Questions Arise About a Candidate’s Integrity in the Final Days of the Race for Congressional District 16

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Chris Fink, Congressional candidate for NY District 16.

PELHAM, NY — June  22, 2020 — In the  final  days  of the  race  for the  Democratic  Congressional  Primary in New  York’s  District  16, it  has  come  to light  that  insurgent  candidate  Jamaal  Bowman, backed by the  Justice  Democrats, until  last  week had six warrants  for unpaid taxes  to New  York State. The  amount  overdue  for 18 years, slightly over two thousand dollars  plus  interest, would seem like  a  small  amount  for someone  whose  income  was  over a  quarter million dollars  last  year. 

“It  is  my belief that  unpaid taxes  should disqualify one  from  serving in Congress. It  disqualified two otherwise  extremely well  qualified women – Zoe  Baird and Kimba  Wood – from  being attorney general  way back in 1993. Even in the  Democratic  party, do we  not  care  about  integrity any more?” wonders Fink. 

Additionally, it  has  also recently come  to light  that  Bowman was  a  registered member of the  Independence  Party until  2018. “He  is  asking for the  votes  of the  Democrats  registered in District 16 in the  primary, but  he  himself has  never voted for a  Democrat  in a  Primary since  he  wasn’t even a  registered member of the  party,”  says  Fink. 

Fink presents  himself as  a  pragmatic  progressive  – a  candidate  who not  only is  dedicated to making the  changes  needed to mitigate  the  climate  crisis, but  who also has  the  technical  expertise  as well  as  the  legal  and financial  knowledge  to get  it  implemented. “We  need this  expertise  in Congress,”  Fink contends, “Not  just  more  people  who can only talk about  things.  All  the  other critical  issues  of the  day – such as  racial  justice, our failing infrastructure, and universal  health care  – also need to be  addressed urgently, but  they are  all  moot  points  if we  don’t  fix our climate  emergency.  The  head of the  International  Energy  Agency reported last  week that  we  have  six months to avert  a  real  calamity in our environment.  This  can’t  wait.  We  need experts  in  Washington who can get  it  done  now.” 

Visit  Fink’s  website  here  to see  his  detailed, progressive  plans  on the  climate  crisis  and other issues  of the  day that  will  deliver for the  people  of Congressional District 16 (NY) and the  country. 


SOURCE: Melissa Eustace | Communications | Chris Fink for Congress (NY-16).

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Assertion That Jamaal Bowman Did Not Pay His New York State Taxes PROVES TRUE and His Assertions Are DECEPTIVE LIES

TribuneQuestions Arise About a Candidate’s Integrity in the Final Days of the Race for Congressional District 16

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