Ms. Norel Mancuso, CEO and President of Social House, Inc. Responds to Needs of American Businesses with New Bespoke Service to Help Businesses Reimagine Digital and Social Media Marketing Efforts

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Norel Mancuso, CEO and President of Social House, Inc. speaks to the needs of American businesses by revealing the firm’s innovative bespoke modalities heretofore unexplored. She may be heard this Thursday, June 25, 2020 from 11-11:30am EST on the Westchester On the Level Radio Broadcast. The broadcast is available “Live” or “On Demand”. Listeners are welcome to share their inquiry if on topic by calling 347-205-9201. The program can be heard via the following hyperlink –

Norel Mancuso, CEO and President of Social House, Inc. Photography by Jake Rosenberg.

LOS ANGELES, CA — June 23, 2020 – Social House, Inc., an award-winning, strategic marketing group, is responding to the needs of struggling U. S. businesses and providing strategic counseling sessions under the brand name Society. Social House Society offers a customized, strategic approach to help effectively strategize, plan, and execute digital branding efforts.  Rooted in over fifteen years of experience, Social House Society’s team of industry experts guides businesses, regardless of size, on navigating challenges and creating digital campaigns to capture market share and increase revenue.

“At the height of the closures during the first wave of the pandemic in the U.S., Social House, Inc. donated, free of charge, our collective experience to any business needing help pivoting into a digital-model and authentically engaging with consumers,” said Norel Mancuso, CEO and President of Social House, Inc. “As a result, we learned that many businesses, small to large corporations, were seeking more strategic counsel beyond what is currently available in the market. To answer that demand, we created Social House Society.”

Social House, Inc. has solved some of the biggest challenges for global brands and created authentic content to engage with consumers in a meaningful way that impacts sales. Now under its new service, Social House Society offers a novel concept to help businesses of all sizes navigate and amplify digital marketing efforts to reach consumers. Social House Society will offer varying levels of support and price points to meet any business need.

The Bronze membership is an entry-level package designed for businesses requiring insightful and expert guidance.  Through this membership, Social House Society guides companies through social and strategic challenges, to answer pressing and ongoing strategic social questions.

The mid-tier option, Silver, is designed to help brands gain strategic momentum and an outside perspective on internal and outfacing social media efforts. Social House Society provides guidance and acts as a sounding board to help craft an on-going digital strategy.

For brands and companies needing more support, the Gold membership allows the Social House Society to take a deep dive into the existing digital presence and customize a month-over-month strategic plan to help drive online sales, create engaging content, and boost marketing efforts. This plan is tailored for companies in need of long-term social media foundation building.

“Our intent in creating Social House Society is to provide an additional layer of support to companies during these challenging times,” said Ms. Mancuso. “We want to be a solution and help businesses gain momentum and boost revenue.  Many businesses were forced to re-think how they operate and reach consumers, and we are there for them to help navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, which has become a lifeline for companies during the pandemic.”

Businesses in need of help, are encouraged to visit

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Social House, Inc. is an award-winning, strategic marketing group, known for delivering impactful connections between brands and global audiences. Their vision-first approach integrates a proprietary process of marketing strategy with elevated creative, influencer marketing, and paid media placements. Reaching over 100 million consumers and broadcasting content to 182 countries worldwide, Social House, Inc. works with industry giants such as Pepsi, 7UP, Revlon, and L’Oreal. As change agents, they turn vision into action, through amplified digital and social conversions and engagements. With millions of businesses vying for share of voice, they use strategic vision as a north star, to authentically break into the cultural conversation and ultimately drive purchase decisions.


eHeziMs. Norel Mancuso, CEO and President of Social House, Inc. Responds to Needs of American Businesses with New Bespoke Service to Help Businesses Reimagine Digital and Social Media Marketing Efforts

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