She is the only candidate who will address the most serious injustices that we face at this time.



Kim McGreal

Pelham, NY

TribuneLetter to the Editor: In Support of Mimi Rocah for Westchester County District Attorney

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  1. One more candid and impressive endorsement for Mimi Rocah for Westchester County DA, adding to the growing list of local leaders and residents who are eager for change in the district attorney’s office. Read list here: https://www.mimirocahforda.com/new-wave-dems

    Neglected work and the failure to act by the current DA seem to be the number one concern for everyone. The neglect to ensure that “over 300 forensic evidence kits” are processed in a timely manner is what discourages victims from even reporting sexual assaults and other crimes.

    It will take Mimi Rocah to bring some humanity to the office of Westchester County DA, in pursuing justice for all victims caught up in the hundreds of neglected cases under the current district attorney.

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