NYS Senator Jamaal T. Bailey Endorses Eliot Engel for Reelection to Congress

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New York State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey (SD-D-36); Chairman of Committee on Codes.

Congressman Eliot Engel is the U.S. Representative for New York’s Congressional District 16.

NEW YORK, NY — June 12, 2020 — Adding to an overwhelming lineup of fellow progressive Democratic legislators, State Senator Jamaal T. Bailey (SD-36) on June 7th endorsed Congressman Eliot Engel for reelection in the 16th District, which includes parts of the Bronx and Westchester.

“Time and again, Eliot has stood with me and our community – on issues including equal rights, healthcare for all, funding for our community health centers and fighting back against hate crimes and social injustice,” said Senator Bailey. “Eliot has fought against Trump and his xenophobic policies. He made sure Trump’s budget with billions in cuts to Social Security and Medicare did not pass. Our community can always count on Eliot to be there for us.”

Senator Bailey, whose own Bronx-Westchester district overlaps with Congressman Engel’s, noted that Congressman Engel is supporting his bill in the State Legislature to repeal 50-A, which protects the secrecy of police disciplinary records.

“Eliot and I both agree: these records should be public,” said Senator Bailey. “New Yorkers have the right to know whether police officers are upholding their oath to protect and serve – or whether they’re abusing their badges and damaging our community.”

“Jamaal’s friendship, loyalty and support mean a great deal to me,” said Congressman Engel. “His commitment to our communities is evident in all the hard work he does in Albany, including his bold leadership on 50-A. Senator Bailey is the strongest of Democrats and as we fight against the worst abuses of Trump and his corrupt administration in Washington, it’s an honor to be endorsed by Jamaal Bailey, who is working so hard for New Yorkers.”

Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY) is seeking re-election in the 16th District of New York, including the north Bronx and southern Westchester. The son of an ironworker and a homemaker, born in the Bronx and raised in public housing, Rep. Engel is a major progressive Democratic leader who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee and has fought for the rights of women, organized labor, immigrants, our minority communities, and LGBTQ Americans for three decades. Learn more at https://engelforcongress.com/story/

SOURCE: Tom Watson | Communications Director | Re-elect Eliot Engel Congressman


TribuneNYS Senator Jamaal T. Bailey Endorses Eliot Engel for Reelection to Congress

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  1. I agree, when blacks stop killing blacks we finally will be able to defund the police. This is the Society we’ve all looking forward to. Please stop killing eachother.

  2. Yeah, go ahead and repeal 50-A. Encourage more cops to retire earlier than planned because they are afraid to do their jobs. Discourage people from taking the job in the first place because it’s not worth risking their lives for lousy pay and for being made scapegoats for societal problems. Less cops in poorer areas with high crime rates- yes this will solve the problems.

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