Merante Was the Lone Councilmember to Vote “No!” On Yonkers FY2020-2021 Budget With Tax Increase

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Anthony Merante represents Yonkers City Council District 6. He is also the Yonkers City Council Budget Committee Chairman.

YONKERS, NY — June 1, 2020 — On Friday, May 29th, the Yonkers City Council adopted the City’s $1.24 billion budget for FY2020/21 that would increase PROPERTY TAXES by 1.58%. Councilmember and Chairman of the Yonkers Council Budget Committee Anthony Merante said “ I found this to be an insult to Yonkers taxpayers, so I emphatically voted NO. I thought this was unconscionable considering that taxes had been increased in the two prior years. Enough is enough.” 

In addition, Merante added, “Our economy has been devastated by Covid-19 and we have 40 million people unemployed in America. Raising local property taxes lets the New York State off the hook. We send $50 million more north every year that never finds its way back to Yonkers. How can we expect seniors on fixed incomes and families to pay more in these uncertain times? A no tax increase budget would have given the taxpayers hope and confidence in their future.

As Chairman of the Yonkers City Council Budget Committee, Merante had proposed an alternative budget with No Layoffs, NO Tax Increase and added $2 million to the Board of Education but his fellow legislators did not share in his vision and went ahead and voted to adopt a budget with the tax increase anyway. 

“Even though I am just one vote on the Yonkers City Council I will always look out for the taxpayers and as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), I will continue to be vigilant and make certain that tax dollars are spent wisely and that Yonkers consistantly looks to improve efficiency to save money”.



eHeziMerante Was the Lone Councilmember to Vote “No!” On Yonkers FY2020-2021 Budget With Tax Increase

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  1. Year in and year out, Yonkers cries to Albany about being underfunded in terms of education aid. And year in and year out, Albany looks at Yonkers’ payroll and pensions and is like, “are you people kidding?” Yonkers officials will never have the political will to stand up to the unions and implement real change. So, the yearly dance will continue.

  2. The 1.58% increase is reasonable in light of the current situation. It’s that 6%+ increase in 2018 that is still killing us. NYS was the culprit, raising the “equalization rate” 6%+!! It gave an “excuse” to cash strapped municipalities to vote for property tax increases that were triple the inflation rate! Well, our prediction is coming true. NYS is taxing itself out of business. We are now in a serious deflationary economy, notwithstanding all the Fed dollars being pumped into the system to keep the patient alive. Mr. Merante’s lone vote means zero. It only proves that we need to pay close attention to where our taxpayer dollars are spent, so we get the best value added benefits for our City. Let’s concentrate on reopening Yonkers, getting Lionsgate to fast track their new studios and create affordable housing for our residents. We were making good progress before the virus hit. Let’s pick up where we left off and move forward. And, make a serious attempt to live within our means.

  3. John Khader are you listen? Council district 6 is drafting you. We need you to run and clean this city up, all the way up.

  4. What is needed in this environment is a 10% salary reduction across the board to save jobs and get real about these huge and out of control salaries. Next we need a full independent audit of all finances. Where necessary all contracts need to have force majeure clauses in so far as emergencies can stall contracts and if necessary deduct 10%, something which should have happened after the Banksters collapsed the economy 10 years ago.
    Fire department must work like it’s there only job. The huge police overtime needs to be slashed.
    Most importantly the whole school system top to bottom needs to be looked at. We learned from Corona virus that the schools are feeding stations and baby sitting facilities. How much more do we need ar $27,000 per year per students? How much waste is in the system? The Mayor and those before him are responsible for all this largesse.

    This vote proves that the council is also a waster of time and money. They have never protected the taxpayer from the Strong Mayr and never will.

  5. After voting for two consecutive increases that amounted to double digits over the last two consecutive years? What a clown. Connie should get a head start on packing his office. We aren’t fooled by your act Merante, you will not be re-elected.

    1. Meanwhile, last election she was telling voters… You know, if you don’t vote for Anthony, I’ll lose my job and won’t be able to help you anymore.

      Violin, please.

      1. Who is Connie kidding? Hers is an exempt job, serving at the pleasure of the councilmember. She has been beyond lucky in that she worked for Dee, probably for the 10 years Dee served on the City Council. Then Connie got the eight-year gig with John Larkin when he retained her, even though he had the option to bringing in his own person. Then came Merante, with whom she gets another four years, whether or not he seeks re-election. She is beyond vested in the NYS pension system in a job which is not civil service protected. She has nothing to complain about. Give me a break. She old, already. Retire.

  6. Merante only cares about getting re-elected. He is not about being a public servant. He attacked Justin Tubiolo trying to ensure that he wouldn’t have a primary. Merante doesn’t care about Yonkers or his party. Merante cares about Merante. He is a two-faced little weasel. He will lose the election, because Republicans (if there are any left) will leave their houses to vote for him.

    #DraftJohnKhader #Allthewayup

    1. Too little too late. Time for Merante to go . A total failure . Where was this attitude 2 years ago . No where . Now he is looking to get re-elected . This district won’t be fooled again .

  7. One of his campaign promises was to put a cleaver to the budget. Nice job, butcher, 3 more votes and you had it. Just missed.

  8. Is he kidding? As his statement notes, there were already two previous increases – both of which exceeded the tax cap and the first of which was a whopping 6.5% – and he approved both of them. This time, when the increase is relatively benign, he votes NO???? Moreover, he voted for all of the preceding items on the agenda for that special meeting – all items pertaining to the overall budget!! Not the least of which was yet another astronomical $15M certiorari bonding. No one has yet found the backbone to conduct a long-awaited revaluation in Yonkers, last done in the 1950s. Did he or anyone else call out the friends and family network of employees still on the payroll – at least two of whom seem to be directly related to his former Republican colleague John Rubbo????? Really, Merante?

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