Mimi Rocah Dominates Incumbent DA Tony Scarpino in Election Day Victory

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Calls for all votes to be counted, but overwhelming margin on Election Day appears insurmountable

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NY — June 24, 2020 — Mimi Rocah, the former federal prosecutor running for Westchester District Attorney, issued the following statement on election night results in her Primary Election. With tens of thousands of paper ballots yet to be counted and a week for additional ballots to arrive, the results are not expected to be finalized for several weeks. However, the strength of her winning margin on Election Day leaves little hope for incumbent Tony Scarpino, who was dogged in the closing weeks of the campaign for failing to act on allegations of police misconduct and systemic corruption in local law enforcement.

“First off, I want to say that I am reluctant to put out a statement when for all intents and purposes, the election is not yet over as people were still voting as of midnight. But I am doing so given the lateness of the hour and the results we do have in hand.

“When I launched this campaign in December, none of us could have imagined this road to Election Day. Amidst the COVID pandemic and the movement to address police brutality and inequality, this election has taken even greater importance as we work to reform the Westchester District Attorney’s Office and make it more accountable. I am proud of our campaign. Together with countless volunteers, we made it clear that we must do more at the local level to reform our criminal justice system, and make it stronger and fairer for everyone. The damage Trump has done, and continues to do, to the rule of law and the cause of justice is an affront to every American. While we must work to remove him from office in November, we must also work at the local level here in Westchester to restore people’s trust and faith in our justice system.

“While tonight’s results are preliminary, and it is imperative that every vote is counted, our lead is extremely strong and the strength of our support so far makes it clear that we will win this primary. We look forward to focusing on and winning the election in November, and reforming criminal justice in our county. It is now time for all Democrats to unify around our message of reforming our DA’s office and the criminal justice system to make it stronger and fairer for everyone. We will work with the BOE to finalize these results, and then we will move forward to carrying our message to all Westchester voters in the November election!

“I want to thank all my volunteers and supporters, who are too numerous to mention but especially Hillary Clinton; Preet Bharara; Gloria Steinem; Jeff Deskovic; Congressmember Hakeem Jeffries; Senator Alessandra Biaggi; County Legislators Chris Johnson, Catherine Borgia, Lyndon Williams, Kitley Covill, Alfreda Williams, Damon Maher, MaryJane Shimsky, and Nancy Barr; Mount Vernon Council President Lisa Copeland and Councilmembers Derrick Thompson and Delia Farquharson; Yonkers Council President Mike Khader and Councilmembers Tasha Diaz and Shanae Williams; New Rochelle Councilmembers Yadira Ramos-Herbert and Martha Lopez; White Plains Council President Nadine Hunt-Robinson; Peekskill Councilman Ramon Fernandez; Ardsley Mayor Nancy Kaboolian; Ossining Mayor Victoria Gearity; Bedford Town Board Deputy Supervisor MaryAnn Carr; The Working Families Party; 1199 SEIU; the Hispanic Democrats of Westchester; Progressive Women of Pelham; Hudson Valley Stonewall Democrats; Eleanor’s Legacy; Vote Mama; National Association of Blacks in Law Enforcement; National Latino Peace Officers Association; all the Democratic Committees who backed us; and so many others.

“I also want to thankmy tremendous campaign team, who worked on the most challenging election any of them have ever seen, and of course, last but certainly not least, my husband David, my children, my family, and especially my parents, who first inspired me to pursue a career as a prosecutor.”



TribuneMimi Rocah Dominates Incumbent DA Tony Scarpino in Election Day Victory

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