Open Letter Regarding #protectyourbench”

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Editor’s Note: The author, a Yonkers resident, has informed the following oversight bodies, as delineated below, of his concern. To each body noted, the content of the letter is the same. He has also undersigned each document.



New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct

61 Broadway- Suite 1200

New York, NY 10006

Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial District

399 Knollwood Road, Suite 200

White Plains, NY 10603

New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Headquarters

1 Elk Street

Albany, NY 12207

Westchester County Bar Association

4 Westchester Park Drive – Suite 155

White Plains, NY 10604

YONKERS, NY — June 14, 2020 — The cornerstone of sound and stable government is an independent and honorable judiciary to insure the true administration of justice for our society. Judges are required to maintain and enforce the highest standards of conduct and are obligated to personally observe such standards, so that the integrity and the independence of the judiciary are honored and never questioned. Accordingly, a judge, or a candidate for that office, shall respect and comply with the law at all times so as to not erode public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the Courts. A lawyer or judge shall not knowingly make false statements or comments about the qualifications, conduct or integrity of lawyers, judges or candidates for judicial offices.

The current campaign slogan being used by Yonkers City Court Judicial Candidates Daly, Shako & McGrath, “#protectyourbench” by clear implication, violates these principles as they are embodied in sections 22 NYCRR section 100.1, 100.2, 100.4 and New York Ct. Rules 100.5. Without any basis, in fact, “#protectyourbench” states that the Yonkers City Court “Bench” needs to be protected from all other legitimate candidates competing for the office. Such coarse and misleading political commentary and tactics may have become commonplace for other political races in our country, but are totally inappropriate and damaging to the integrity of the Courts and the confidence of the public, in the men and women who were ultimately elected to the bench. This type of inappropriate conduct slowly, but steadily erodes public trust in our judicial institutions and confidence in our judicial officers.

Now, more than ever, such statements and tactics cannot be tolerated or ignored.  Accordingly, Judicial Candidates Daly, Shako & McGrath should be immediately directed to cease and desist from the use of this slogan and be publicly censured for their obvious and intentional violation of the Canons of Judicial Conduct and New York State Rules of Court.


/s/ Pedro Blanco

Yonkers, NY 



TribuneOpen Letter Regarding #protectyourbench”

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  1. Ok, let’s assume those three were all murders. What about the thousands of black people murdered every year by other blacks? Why is no attention paid to this by BLM, Sharpton, the media, etc.?

    1. Al Sharpton works for MSNBC, so he has to toe the line. MSNBC fired their singular outspoken pro-black journalist, Political Science Professor Melissa Harris-Perry. MSNBC and mainstream media are not going to talk about these obvious lynchings designed to put terror in black communities and silence us, but independent black media is talking about it.

  2. It must assuage your racist conscious for you believe those 2 California lynchings and 1 New York lynching were suicides. The same way the media initially blamed George Floyd’s co-morbidity of asthma while we watched his public murder for almost 9 minutes.

  3. Yes-you are right. Black America will forever be at war with Black America. And before you cry, “RACIST!!!!”, go read the statistics and stop being manipulated by BLM.

  4. If anyone thinks that one single crooked thing that goes on at Yonkers City Hall will change if Rocah gets elected is out of their mind. Nick Spano and his sphere of influence will run roughshod over her.

  5. Shanae Natlee Williams posted some interesting endorsements on her FaceBook page- May be beneficial for viewers to see.

    I have always liked and continue to like Shanae because she is a strong independent black woman who stands for her district- her endorsements of Eliot Engel, Dan Romano, and Mimi Rocah spoke volumes for me.

    Ps- I tend to not support people who are endorsed by a multitude politicians(I want change not more of the same), but Shanae is not a political which makes her endorsement the most valuable in Yonkers

    Mayor Spano sucks!

    1. Google the two lynchings in California. One last week hanging from a tree inform of Palmdale City Hall, 24 year old black male and one last month, 38 year old black man. Yes, society is numb to black lynchings. America will forever be at war against blacks.

  6. Thank you so much, Hezi. Glad you brought this flagrant violation of the Rules of Judicial Conduct to the forefront. I hope they are sanctioned. Tommy Meier, Jr. should know better than to politicize the bench. The mayor is desperate for them to win, so he can hand pick Judge Daly’s successor. Everyone is so numb to the commonplace corruption in Yonkers, the same way we have become numb to police brutality against blacks and black lynchings.

  7. If you want to support Shako McGrath Daly that means you like to support career politicians who have strong ties to Mayor Spano——someone who has hiked taxes to add more patronage for the friends and family network in city hall.

    1. The author of the letter is NOT a lawyer, neither the author nor the Yonkers Tribune suggested he was a lawyer. One need NOT be a lawyer to address these august oversight bodies. Each of the letters, addressing those respective institutions respectfully can / may address them. They need not be a lawyer. The questions presented to those oversight bodies are legitimate. Each to whom the letter was addressed will hopefully opine and thereafter decide the position they will make.

      What is troubling is that too many people are fearful of addressing power, not to undermine them, but rather to gain an informed perspective on their inquiry.

      The author has the right to question these oversight institutions for a response. Whatever the response will be, will be the response. At present all inquisitive minds await their individual and collective response.

      At issue is not whether the author is a lawyer, which he is not; what matters is if his questions reveal a concern or conduct that has not previously been uncovered. Your personal anxiety level will diminish when a response will be afforded us and the lay of the political landscape will be revealed. — Kindly, Hezi

      P.S. Thank you for your kind words about the Yonkers Tribune!

      1. Speaking of political landscape, I am so happy Zehy is primarying all the weak, impotent, spineless, blowhard district leaders and ward leaders. Time for them to go and the Democrats be fully and openly taken over by the Republicans.

  8. 1) A rigged convention when the party bosses walked the room and threaten people with there jobs.
    2) Fraudulent Petitions
    3) misleading endorsements and campaign literature
    4) Political Signs all over city/public property.
    It’s the most corrupt campaign in Yonkers history !!!

  9. Hezi, thanks for sharing this scathing letter against these Judicial Candidates.

    What’s your opinion here after being involved all these years?

    Will we know how the respective bodies respond and a potential censure in the realm of possibility?

    1. A legitimate inquiry by a citizen deserves to be heard. It is now left to offices of oversight and governance to decide. If and when they do, I will have my opportunity to comment. Until then, I await those who should respond to do just that. — Kindly, Hezi

  10. The 3 Musketeers have zero ethics
    It’s expected by the corrupt establishment!
    Whether it’s the Party Boss’s son guarding the voting machines
    Place their signs on City Properties
    which appears like litter
    It’s terrible I hope the ethics committees goe after them

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